EVALUATION: Q5 attracting the audience


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EVALUATION: Q5 attracting the audience

  1. 1. Q5: How didyouattract/address youraudience?
  2. 2. This will appeal to my audience because it has… A plug advertising a competition. Every body loves a competition. Furthermore shows off two things. One is that you get to meet mixtape, and the second is that it’s in London. It has 100 fashion catwalk copies. My audience will be interested in fashion and this will offer cheaper alternative. It’s not 99 catwalk copies, it’s 100! Is that Justin Bieber on the front cover? Yes. My target audience will be obsessed with Justin Bieber as it seems that the majority of girls of the target ages have ‘Bieber fever’ or are ‘beliebers’. This is a key selling point to the magazine. It offers them reassurance that they are a match with Justin Bieber. The magazine is only £2.00. My target audience wont have much money as they are young and would buy this magazine with their pocket money. That is why I have decided this price. This would definitely appeal to the audience and would make my magazine stand out form competitors. I have featured big names on my magazine, Lucy (who is a made up Pop star but just pretend she isn’t) Daniel who is the magazines favourite critic, his article would have really funny articles on the latest albums. Lady Gaga Justin Bieber Katy Perry Girls Aloud These are all selling points to the magazine that would encourage my target audience to buy the magazine. The magazine gives off a welcoming girly feel. It gives an insight into the exclusive interviews and glittery luxury feel to the magazine.The contents pageIf my audience happen to flick through the magazine whilst considering theirpurchase they will see on my contents page that there are lots and lots ofposters.Posters was a key selling point to the magazine. It attracts the audience to buythe magazine.Also the really great main image of autumn would attract someone to buy themagazine.I feel that it is a good image and makes you want to buy the magazine and look atthe other images.A offer when you subscribe to the magazine is a great way off attracting my
  3. 3. The Response Audience Feedback 6 5 4 3 2 The Response 1 0 The Plug The Justin The Catwalk Girls Lucy Lady Katy Main Bieber Price Copies Aloud Gaga Perry ImageI asked 14 people what attracted them most tomy magazine Front Cover. This was the response.
  4. 4. Interview:Jasmine GillWhat attracts you to my It’s all pink and girly. Oh and it usesmagazine? lovely bright colour which catch my eye.What would you improve? I reckon you could experiment with different coloured backgrounds.What do you think of the price? It’s a Rip Off!Do you think it matches the pop Yes. Do I have to elaborate? Yesgenre well? because the title of the magazine portrays the genre.What’s your opinion of the The background is sparkly and it fitsbackground? the genre of the magazine well.
  5. 5. Interview:Haleema ParkerWhat attracts you to my The image of Lucy. Looks like a goodmagazine? story behind it.What would you improve? I’d drop the boxes. Erm … that’s it.What do you think of the price? Good price for this day and age. Sorry I sound like an oldie.Do you think it matches the pop Yes, all the pinkness looks great.genre well? And it has Bieber on it.What’s your opinion of the It’s nice and sparkly.background?
  6. 6. Interview: Ayisja SmithWhat attracts you to my I want to say something about themagazine? picture but I don’t know what. It looks good.What would you improve? I’d have all the stories columned instead of being all around the page.What do you think of the price? What is the price? Oh two pound. It depends how many pages. At least 60 would be worth it.. Maybe 40.Do you think it matches the pop Yeah because it’s quite femininegenre well? and pink .What’s your opinion of the I think it looks very good andbackground? sparkly.
  7. 7. Interview:Autumn LumbWhat attracts you to my The plug. It looks like deadmagazine? professional.What would you improve? The cloud thing is a bit random. HahaWhat do you think of the price? Good price yeah.Do you think it matches the pop Yep really well. All the pink andgenre well? purple and glitter.What’s your opinion of the I like it. It’s different but reallybackground? works.
  8. 8. The key to attracting anyone to your media product is to have something for everybody. I thinkhaving a variety of features will encourage the audience to buy the product as it all hangs downto that one thing that catches your eye. Obviously they can’t be too varied as the magazine stillneeds to stick to its genre. The main image is the first thing you tend to see on a magazine frontcover, so it’s important to put up a celebrity that a lot of people will instantly recognise and aregenuinely interested in. Looking at my research I think that the most attractive thing on my frontcover is the main image as it became the most popular on my poll and my questionnaireshowed positive feedback on my main image. This is surprising as I didn’t think that this wouldbe the most attracting feature to my audience. I feel that my magazine has met the requirementfor my target audience never the less and certainly sticks to the genre. I’m not sure if there isenough ‘going on’ on my front cover as I think it looks a bit boring. My feedback has made merealise that my audiences opinion is the most important.