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Presentació de l'escola d'Eslovakia.

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  1. 1. KRIVÁŇ (PEAK) Kriváň is the mountain in the High Tatras. Kriváň is the symbol of Slovak for the past two centuries. The name Kriváň means "bent" or "crooked„. It is also shown on Slovakia's euro coins .
  2. 2. SKANZEN LIPTOVSKÝ HRÁDOK Liptovský Hrádok is a small town in Slovakia. Near of the town in the part called Pribylina there is an Open Air Museum. It was founded in 1991.There is the exposition of the Slovak village in the museum.
  3. 3. BASILICA OF THE SEVENTH-DAY VIRGIN MARY Basilica of the Seventh-day Virgin Mary is Basilica (Basilica minor) in Šaštín-Stráže. It is one of the most important basilicas in Slovakia. It was built in 1736 .The thousands of pilgrims visit the Basilica every year.
  4. 4. THE DANUBE RIVER The Danube is second largest river in Europe. It springs in Black Forest in Germany. The length of the Danube is 2850 km.The Danube runs through our capital city- Bratislava.
  5. 5. VTÁČNIK MOUNTAIN This mountain is situated between the town Nitra and the Hron river. Vtáčnik is volcanic,it is part of Slovak Central Mountains. You can see many different and interesting animals there. Very popular is watching of animals (brown bears, wildcats,deer ). You can also find some beautiful trees in leaved forest. The mountain is also interesting for climbers and tourists.
  6. 6. SLOVAK NATIONAL THEATER This is our Slovak national theater.It's the oldest Slovak professional theater consisting of 3 ensembles (opera, ballet and drama a Neo-Renaissance theater building in the Old Town of Bratislava, Slovakia, which formerly housed two of the theater's ensembles (opera and ballet, drama was based elsewhere), and the theater's large modern theater building in Bratislava near the Danube, which opened on 14 April 2007.