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  1. 1. Student supportat the Open UniversityChristina LloydDirector, Teaching and Learner Support
  2. 2. Entry qualifications of new UKundergraduates 1999/00 2004/05 2009/10 Below standard 38.8% 34.3% 51.0% HE entry Standard HE 19.1% 19.7% 8.1% entry HE qualification 33.5% 33.4% 30.9% Unknown 8.6% 12.7% 10.0%
  3. 3. Teaching and student support Associate Module Lecturer Materials Student Peers Student Services
  4. 4. Blended student support• Information, advice, guidance and student support provided through a mix of print, telephone and limited face-to-face• Now a networked university – almost all students online except access modules – 97% students have supplied a preferred email – 80% assignments submitted online
  5. 5. The student journey The student journey captures the main stages of the student experience from first enquiry through to completion of their studies New student ReflectionExploration Consideration Decision Orientation Preparation Study Consolidation Completion Re- Decision Transition consideration Continuing student Reflection The Student Journey
  6. 6. Learner Support Framework Student Journey KEY ACTIVITIES Exploration 1. Module and programme information, advice and Consideration guidance Decision Orientation 2. Pre-course support Preparation 3. Development of generic studentship skills 4. Study support 5. Support for assignments Study 6. Mid-module support 7. Careers information, advice and guidance Consolidation 8. Examination & end of course assessment support Reflection 9. Support for progression Completion
  7. 7. Online information, advice & support:Entry• OU website – Study at the OU• Diagnostic to help choose first module• Open educational resources – Open learn, You Tube, iTunes U• Telephone and e-mail links to advisory staff• Online registration
  8. 8. Online information, advice & support:StudyRange of resources available from Student Home• Help Centre – information, frequently asked questions• Induction• Study Skills• Careers• Disability
  9. 9. Messages and Forums• E-messages sent at key points during study: welcome, one week in, mid-module, revision, end of module• Programme of student support forums: induction, study skills, course choice, careers, disability,
  10. 10. Social media• Facebook• Twitter• Second Life
  11. 11. Quality assurance of student support (1)– Module/Programme design• External advisers on course teams and examination boards• Quality Assurance Agency subject benchmarks and programme specifications• Institutional audit• Student feedback: end of module surveys
  12. 12. Quality assurance of student support (2)– Student Services & Support• External quality frameworks and accreditation – eg Matrix• Student Satisfaction – National Student Surveys• Internal review• Learner Support Framework targets and KPIs• External and internal quality assurance arrangements such as the Unit contribution to Institutional Audit, discipline audit trails and periodic review
  13. 13. Quality assurance of student support (3)– Associate Lecturers• Induction and staff development• Monitoring of assignments;• Turnaround time and spread of grades monitored for consistency and equity across the UK• Visiting face-to face sessions and online forums• Student feedback: DALS• Review with line managers
  14. 14. Thank you for your attention.Any questions?Dr Christina LloydDirector, Teaching and Learner SupportThe OU UK.C.k.lloyd@open.ac.uk