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  1. 1. Realism Year 10 Drama © Anish Carmyn Auburn Girls’ High School
  2. 2. Hints for finding information  Don’t use sites like Wikipedia which are complex and theoretical.  Look for sites which outline Stanislavski’s ideas about acting and tell you how you can use them in your own performances.  Some of these sites might be commercial sites – ignore the advertising if you use them!
  3. 3. Stanislavski’s Life Brief biographies (which is all you need for this task) can be found at:   Longer biographies (if your’re interested) can be found at:  
  4. 4. Stanislavski’s System 1 This site has a great description of the Stanislavski system in simple language: This site has a biography and discussion. Be aware that the information about method acting is, however, not accurate. / Youtube has some excercises you can watch/listen to at: =f8mvDisUeWk&feature=related and an interview with a famous actor about Stanislavski’s system at: http:// fvw
  5. 5. Stanislavski’s System 2 These quotes will help you understand his intention: This is a very detailed summary of Stanislavski’s life and work: http:// This lesson plan has a couple of exercises. You will have to think about them in relation to Stanislavski’s theories to relate them to your assignment. You can read a whole book about Stanislavski’s system at:
  6. 6. Choosing a Play Choose a play or film script that you find interesting! (otherwise you won’t be able to perform it well) Choose a play which uses language that you can relate to (otherwise it will be too hard to remember) Choose a scene with some sort of conflict/emotion that you relate to (so you will be able to perform it realistically) Looking at reviews will give you ideas for your performance.
  7. 7. About your play Don’t get bogged down in details. You only need to find:  The name of the writer  The context of the writer (dates, countries, influences)  Where they were educated (uni, theatre, residencies, fellowships etc.)  What other works they have written (plays, novels?)  What awards (if any) they have won
  8. 8. Australian PlaywrightsSome of the famous playwrights are on your assessmentsheet, but the library also has plays by Australian writers(including plays by top HSC Drama students) which areaimed at children or young adults. They can be found in theNon-fiction section at A822.3. Some scripts are found online. Angela Betzien Patricia Cornelius Jack Davis Nick Enright Paige Gibbs David Holman Jackie French Mary Morris Debra Oswald Richard Tulloch
  9. 9. Australian Playwrights Angela Betzien   Angela+Betzien Andrew Bovell (you could also use his script for the film Lantana)  (use their links too)    (his philosophy)   (trailer) Matt Cameron    (trailer)
  10. 10. Australian Playwrights Patricia Cornelius   (blocked on school computers) Jack Davis    Jack+Davis Nick Enright    Jackie French   
  11. 11. Australian Playwrights Paige Gibbs  Paige+Gibbs Michael Gow   Ray Lawler   Kathy Lette   Monkey Baa theatre for young people  
  12. 12. Australian Playwrights Mary Morris   Mary+Morris Louis Nowra     Debra Oswald      (trailer)
  13. 13. Australian Playwrights Hannie Rayson     (trailer) Katherine Thompson    (trailer) Richard Tulloch   =  (his blog)
  14. 14. Australian Playwrights Patrick White     David Williamson      (trailer)
  15. 15. Don’t forget your bibliography! Your bibliography should include these details for EVERY text you use: The date it was updated or published The title of the textThe author of the About Seniors. (2009). The A-Z of Aged Care.text (might be anorganisation) [Accessed 9/11/09] The URL (web address) or The last date you looked at the name and place of publisher website (online sources only) Ask the librarian or go to Student Handouts Library Bibliography for a bibliography scaffold