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A collection of commercial publishing and photographic work.

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Isadore Brown_Portfolio

  1. 1. GROOMING BEST BEST LIFE Groom to Move Leaving town? Here are the most essential items to include in your travel kit T hink of your travel grooming kit like your golf bag: you need you feel confident that you look good without being too fussy. The trick is the right equipment for any occasion, without carrying too to carry mini-sizes with maximum punch – you don’t want to lug around much extra weight. To save space in your overnight carry- heavy, leaking, messy bottles. For a stylish and practical package, look on luggage, you need multi-taskers, like a sunscreen and no further. Just add your favourite toothbrush, razor and shower gel. moisturiser in one; products that are effective and make ELSA KRÜGER 1 Stay Dry Clinique Skin Supplies for 7 Sweat Less PerspireX Underarm 8 Wipe Away Stress ERRE [CI] Draining 9 Block The Sun Trevarno Organic Men Antiperspirant Deodorant Stick Roll-On (R77) “seals” the sweat glands Gel Anti-shadows, Anti-puffiness (R135) Elements Sun, Sea and Wind SPF15 (R120) does the job of keeping you socially and keeps them temporarily “inactive” removes signs of stress and is a good Protection Balm (R150) is a multi-tasker desirable splendidly. until your next application. post-sun exposure repair treatment. for sensitive areas. 2 Shave Smart Elemis Skin Soothe Shave 10 Heal Nicks Styptic Pencil (R70) Gel (150ml, R290) is aloe vera-based and quickly stops the bleeding if you nick 2 softens bristles for a smoother shave. yourself while shaving. Available from 3 Ye Olde English Shaving Shop. 3 Clean And Rinse Lancôme Men 1 Ultimate Cleansing Gel Cleanser (R245) 4 11 Smell Great Lacoste Elegance keeps the skin clean and helps prevent EDT (90ml, R550) is true to its name: it’s blemishes. It’s suitable for all skin types, elegantly packaged in stainless steel and rinses off easily and doesn’t dry the skin. glass, looks great and smells even better. 4 Moisturise Aramis Lab Series Daily 12 Clip And Trim Crabtree & Evelyn Mini Moisturising Defence Lotion SPF15 (R210) Manicure Set (R200) in a leather pouch is keeps your skin hydrated and has a stylish, small and practical, to keep your sunscreen, doing two jobs in one. nails snag-free and perfectly groomed. 5 Protect Yourself Shady Day Daily Sun 15 13 Save Your Lips Clarins Men Lip Protection Wipes SPF30+ are mess free Guard (R110) is an intensive, lip-specific and take up no space at all. You can also conditioner and protector with a non-oily, tuck them into a pocket for an outdoorsy non-sticky texture that gives an invisible sort of day. R84 for five packets. matt finish and has a light, fresh fragrance. 6 Soothe Your Skin Trevarno Organic 14 Energise Earth Solutions Aftershave Oil (R249) contains jojoba Aromatherapy Hangover Helper Scent oil and calendula to soothe, calm and Inhaler (R32) with pure essential oils will moisturise. For stockists, call Robyn: 13 last up to one year. For more information, 021 424 7055. 14 visit 8 6 7 15 Pack It In Paul Smith grooming bag 12 (R1 300): sleek, stylish and rugged. The famous designer is now available in SA. 5 11 9 10 THE ALL-ROUNDER… For a simple solution, consider the Dermalogica Skin Kit for Men (R466) DAVID PICKETT Beat the international air travel regulations and hit the road remove impurities; Skin Prep Scrub removes dulling debris; with the Dermalogica Skin Kit. It has all the benefits of a full Professional Shave offers the ultimate in shaving comfort; regimen… to go! It contains convenient travel sizes in a durable Active Moist offers lightweight, oil-free hydration; and Medicated travel pouch. Cleanse with Special Cleansing Gel to thoroughly Clearing Gel helps clear skin and prevent blemishes. 38 BEST LIFE JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2008 p38_BestGrooming.indd 1 12/12/07 3:24:36 PM
  2. 2. REWARDS BEST BEST LIFE The King The Ultimate 9 of Clubs Stuart McLean stitches together a short course of SA’s best nine holes and how to play them Five swingers that’ll turn heads and keep yours looking straight down the middle EAST LONDON GOLF CLUB | 9, par four, 425m A scenic gem of a course. Set among giant coastal dunes, there are plenty of 1 ODYSSEY WHITE HOT XG#7 PUTTER 2 ADAMS GOLF IDEA A3 SET OF IRONS elevation changes over the 18 holes. This Putters have become one of the most unconventional looking clubs We’re all allowed 14 clubs in our golf bag, but there were always some that seldom is an incredibly challenging hole, both in in any golf bag, with today’s mallet designs having oddly-shaped saw any action, notably the long irons, notoriously difficult to strike purely. However, terms of length and difficulty, with a long appendages and frames which are there to improve stability and help golfers are replacing these long irons with hybrid clubs, the half-wood, half-iron, dogleg left, the tee shot having to be played in terms of alignment. This putter has two prongs that extend behind which can be struck more powerfully and launch higher, because mass is moved dangerously across the edge of the tree the heel and toe for better balance and roll. The best feature is that it away from the centre of gravity. Club manufacturers are now producing hybrid sets, line over a rise into a valley beyond. From maintains stability through impact, and the fangs are great for picking and Adams is leading the movement. The new Idea A3 features three hybrids to there, the second shot is often played from up the golf ball. replace the three-, four- and five-irons, and includes five cavity-back irons. a downhill or sidehill lie to a narrow green at the far end of the valley. How to play it: Your drive needs to have a big draw, so it can clear the rise and use the downslope on the other side to gain distance. ARABELLA GOLF CLUB | PINNACLE POINT BEACH & CLOVELLY COUNTRY CLUB | DURBAN COUNTRY CLUB | 17, par three, 175m GOLF RESORT | 8, par four, 7, par four, 359m 3, par five, 468m The holes running alongside the Bot River 246m Tourists love this jewel of a course in the Recognised as one of South Africa’s lagoon are the feature of this scenic resort This sensational new Peter Matkovich Fish Hoek valley for a variety of reasons. greatest holes, part of the famous five-hole course, and one of the most attractive and layout built on high cliffs overlooking the Not only is it a tranquil place with a fine opening stretch that gives “country club” its challenging among them is this short hole Indian Ocean at Mossel Bay is every bit as clubhouse, but good conditioning and its acclaimed international reputation, this is where your tee shot will literally end up good to play as it is to look at. Golf holes relative shortness make it a pleasure to play. either a fearsome three-shotter played into on the sandy shore of the lagoon or in the don’t come more challenging or scenic than This is a striking par four played from an the wind or a birdie opportunity downwind. water if it misses the elevated green too far this short par four where the direct route elevated tee on the lower mountain slopes From its elevated tee, the fairway in a valley right. The green slopes uphill from front to from tee to green is across a wide chasm. that doglegs left in-between tall trees on a far below you looks impossibly narrow. back and is well guarded by bunkers. If the wind is behind you, you can make the generously wide fairway. Bunkers guard a Dense bush flanking the fairway guards a How to play it: There’s a high bank left of carry with a driver or three-wood, otherwise large sloping green. narrow entrance to a long, two-tier green the green, and you’ll often get a good result the lay-up is to a fairway on the left. How to play it: Keep your tee shot out right standing on a slight rise. by bouncing your ball off the bank on to the How to play it: Unless the wind is blowing to provide the best angle for the second How to play it: A draw is needed off the putting surface. straight into you, don’t be frightened to go shot. It doesn’t pay to take a tight line down tee to keep yourself in play. Most golfers will for the carry over the ocean. Downwind, it the left. lay up with their seconds to a wide part of plays shorter than you think. the fairway, leaving a full pitch to the pin. COURTESY OF PLUS4 (ALAN@PLUS4.CO.ZA); JAMES GARAGHTY HUMEWOOD GOLF CLUB | SIMOLA GOLF & COUNTRY WILD COAST SUN | HERMANUS GOLF CLUB | 6, par three, 130m ESTATE | 6, par three, 203m 13, par three, 168m 17, par three, 175m One of the shortest yet most dangerous Stunning views are part of the golfing This Eighties design by Robert Trent One of the Cape’s most popular holiday par threes in the country, because missing experience on this modern Jack Nicklaus Jones Junior is unusual in that it has six courses has been totally redesigned. this raised and narrow green with your tee design, set in the hills above Knysna. par three holes, the most in South Africa, Designer Peter Matkovich has put the thick shot spells serious trouble. Wind is an ever- One of the most dramatic vistas is from and for many this is the most memorable stands of pine trees on the property to good present factor on the Algoa Bay links, and the tee of this spectacular one-shot hole, of them. The rugged terrain next to the use, particularly on this claustrophobic here it blows awkwardly across the hole, looking down into the beautiful Knysna ocean dictated the routing, and here you looking uphill hole where the tall pines meaning that only the most precise of tee River valley. The green here is also a long play your tee shot over a deep ravine to tower above each side of a narrow fairway, 3 CALLAWAY FT-I DRIVER shots will hold the green, which runs off on way below you, so it’s a thrill to watch an enormously wide green nestled among forming a natural tunnel. It makes for a Launching straighter drives has been made easier for average golfers with either side. Deep bunkers and swales are your ball climb into space, then plummet tropical vegetation on the other side. Even daunting tee shot to avoid hitting the trees. square-headed driver technology. These uniquely shaped clubs, longer from waiting to catch a wayward shot, leaving a towards the pin, never knowing quite if you hit the green, you can still face a long How to play it: If you’re not hitting your tee front to back, have a high moment of inertia (MOI) in the head that makes tricky recovery. where it will finish up. putt to the pin. shots straight, consider laying up short of them resistant to twisting on off-centre hits. Mass has been moved as far How to play it: You have to shape your How to play it: It’s long, but you must allow How to play it: This is all carry, so don’t be the tree line, thus keeping yourself in play. away from the point of rotation as possible, because the less the club rotates, shot with the wind here, rather than try for the huge drop in elevation in selecting a shy about taking an extra club to ensure the more energy is transferred to the ball. Ernie Els has improved his driving and fight it. Swing softly with an extra club. Take one or two clubs less than you you clear the ravine, and release through Stuart McLean is the editor of Golf Digest stats since he started wielding the Callaway FT-i. S T U A R T M C L E A N club or two. would normally hit from this distance. the swing. magazine and plays off a 7 handicap. 52 BEST LIFE APRIL 2008 BESTLIFE.CO.ZA 53 p52-53_BestRewards.indd 1 3/4/08 12:01:56 PM p52-53_BestRewards.indd 2 3/3/08 1:20:37 PM
  3. 3. it works for me HOW SIX MEN ACHIEVE THE BEST LIFE MY CAUSE MY PASSION MY STYLE MY SPACE Crispin Sonn, Jerome van Rooij, Andrew Jennings, Günther Jaeckel, Old Mutual Personal antiques collector Woolworths MD globetrotter Financial Advice MD my workout robbie kempson and brian mcmillan Of Mountains and Men Far from the soft green fields they made their names on, two former professional sportsmen take on an Epic journey R MATTERS OF THE HEART obbie Kempson and Brian McMillan Absa Cape Epic: eight days (nine stages) of Both Kempson and McMillan insist on the benefits of are 34 and 44 respectively, they cross-country mountain biking from Knysna to cycling with heart rate monitors. Whereas Kempson currently weigh in at around 110kg Lourensford Estate in Stellenbosch, with 80 to went to a VO2 max assessment specialist to ascertain his ideal heart rate [167], McMillan worked out his [165] and both are former international 140km covered each day. Much of the course is through trial and error. He tries not to go above that. sportsmen: McMillan, the big uphill and a 40 percent contestant dropout rate BM: Work out what you can do before you start bruising all-rounder of Nineties SA cricket; is normal, expected even. This is a race to be fatiguing, then work at your heart rate. You might get the mental side to kick in, burn it up that hill, and your Kempson, the megalith of the Springbok and endured and, for most, it’s not about winning, heart rate goes up to 190, but that messes you up for Stormers packs during the Krige/Skinstad but merely finishing. the end. Rather get off and reduce your heart rate to get longevity in your cycle. Experiment the whole time, then days (before ELVs existed and props became McMillan was drinking beer round a braai pace yourself. At my age, everything’s about heart rate. athletic). Their success came with ball sports. when his son Ryan came home having just Stamina and endurance were afterthoughts in seen a friend finish the Absa Cape Epic. Ryan FITNESS FRIEND their training schedules. Their glory moments challenged him to enter. Word spread, plenty If you’re not 100 percent sure how hard to train, check out the Suunto T6 (R4 295). Taking into account your were the short burst ones that make up the of people put their hands up, but only these heart rate, distance covered, incline and training effect, SuperSport highlights sequences: the vicious in- two kept at it. this smart wrist computer calculates whether you’ve swinging bouncer, the pulled six to mid-wicket, The results are visible. Both men have lost done enough or need more time on the bike. the bullocking charge for the tryline or the big weight and they are fitter than they’ve ever been PARTNER UP hit on some mama’s boy with highlights and before in terms of endurance. Here’s how they Nearly half of men who exercise alone quit after one white boots. Back then they knew nothing about did it. T U D O R C A R A D O C - D A V I E S year, but two-thirds of those who exercise with partners stick it out. According to Arizona State University, the Lycra, chamois crème and shaved legs. benefits of a training partner are threefold: Now, at the stage when most men’s 1 Competition pushes you to elevate your game. metabolisms slow to custard and the battle to Both Kempson and McMillan rode in aid of the Big Tree 2 A training partner can correct your form to help ON TRACK Foundation, which brings hope in the form of education, protect you from injury. Robbie Kempson and beat the bulge takes on a Sisyphean monotony, uniforms and transport to children in rural communities. 3 The pressure to be there for a teammate makes you Brian McMillan are fitter they’ve taken on the challenge of a lifetime. The To find out more go to less likely to skip a workout. than they’ve ever been. 56 BEST LIFE M AY 2 0 0 8 ADRIAAN OOSTHUIZEN BESTLIFE.CO.ZA 57 p56-58_IWFM_MyHealth.indd 2 4/9/08 2:54:06 PM p56-58_IWFM_MyHealth.indd 1 4/9/08 2:53:56 PM
  4. 4. GEAR BEST BEST LIFE Fine, Finer, Finest Racks and racks of tennis racquets… How do you know which one’s right for you? Choosing a racquet used to be like flying economy. Chicken or beef? that for you and then select the racquet best suited to your swing speed. Dunlop or Slazenger? These days there’s so much fancy tech involved A racquet with a wide beam cross-section will suit a slower swing speed, that making a racquet is, in fact, actual rocket science. So, with all these and obviously the opposite for a thin beam racquet. We have a demo nanofibres, vibration dampeners and super sweet spots, how do you find racquet of every model that we offer, so you can try it out before you buy.” the frame that’s ideally suited to your skills? While this level of bespoke service is the domain of your local pro shop, “First, have your swing speed tested,” says Lance Sawyer, co-owner of the big retailers like Sportsman’s Warehouse have trained tennis experts on The Racquet Shop at the WPTA tennis centre in Rondebosch. “We’ll do the floor to advise you on the right frame for your game. S T E V E S M I T H FINE | Prince 03 Speedport Blue (R1 699) Back in 1976, Prince revolutionised the game when they introduced the Prince Classic: the world’s first oversized racquet. Thanks to its huge 110 square inch head and bendy aluminium frame, club players were able to lambaste the ball with the kind of power Borg and McEnroe enjoyed. Controlling the extra oomph was another issue altogether, though, and the chaps at Prince worked hard on the problem. As a result, over the years they’ve introduced a slew of innovative technologies, the latest of which is “O-port”. These strategically enhanced string ports improve the racquet’s aerodynamics and that, together with its relatively thin beam, means a faster racquet head speed… meaning: more control, bigger serves, crisper volleys and more spin on your groundies. Strung weight: 285g FINER | Head Metallix 6 (R1 999) If you like your tech hi, look no further. I doubt there’s a racquet out there with as much space-age wizardry as the Metallix range. Firstly, it’s made of a matrix of carbon fibre and a new crystalline alloy that makes it stronger and lighter than anything else. Then an integrated string dampener, Stabilizer technology and Head’s LMS (longer main string) all mean Darth Vader could be your doubles partner. The Dark Side aside, the Metallix is a well-balanced and highly manoeuvrable frame that will give you plenty of control FINEST | Wilson K Factor 3 (R2 699) and light-sabre-like power In Wilsonspeak the K factor represents proprietary technologies thanks to its huge 115 that result in enhanced [K]ontrol and [K]omfort. The K Factor 3’s square inch head. Strung nanotech-engineered frame boosts strength, small wings on each side of the hoop weight: 265g add comfort, a new yoke adds stiffness, and a compact centre improves handling. Combined with Wilson’s proven Triad system, this racquet is an all-court classic with just the right mix of power and control. And if you’re still not convinced, I have two more words: Roger Federer. He’s always played with a Wilson. Not only is he the best player on the planet, but he’s Swiss. And you know the Swiss… Strung weight: 270g RENAISSANCE MAN Confound your opponents by mastering this tennis shot US Davis Cup captain Patrick McEnroe explains how to hit a half volley, one of the toughest shots in tennis JAMES GARAGHTY THINK. Your opponent has you in a bad POSITION YOURSELF. Step for a SWING. Redirect the energy from your position: the ball is too short for a volley, forehand or backhand, bending your knees to opponent’s shot by shortening your yet too long for a groundstroke. Use the scoop the ball early in its bounce. Lower your backswing. Increase control by making defence-minded half volley to neutralise racquet and keep its face nearly vertical to contact while the ball is still in front of you. his advantage. prevent a pop-up. Return it deep into the centre of the court. 34 BEST LIFE MARCH 2008 p34_BestGear.indd 1 2/4/08 12:07:14 PM
  5. 5. TECH BEST BEST LIFE Cardio Coaches Meet the gadget that may one day save your life E ssentially a dashboard readout for your ticker, a heart-rate monitor is the most important piece of exercise equipment to have if you’re serious about cardiovascular health. It displays the kilojoules you’re burning, your heart rate and your recovery rate, and it sounds an alarm before you overexert yourself. This allows you to get more out of your workouts by lowering your resting heart rate and boosting your recovery time. A New England Journal of Medicine study showed that men with a resting heart rate of 75 were three and a half times more likely to die from a sudden heart attack than men with a resting heart rate of 60. “A lot of adult men use what I call a ‘puke index’ to know when they’re overdoing it,” says exercise physiologist Jose Maresma. But he says the tough-guy approach merely increases your chance of injury. Instead, use a heart- rate monitor to vary the intensity of your workouts – low, mid, high – and expose your heart to different levels of stress to maximise the health benefits of exercise. Here’s a primer on the best monitors for your money. B O B P A R K S Best for Pros The Polar RS800 SD scrutinises the millisecond-long intervals between heartbeats. At rest, the lengths of these intervals change frequently, but they become much more consistent once you begin exercising. The device uses this measurement to determine if you’re fatigued and adjusts its recommended intensity accordingly. What’s more, it predicts V02 max – the body’s ability to absorb and use oxygen – as accurately as a stress test. R4 295, Best for Newbies With excellent ease of use, the Timex 27 Lapper is perfect for start-up training. The belt works on digital transmission for no cross talk and it can focus on five target heart-rate zones with recall of the average heart rates in each. Most obviously it clocks 27 laps giving either the percentage of your average heart rate or beats per minute for every lap. R1 299, Best All-rounder The genius of the Suunto T3 is that it crunches the data it has acquired from your previous workouts, as well as the stats you’ve programmed (your age and weight), and turns it into a number on a scale from one to five. As you exercise, a corresponding line will fluctuate to tell you if you’re maintaining fitness, improving or risking injury. R2 637, Best for Runners The Garmin Forerunner 50 is one of the lightest, thinnest watch/heart-rate monitors on the market. The curved glass display fits snugly on the wrist, and the menus are intuitive and easy to use while running at full speed. Best of all, it sends data from your workout to your computer automatically. It also comes with a foot pod. Note: it’s not a GPS. R2 100, Best for Gym Rats One of the heart-rate monitors of choice for the indoor exercise set, the Polar F6 has coded transmission to negate interference from other monitors while you’re pounding away in the gym. Then there’s also Polar’s OwnZone, which works out your personal target heart-rate zones and the OwnCal feature to track your kilojoules and percentage of fat burnt. R1 095, 42 BEST LIFE MARCH 2008 A N D R E WEPEN ER p42_BestTech.indd 1 2/5/08 11:22:40 AM
  6. 6. IN NO TIME FLAT Whether you’re looking for a beach-ready body or to get back in shape, here’s how to do it by tr evor thieme photoillustr ations by cj bu rton T here’s something to be said for cuts and burns as many kilojoules as possible slow and steady. It’s what allowed in the time you have. That is, after all, what China to build its Great Wall, weight loss is all about: slashing kilojoules. Kimberley to complete its Big Dig A kilogram of fat contains 32 000 of them; and the marathon to be invented in thus, to lose a kilogram, you need to create a the first place. But, when it comes to sculpting 32 000 kilojoule deficit. We’ll show you how to the human body, few men have the patience for do that several times over through a programme it and, right now, you’re no exception. of diet and exercise strategically designed by It’s already summer and, according to the two top fitness gurus to fit a busy man’s harried Association of South African Travel Agents, schedule. Then we’ll show you how to shed an this is the most popular season for cashing in additional few kilos from your profile with a bit leave days. You’ve got yours earmarked for a of hard-earned illusion and a few dieting tricks. slice of sand and azure blue water. Problem What will that translate into for the guy staring is, heaven is largely shirtless, and between an back at you in the mirror? Picture Russell all-consuming workplace and a frenetic home Crowe as the rotund Jack Aubrey in Master life, it’s easy to let your lean, fit body go all soft and Commander. Then picture his chiselled around the middle. Now you’re confronted by visage as former world heavyweight champ one undeniable fact: your flight leaves in seven Jim Braddock in Cinderella Man. That’s the days and your belly is going to be on it. transformation we have in store. Follow our Most guys would shrug their shoulders and programme and you’ll start to lose your gut decide that there’s nothing they can do. You’re in seven days. And the beach will seem that not most guys. All you need is a plan, one that much sweeter. 82 BEST LIFE JA N UA RY/ F E B R UA RY 2 0 0 8 BESTLIFE.CO.ZA 83 p82-87_Fitness.indd 1 12/6/07 4:45:12 PM p82-87_Fitness.indd 2 12/6/07 4:45:14 PM
  7. 7. AWAKEN HER SENSES By decoding the secrets of your lover’s sensory awareness, you can connect passionately, even viscer- ally, with her body and her soul. Learn how as five discerning women share the tour of their sensual selves photogr a phs 90 by george holz BEST LIFE OCTOBER 2007 BESTLIFE.CO.ZA 91 p90-96_Sex.indd 1 8/30/07 8:58:31 AM p90-96_Sex.indd 2 8/30/07 8:58:33 AM
  8. 8. look M Every glance is another snapshot of you. Click y eyes are my history. They contain the archives of all my memories. Eyes wide open or shut tight, I can still see them, the faces and places I have loved, shared with people long gone: B Y A N N E TAY L O R F L E M I N G watching us. With their eyes, they are taking a snapshot of us. I am doing it, too, so that all these years later – 35 – I can call it up, pull it out, and still see us there. Click. They are astonishing, these eyes of ours. Yum, his eyes say. Before there is a touch, a taste, a moan, a smell, there is perception, seeing and being seen, eye-beckoned. Sight is foreplay. And even when you collapse next to that lover, you can still see, as you yield to pleasure and close your eyes, every inch of him – as later, dreaming, you can see him again. We talk of love at first sight. Is there really such a thing? Both men and women attest to it, using their eyes to scan – even inhale – each other on first sighting. But do they see the same thing, react to the same cues? It’s said that men are more visual, more reactive to physical Before there is a touch, a taste, there is attributes, their eyes specifically aroused by the waist-to-hip ratio of 66 to 94cm, ideal for childbearing. Call it the porno- Tucker, my childhood pug; Hattie, the black woman who was with us for only six months They are scavengers, promiscuous; they roam everywhere, taking their pictures, sending them perception, procreative package. And women? I when I was 12; my father, a more recent loss. He strides, testosterone-filled in the prime of up the most sophisticated neural pathways to the brain, where they are processed and seeing and don’t think we are any less visually aroused. life, across my vision, the movie screen of my memory, my eyeballs. All of my adult life, we stored. Things loved: that father. Young, older, heartbroken. A zillion pictures. Things marvelled being seen We take note of the abs and pecs, the lived within a kilometre of each other, and some at: the pyramids in Egypt; the Seine at night. soft spots, the hard days I see him everywhere: building a fence in Click, click, click, click, click, click. And in the spots, the places to linger. But maybe our visual my back garden in dirty overalls; driving his big foreground: a travelling companion, a dog, snapshots are more holistic, if that makes sense: white Ford on the freeway, rakish cap on his a sister, a lover. the quirk of a smile; a look that says, “I like head; laughing big and hard at one of my stories Remember: I see him there in that hotel, women, I like bed,” even “I might be a little bit on the patio of the local hamburger spot in his thick-trunked, furry, excited. I’d forgotten I dangerous, but not in a hurting way”; a follow- signature white windbreaker. Ha, ha, ha. People had that shot. I blush to see him there again, up arm on the elbow to steer us toward dinner; are watching because he laughs big, as he does us there. I am just out of range, coming out of those are the cues we rehearse later. And the everything, and I don’t mind. We are a father- the bathroom. He’s lying on top of the orange- scars, the places they’ve been hurt. Tell me what daughter spectacle of mirth, and everybody is flowered bedspread, looking at me, smiling. happened. Who hurt you? Are you mine now? listen I am a cello. You are a bow. Play me B Y C O N N I E M AY F O W L E R nuances of sound with the same trembling ecstasy of a silver-winged tambourine. Sometimes the vibrations are internal, hidden; and other times, when our lover brings us to a place where we forget language and move into pure sound, we quake with motion and noise. Deaf classical percussionist Evelyn Glennie – a brilliant dervish of a musician – can’t hear the notes she or her part of his anatomy; the vamp progressions of impassioned breathing that rearrange love’s shadows; the sweet entreaties; not the words themselves, but the improvised melody of those words: the curled extenuation, truncation and syncopation of a word as simple as “yes” as we give ourselves over to the composition (hear it falling like a feather from one tongue to the other: yyyyyeeeeeessssss); the suction-fed, M y body is a flute, a snare, an S-curved cello with strings that Our bodies fellow musicians play. Rather, she watery midnotes that pop-pop-pop like a Charlie Parker wail when our embouchure is right where shiver each time my lover’s fingertips trace my thigh. The sound can begin respond to feels the vibrations on her skin. She it needs to be; the bass and treble notes that rumble and flow, sometimes with a dissonance anywhere on my body, but eventually, inevitably, the vibrations literally feels sound. that makes our lovemaking urgent and fitful, as and nuances it rises from my body’s core, slips across my When it comes to if we’re trying to push away the world’s sadness, vocal cords, lingers on my lips, and finally stirs sex, we know it feels and other times with a harmonic convergence: the air with that lover’s refrain, “Baby, oh, baby.” Of the five senses, hearing is the one that of sound good, but we don’t often acknowledge a polyrhythmic, irrepressible bump and grind, a celebration of all that is right in the world and just happens. It’s like breathing. Rarely, unless how good it sounds: with each other. focusing on music, do we decide to listen, the scratchy chords of freedom when the The song we create when we make love is a really listen. And that’s a shame, because our sheets are impatiently pushed to the end of tune worth paying greater attention to. Yes, my bodies are exquisite instruments that, given the bed; the uvular riff of a lover surrendering brothers, let me sing it out loud and clear: I am a the opportunity, respond to the vibrations and to his partner’s devotions over a very specific cello. You are a bow. Play me. 92 BEST LIFE OCTOBER 2007 BESTLIFE.CO.ZA 93 p90-96_Sex.indd 3 8/30/07 8:58:35 AM p90-96_Sex.indd 4 8/30/07 8:58:35 AM
  9. 9. touch Your touch is your lasting imprint on my soul A man’s smell is a high-octane aphrodisiac. The further we go into sex, the more potent it gets smell B Y C AT H E R I N E T E X I E R F or a Catholic girl, touch is taboo, will touch me only with his hands. He starts with including that of your own body. To the ankles, one at a time; his fingers round one touch where it might arouse is to cross of my calves, dwell on the back of the knee, the forbidden line. The feeling of your arousing silver shivers, then circle around. Light, prying fingers on your own flesh is a dark, erotic fluttering moves. I imagine him plucking at a sin that would be unthinkable to confess. guitar’s strings. The moves are gentle, barely I breathe deep as you brush by Secret places. Perhaps their secret lies in a a breeze. I close my eyes. The touch is less and suddenly know I want you particularly high density of nerve endings. But I compromising if I don’t look. Up the knee, the BY JARDINE LIBAIRE prefer to imagine them as my own private cache current shoots right into my heart. Immediately, I of intense sensations. The knee, for instance, his open palm takes off and lands further up ’ve always engaged in the rituals of the back and the top, the thigh, the inner thigh, in the danger zone, a pianist striking a chord, perfume. My grandmother taught me to the back of the neck, the side of the cheek. reverberating long and deep, and the tips of his touch Chanel No 5 on wrists and behind But if the whole body is already kindled with fingers again, deft, assertive – a master who knees, and I obeyed like a young witch desire, the most innocent patch of skin will get knows how to play the body – until I surrender. learning spells. I was doing magic, setting fired up when brushed against: the elbow, the “Touch yourself.” Said in the right tone, at doves flying out of my sleeves. But perfume shoulder, the forearm, the top of the hand. There the right time: another thrill. “Show me.” The should be a note, not the whole idea. Jasmine will be that moment, before the touch, when the secret veil lifted. The early taboo blasted. With or ginger or vanilla or lime can be added to space between your bodies will be electrified, a witness, no less. our skin, but it’s a brutal mistake to hide or when they will lean toward each other like two The touch of a man is his imprint, his ruin or bleach the natural self. As I get older, magnets; and when your legs or arms connect, signature. How soft or callous his hands are, I understand more and more the urgency of perhaps inadvertently, they will be set ablaze. how dexterous his fingers, how insolent and a kind of physical, sensual truth that should The touch is direct, almost anonymous. It’s bold, how sensual or rough his handling of your never be masked. not about long, sensual strokes, but about the body, how his palms curve around your curves, On a road trip many years ago, I spent a high of the contact. That instant when the flame how he lingers over them, where he insists, what night two-stepping in a US town. My friends fires up the match. he neglects or ignores, where he rushes past, and I were 20, naive and giddy, and cowboys We’re in his car, parked on a side street. Why where he barely alights, where he swoops down. swung us around the bar. As the music got in the car? I don’t remember. I hardly know him, Each one of his moves reveals his character, his more fervent and the bodies hotter, a certain which is why I let him do this. It would be too mood of the moment and his knowledge of you: culturally uniform fragrance bloomed out of our shameful to be touched by a boy I know, whom how you meet his moves. How you slither under dancing partners. Recently, when I returned I could later meet in broad daylight and to whom him. How you touch him yourself, your own finally to the West, the powdery scent on a I might risk revealing my sinful, wretched nature. palms and fingers looking for an opening, the man at a saddlery triggered the footnote. He is a man, anyway, not a boy. A stranger met vulnerable places that he will first defend, but That night hadn’t been a sexual event, at a party where I hardly know anyone – an finally let you take. It is the dance of touch that but this whiff of talc released the long-ago added guarantee of anonymity. charts the narrative of your intimacy. mountains, the lonely birds, trucks rattling His hand takes a shortcut, straight to the To lose a man is to lose his touch. To lose a through starlit dust, fiddles, straight-faced point, forcing me open. There will be no slow man is to lose the shared language of the flesh men. Men. The memory tore through me like build-up of caress, a finger on the neck, lips that you two have developed and that will never horses, stronger almost than sex. grazing a shoulder, hands pressed against be spoken again. And this is the miracle of smell. Scent is each other, not even a bold move down to the opening of my shirt. No slow arousing. The It’s not about His body will not be written on such a straight shot to the heart that any other sense – even touch – can sometimes senses are already aroused to a peak. The long, sensual yours anymore. feel like a tour of the periphery. Not only will a strokes, but moment of impact is almost unbearable, like Only the memory woman breathe deeply as she brushes by a two bare wires, when connected, bursting into of his touch will stranger and suddenly know she wants him, a spark. Instead of recoiling from the burn, my flesh dissolves, melts under the flame. about the high remain. It’s only by letting the hands of but each time she’s with him afterward, the net of his scent will bind her closer and closer Another time, lying on a futon under the rafters in his friend’s apartment. “No. I am still...” of the contact another man touch you that you will with nylon-fibre strength. We can even believe that notes of your fragrance – salt, soap, I tell him. “It doesn’t matter,” he whispers. He erase his tracks. coffee, musk, sweat, smoke – correspond 94 BEST LIFE OCTOBER 2007 BESTLIFE.CO.ZA 95 p90-96_Sex.indd 5 8/30/07 8:58:38 AM p90-96_Sex.indd 6 8/30/07 8:58:45 AM
  10. 10. LIFE TIME OF YOUR Men are making heroic gains in the battle for balance. So, why does your life still feel out of whack? by r ich a r d l a liberte illustr ations by cj bu rton 98 BEST LIFE OCTOBER 2007 BESTLIFE.CO.ZA 99 p98-105_TimeOfYourLife.indd 1 8/30/07 8:53:13 AM p98-105_TimeOfYourLife.indd 2 8/30/07 8:53:17 AM
  11. 11. Sea View The carefree look of long, hot summer days fa shion by joa l tou w en a nd neil dov eton photogr a phs by a nthon y fr iend Yvan Pastel printed shirt R250, Soviet; blue drawstring pants R595, Falke; PF Flyer sneakers R350, New Balance 116 BEST LIFE DECEMBER 2007 BESTLIFE.CO.ZA 117 p116-125_BeachFashion.indd 1 11/2/07 3:00:23 PM p116-125_BeachFashion.indd 2 11/2/07 3:00:35 PM