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  1. 1. Who would be the audience for your mediaproduct?Q4 EVALUATION
  2. 2. Example of my target audience… Watches popular TV Gets £5Is a girl and 13 pocket shows such as The Xyears old. money a factor, Britains got Likes Pop Music and music that week. talent and The Only is generally in the charts. To Way is Essex keep up to date with the charts and pop music she watches Is interested in music channels, listens to the celebrity gossip. top 40 radio show on a Sunday and looks on the internet and watches music videos onAverage YouTube.intelligence, at thisage she doesn’t want Like most girls her age is interestedanything too complex in fashion and what the celebritiesto read. are wearing. She want to learn how to do makeup and hair Favourite colour is pink properly.Has interest in male pop Looks up to femalestars such as One celebrities such asDirection, Justin Bieber Cheryl Cole, Theand Connor Maynard. members of little mix and Selena Gomez.
  3. 3. My target audienceMy target audience was for girls interested inpop music, fashion and gossip between the agesof 9-16. I feel that after the ages of 16, girlstend to move to more mature magazines. I foundduring my research there where lots of existinggirls magazines with a large number of readers.This to me showed that there was a market formy magazine already. I targeted this audiencebecause…I knew most There I thought it My research carriedabout that where good would be out on my readeraudience as I resources on easy to profile shows thathad been a the internet capture pop Girls between thepart of that and around music ages of 11-15 wheretarget audience college. themed most likely to buy myonce. images. magazine.
  4. 4. As the table shows, magazines targeted at girls seem to sell better. Top of the pops is number one. And a magazine I looked at whilst conducting my research.Top teenage magazines (end 2010)Title Publisher Frequency ABC figure*Top of the Pops BBC Magazines fortnightly 98,030Bliss Panini monthly 73,002Girl Talk (girls) BBC Magazines fortnightly 67,959Match of the Day (football) BBC Magazines weekly 58,447Match (football) Bauer weekly 57,108Kick! (football) Attic Brand Media monthly 51,413Shout DC Thomson monthly 47,814Mizz Panini fortnightly 35,837Kiss (Eire) Minjara Ltd (Dublin) monthly 22,469
  5. 5. ResearchI carried out research and did a reader profile forKerrang! This was helpful in helping me decide whatgenre of music I wanted my magazine to be. Kerrang!Was an indie music magazine. I also looked at a VogueReader profile. This wasn’t very helpful either as it’saverage reading age was 34 and Vogue is a fashionmagazine. I then carried out research into TOP OF THEPOPS. A pop music magazine and created a Readerprofile. This was very helpful as it gave me an accurateinsight into what a pop music magazine needs to be like.I also carried out research by creating a focus groupvideo. I found that it was important for the magazine tobe quite cheap. I also found that having posters in themagazine was an important feature as it was suggestedin the focus group.
  6. 6. Created in 1995 Published by the BBC Media The age Institute range is 11- 15 DISPLAY SIZE RATE 87% girls Page £9,050 Slogan : OBC £11,400 “More IFC £11,400 IBC £11,400 gossip! ADVERTORIAL SIZE More Advertorial £12,825 + Production scandal! INSERTS More you!”Cover Price £2.99 Loose (single £30 (cost perFrequency 4 Weekly sheet) thousand)Circulation 78,352 Bound (single £40 (cost perReadership 331,000 sheet) thousand)Boys 15% Tip on (single £55 (cost perGirls 87% sheet) thousand)Age range 11-15 years
  7. 7. What made mechoose certainfeatures to add I put the competition plug on my magazine as I knew that tomy magazine? it would attract my audience more.would attractgroup it was brought up that competitions In the focus someone to buy the magazine. My research looking at different front covers showed that pink was often on the front cover which is why I put a lot of it on my front cover. I noticed in my research that Justin Bieber was on the front cover of most pop music magazines. This obviously attracted people to the magazine which is why I featured him on the front cover. The price of my magazine is cheap as it was brought up in my focus group that people were not prepared to pay anymore that £3 for a cheapish magazine like mine. My research also showed that people where interested in fashion and didn’t want a magazine that was just about music. I featured lots of posters in my magazine as this was something brought up in the focus group that it was an important thing. Interviews and exclusives where also brought up and I featured the following in my magazine.