Music Magazine Analysis


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Music Magazine Analysis

  1. 1. The masthead of NME music magazine has never changed over the many years the magazine has been running. It’s very simple but bold masthead stands out and is instantly recognisable. The only thing that would change about the masthead is the colour. This is an NME magazine from 1995. They have kept the Masthead the same over all these years to make it a recognisable logo all over the world. Examples of how the Masthead is used in other NME magazines Masthead
  2. 2. Kicker Text The two examples above are both Kicker texts. These are the title to the explanatory text which is placed underneath them. For example one they use bright red text and an explanation mark which helps the text to stand out and use the word ‘DUUDE!’ This word is classified as slang which will appeal to the younger, edgier audience that will read this magazine and is also spelt with two Us. This makes it seem as if someone is really shouting. The other kicker line is the name of a famous band ‘ The libertines. ‘ Having the bands name in bold near the masthead will attract fans to want to find out what is in the magazine. Example two uses white bold font against a black boxed background which creates contrast. This makes the text stand out. However it challengers the convention of a magazine but having the layout of the text on different angles and levels. This compliments the text of ‘ Rock’s messiest bust up ‘ as it is not neat and perfect but edgy. Example one Example two It’s boldest kicker line is the band name ‘ Oasis ‘. This is in the middle of the two band members and is what your eye is firslty drawn to
  3. 3. Explanatory text The explanatory text is in a smaller font under the cover lines. They briefly explains what the cover line includes. The black font works well with the white background to create a contrast. The use of red colour for the kicker line and black for the explanatory text helps make it clear that they are separate but their positioning makes it clear that they are linked.
  4. 4. Colour Scheme The colour scheme for this magazine cover is red, black and white. These colours work very well together as they compliment each other to create a strong contrast which will attract the readers eye.
  5. 5. Layout, Eye flow and Language The eye flow of this magazine cover doesn’t follow the conventions of the C shape. Instead there are cover lines at the top and one seems to be placed in the middle between Liam and Noel. However one criticism I have is that the magazines layout seems a bit messy. Your eye doesn’t know where to look first which can make it confusing. On the other hand the fact that the main cover line isn’t in a straight line adds to the text itself, ‘ Rock’s messiest bust-up’. The language is breif and doesn’t tell you much about what is featured inside the magazine and leaves you wanting to know more about the stories that are featured inside. This makes the readers more interested and will make them more tempted to buy it.
  6. 6. Image analysis The image of Liam and Noel is very basic. They both were the colours to match the colour scheme of the magazine front cover which helps the cover look more attractive. Neither of them have eye contact with the viewer or each other. This links to the second boldest cover line ‘ Rock’s messiest bust up.’ This helps us get a understanding that something happened to cause a tension between the two band members.
  7. 7. Price line, tag line, Barcode The price and tag line are all placed at the top left hand corner on the page. This is good as this is the first thing the reader might read naturally as your eye line goes from top left, downwards and along. But also the text is small enough for it not to interfere with the cover lines and image. However the tag line is covered by the image due to the editing. It would normally read ‘ New Musical Express.’. The barcode is placed on the bottonm left had corner. This is a good place as it also doesn’t interfere with the layout of the cover.