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Onepmo datasheet


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OnePMO is project

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Onepmo datasheet

  1. 1. The Planning Revolution OnePMO will change your vision of project planning Agile & Adaptive PlanningExtreme competition requires more agility As simple as 1 2 3: you create a consistentthan ever: in OnePMO, you adapt your plan inan optimal way as fast and often as required OnePMO delivers an optimized and reliableby your business. plan in a few seconds.Anywhere, anytime, you and your teams stay OnePMO is not another old-fashioned Ganttconnected. Incidents, change request or tool. OnePMO is modern planning solutionprogress updates are recorded & processed developed for the challenges of the 21stin real time. century.T
  2. 2. The Planning RevolutionOnePMO comes with awill change your vision of project planning OnePMO modern way of working Experience the best-of-breed in planning solutions which is the result of 12 years R&D and collaboration with world-class planners. OnePMO is dedicated to Program and Project managers who are responsible for planning and managing several projects at the same time. It takes only 4 hours to get started with OnePMO. FAQs and a strong user community.
  3. 3. Powerful solution that comes with modern featuresBased on your constraints, goalsand preferences, OnePMOautomatically generates optimizedplans in just a few seconds. Test several planning scenarios by easily changing priorities and risks. Select the one that best matches your goals.Track the actual v the plan andkeep the entire history of thesuccessive plans. Learn from thepast to make better decisions. Analyze the quality of your plan on several KPIs. Use our graphical and analytical tools to see where to improve your plan.Distribute tasks, track progress -tion between your project leadersand team members.
  4. 4. OnePMO comes with a modern way of working 1.Input P has e Resou es R OnePMO methodology will bring you ts is s oje P a fantastic competitive edge against eate & Upda len competitors using Gantt-centric tools. da nts s Goals onst ai te te & Plan Allo ations Exe ut se g Pha Our scheduling engine solves all planning ula e & problems, so you deliver optimized and nin s Sim tie Ta 3.E oll realistic plans in just a few seconds. i lan a io xe o P ati .P cu e on 2 t S op hanges io n Ph ase OnePMO saves and centralizes all historical data related to your plans. "It beats Gantt-centric tools on all fronts. "With OnePMO, we know our strengths, we know There is no better for Program Managers!" at any time what can be done and when.” Rose Decker, Flextronics Joos Vermeer, TranstrackIf you are interested in becoming ISC is located near Brussels (Belgium). ISC is leader in project planningone of our key partners, drop a and resource scheduling solutions for more than 10 years.line at Isabelle Lepez Phone: +32 (0) 67 550 341 Website: www.onepmo.comOnePMO datasheet 2.5 © 2012 Intelligent Software Company. All rights reserved. The OnePMO logo and OnePMO brand are trademarks or registered trademarks ofIntelligent Software Company.