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Sunglasses for a "bright" technology

Presentation used in the seminar about the module "Introduction to learning", developed in NUI Galway.

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Sunglasses for a "bright" technology

  1. 1. Sunglasses for a “bright” technology Isabel Gutiérrez Porlán University of Murcia Educational Technology Research Group
  2. 2. A bit about myself 2007 Honours degree in Pedagogy 2008 Master in e-learning Educational Technology and Knowledge Management 2011 PhD in Educational Technology now I am Senior Lecturer at the University of Murcia Researching about social media In class and safe uses of social media Researching about PLE Researching about how improve the teaching and learning process with ICT tools
  3. 3. My research group The Educational Technology Research Group from the University of Murcia (Spain) The head is Mª Paz Prendes Espinosa
  4. 4. I love shopping I love doing sport My family is the most important part in my life and my friends are like my family I never drink wine if I have the opportunity to drink beer I am going to get married this year (so, I know a lot about the “brides world”)
  5. 5. By Duanne Schoon
  6. 6. Select 1 (min) to 5 (max) your grade of use of technology
  7. 7. Think in one word in order to describe yourself as a Teacher
  8. 8. Think in one word in order to describe the possibilities of the technology in the teaching and learning process
  9. 9. By Lubaib Gazir
  10. 10. By Aj Cann
  11. 11. “Pedagogic glasses” By Berge Gazen
  12. 12. Introduction to learning
  13. 13. E-portfolio Great window for sharing students’ works
  14. 14. Unit 1 Advantages and disadvantages/ Challenges and opportunities The virtual Learning Environment
  15. 15. Unit 1 Ask students for theirs challenges Why am I a good e-learner? The virtual Learning Environment Select the most important things that you expect about your online tutor Make a recipe including the ingredients needed to be a good online learner
  16. 16. Unit 1 The virtual Learning Environment Make an slogan about the possibilities of ICT (no more than 140 characters)
  17. 17. Unit 2 Study Skills Write in your blog your reflection about your learning style
  18. 18. Unit 2 Study Skills Make a video in Powtoon illustrating your learning style
  19. 19. Unit 2 Study Skills Having in mind your learning style and the advice and ideas provided in this unit, make your own plan of learning
  20. 20. Unit 3 Self-Management Skills for Project Work Some useful tools: Evernote Google calendar
  21. 21. Unit 4 Completing written assignments Learning activity 4.1. Some tools useful for starting to summarise are tag cloud tools:.
  22. 22. Unit 4 Completing written assignments Create a comic including the six steps of summarising.
  23. 23. Unit 5 and 6 Share with your classmates your written in order to others make a proofreading. Writing Skills I and II Make a list of phrases including some mistakes. Change the list with your classmates in order to others makes a proofreading
  24. 24. Unit 7 Audience and writing skills Choose one of this terms: Localisation, Internationalisation, Globalisation Controlled and make a video en Animoto in order to explain it.
  25. 25. Unit 7 Audience and writing skills Make a glog in Glogster including the most important aspects to be a good academic writer.
  26. 26. Unit 8 Technical report writing Make a draft of a generic report in a wiki, explaining the meaning of every part.
  27. 27. Unit 9 Make the activity 9.3 in a visual presentation (power point, keynote, open office…) and share it in SlideShare Research skills
  28. 28. Unit 10 Make the self-assessment questions in a document and upload it to Issu Laboratory Notebook and Documenting a Quality System
  29. 29. Unit 11 Useful tool to management papers and publications Referencing Skills and Plagiarism
  30. 30. Unit 12 Using Graphics
  31. 31. Unit 12 Using Graphics Select some data about a topic interesting for you and make a infographic including the most important information
  32. 32. Unit 13 Some suggestion to do a good visual presentations Presentation Skills Make and record the presentation about yourself and share it in your blog.
  33. 33. Unit 14 Meetings and Routine Correspondence Tools to management your email accounts
  34. 34. Unit 15Using online resources Effectively Places to find and share resources Look for a picture in Flickr and share it in your blog citing it in accurate way.
  35. 35. Unit 15Using online resources Effectively
  36. 36. Unit 15Using online resources Effectively RSS Choose a topic interesting for you and select some sources from the Internet about that. Create an account in Feedly and link this resources.
  37. 37. Share is good.... By Markus Spring
  38. 38. By open
  39. 39. Sunglasses for a “bright” technology Isabel Gutiérrez Porlán University of Murcia •Educational Technology Research Group