Enina, bulgaria


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Enina, bulgaria

  1. 1. Enina 7. Prospect pictures 8. Old Enina1. History of Enina 9. The same place-before and2. Yana the goat breeder3. Enina nowGorge4. Places of interest St. 10. Agriculture is developed inParaskeva St Enina. George church 1837 11. Domestic animalsHydroelectric plant Enina 12. Enina village hallBreeding trout area The 13. The schoolClock tower5. Local meals6. The old oneCustoms During the summer The day of Lazar During the winterKoleduvane The view from the back Survaki side Sirny Zagovezni
  2. 2. Where are we in Bulgaria Our school is situated in the village Enina. This a small village near Kazanlak a town in the center of Bulgaria. /The distance between Enina and Kazanlak is 5 kilometers/
  3. 3. History of EninaAfter the liberation in 1878, accordingto the Berlin Treaty the village of Eninais located in the territory of EasternRumelia. After the Union in 1885 officially itbecame a part of the Principality ofBulgaria.
  4. 4. History of Enina The legend tells that Yanawas the most beautiful girl in her village, butorphaned early and had toearn a living herself. With asong Yana gathered in the morning goats and took them back when the sun was setting behind the mountains.
  5. 5. History of EninaPeople loved Yana because she was kind, good and beautiful and to her the whole world looked beautiful.The most handsome man in the village fell in love with her. He was a poor lad, but he had a gift - in his hands every tree turned into a wonderful tale. For a long time they kept their love from each other and the people.
  6. 6. Yana the goat breeder One day, one of the youngest goats was lost and Yana set out to findhim. Although she knew all the hidden valleys and mountains she found thegoat in a wondrous place, Behind the mighty and powerful rises of the mountains she felt a welcoming embrace.
  7. 7. Yana the goat breeder She returned the goat to the village, Then she returned to that wonderful place where she left her heart. At thatmoment she heard the steps behind her and she saw that the young man was following her. He would not allow his loving heart tolose the only thing he loved most in the world.
  8. 8. Yana the goat breederThey established a home together in the place where the goat was found. But the people from the village missed the young couple and they gradually began to settle around them and thus formed ... Enina village
  9. 9. Enina Gorge Enina Gorge - Kameshtitsa Reserve has preserved the richness of the nature of the Central Stara Planina. The terrain here is rugged and rocky, especially in the canyon of the river Enina, which crosses the reserve in the middle.
  10. 10. Enina Gorge• Hiking along the river bed is a real challenge, which will reveal the wondrous beauty of the canyon.• The most interesting representative of the diverse fauna here is the brown bear, for it the reserve offers excellent conditions.
  11. 11. Places of interest
  12. 12. St. Paraskeva
  13. 13. St. Paraskeva
  14. 14. St. George church 1837
  15. 15. Hydroelectric plant Enina• Hydroelectric plant Enina is located in the gorge above the village Enina.• It was built by the citizen of Kazanlak Gencho Staynov and put into operation on 1 January 1914. Enina HPS is the first designed entirely by Bulgarians and is built with Bulgarian capital.
  16. 16. Hydroelectric plant Enina• The plant uses Enina river waters. Has turbines Bell and generators Siemens manufactured in 1912.• The plant continues to operate today.
  17. 17. Breeding trout area
  18. 18. The Clock tower
  19. 19. Local mealsmusaka gyouveche Trout fish
  20. 20. Local mealssarmi kebapcheta
  21. 21. Local mealsOvcharska salad Eninska nadenitsa Local meals
  22. 22. Local mealsmekitsi banitsa
  23. 23. Local mealsDarpana banitsa musaka airan
  24. 24. Customs
  25. 25. The day of LazarIt is celebrated onSaturday the week beforeEaster.
  26. 26. The day of LazarThe young girls put flowers in their hairs andmake round to people’s houses to sing and dance for health and rich
  27. 27. KoleduvaneIt is a custom which takes place from midnight to sun rise on Christmas. They go to houses to sing for richness and good harvest and for health
  28. 28. SurvakiOn New Years eve youngboys make survaknitsi from a branch from a cornel tree which they decorate with popcorn and dry fruit.
  29. 29. SurvakiIn the morning boys go from house to house withwishes for health and good harvest, and the hosts dive them apples, bagels and money .
  30. 30. Sirny ZagovezniOn this day men dressup in carnivalcostumes and theyare called kukeri.
  31. 31. Sirny ZagovezniIn the evening people make a big fire and the kukeridance around it to throw away the evil spirits and the children jump over it to in good health and shape during the whole year .
  32. 32. Sirny ZagovezniThen the eldest man of the family hang a piece ofhalva on a string to hang from the ceiling. This one who catch the halva only with a mouth will have good luck through the year.
  33. 33. Prospect pictures
  34. 34. Prospect pictures
  35. 35. Prospect pictures
  36. 36. Prospect pictures
  37. 37. Old Enina
  38. 38. The same placebefore now
  39. 39. Agriculture is developed in Enina
  40. 40. Agriculture is developed in Enina
  41. 41. In many households they breed domestic animals
  42. 42. In many households they breed domestic animals
  43. 43. Enina village hall
  44. 44. The schoolThe oldest one built 1833 The old part of the school built 1914
  45. 45. The school during the summer
  46. 46. The school during winter
  47. 47. The school
  48. 48. • We have about 195 years history like a school. There are 130 students and 18 people staff in the school.
  49. 49. The school is founded in 1914 by Onufrii Hilendarski
  50. 50. The patron of our school is theBulgarian poet and revolutionist Hristo Botev
  51. 51. Let us enter and have a look:
  52. 52. There are 14 classrooms and acomputer room in the school
  53. 53. The school year starts on the 15th September with a celebration:
  54. 54. First time in the school
  55. 55. Children between 7 and 14 years study here. Theylearn English as a foreign language. The childrenare open to other cultures and nations.
  56. 56. Our students love to create
  57. 57. to paint
  58. 58. They are young dancers and actors
  59. 59. The presetation was made by students and teachers from school in Enina for the COMENIUS PROJECT (2011-2013)"NATURAI, CULTURAL AND HISTORICAL HERITAGE“ Enina, Bulgaria 2011