75 Facts About Farmers Weekly


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75 things you might not know about Farmers Weekly

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75 Facts About Farmers Weekly

  1. 1. 75 things you might not know about Farmers Weekly
  2. 2. The first issue was published on June 22, 1934 Farmers Weekly
  3. 3. A copy of Farmers Weekly is seen towards the start of hit film Four Weddings and a Funeral. Farmers Weekly
  4. 4. Today, through print and our website we reach more than 250,000 people each week. Farmers Weekly
  5. 5. FW launched a “Send a Tonne” to Africa campaign in 1984, raising £1m for the famine-hit farmers of Africa Farmers Weekly
  6. 6. Farmers Weekly collated “recipes from country housewives” in its popular Farmhouse Fare book. This first came out in 1935 and was re-published many times, selling hundreds of thousands of copies. Farmers Weekly
  7. 7. In May 2009, FWi had more than 4.5m page views from more than 250,000 unique visitors. Farmers Weekly
  8. 8. The first editor was a Canadian, Frank James Prewett. Farmers Weekly
  9. 9. Later editors have been Malcolm Messer, Travers Legge, Denis Chamberlain, Gary Noble, Ted Fellows and Stephen Howe. Farmers Weekly
  10. 10. The first woman editor was Jane King, appointed in . 2005 Farmers Weekly
  11. 11. Billed as the “champion of British agriculture”, it was launched under the proprietorship of press barons Lord Beaverbrook and Lord Rothermere. Farmers Weekly
  12. 12. The registered address in 1934 was 43-44 Shoe Lane, London EC4. Farmers Weekly
  13. 13. Farmers Weekly Awards night is one of the biggest nights in the farming calendar – the audience attending has grown from 400 to 1200 people in five years. Farmers Weekly
  14. 14. FW stands for five core values: Independence, authority, challenging, forward-looking and practical. Farmers Weekly
  15. 15. FW Classified department were once interrupted taking a personal ad over the phone from a farmer by the undertakers coming to collect his deceased wife. Farmers Weekly
  16. 16. Colour pictures crept into the mag for the first time in the early 1950s – but only in some adverts. The magazine became full colour throughout in the 1990s. Farmers Weekly
  17. 17. We changed our strap-line to “Working For Your Farming Future” in 2005. Farmers Weekly
  18. 18. By November 1934, weekly circulation had risen sharply to average 75,000 copies. Farmers Weekly
  19. 19. Farmers Weekly published 7220 pages last year. Farmers Weekly
  20. 20. FW has a sister title called Poultry World, which was originally established as The Fancier’s Gazette in 1874, adopting its present title in 1908. Farmers Weekly
  21. 21. Poultry World has appeared on Have I Got News For You as a guest publication. One headline used was, “Bigger birds lay better”. Farmers Weekly
  22. 22. The FWiSpace picture galleries contain over 15,985 photos in 331 galleries. Farmers Weekly
  23. 23. FW has the highest circulation of any UK agricultural journal at 68,897 copies a week (meaning we sell a million more copies a year than our nearest competitor). Farmers Weekly
  24. 24. Farmers Weekly now has over 1100 followers on Twitter, including presenter Jonathan Ross. Farmers Weekly
  25. 25. FW was named Business Magazine of the Year in 2006 and was shortlisted for the same award this year. Farmers Weekly
  26. 26. The first issue contained an article by the-then NFU president S O Ratcliff. Farmers Weekly
  27. 27. S O Ratcliff was the great grandfather’s brother of the current Machinery Editor, David Cousins (who, having been with FW for more than 25 years is the longest serving full-time member of the team). Farmers Weekly
  28. 28. ICI and Massey were among the first advertisers in 1934. Farmers Weekly
  29. 29. FW has always been known as “the yellow peril” due to the colour of its cover. Farmers Weekly
  30. 30. Because of our high pass-on readership, we have about 190,000 readers every week. Farmers Weekly
  31. 31. Our website, FWi, was launched 12 years ago. Farmers Weekly
  32. 32. We once had a reader who was buried with a pile of FWs under his head so that he’d have something to read in the afterlife. Farmers Weekly
  33. 33. If you wanted to contact FW in the early days, you could have sent a telegram to: Farmweekli, Lud. Farmers Weekly
  34. 34. The type faces used in FW are Garamond BE and Conduit. The FW logo type is Zine Sans. Farmers Weekly
  35. 35. In the livestock prices reported in the first issue, first quality finished cattle were making 39.0 s per cwt liveweight at Ashford market. Farmers Weekly
  36. 36. Graham Harvey, the agricultural story editor for The Archers, used to work for FW. Farmers Weekly
  37. 37. FW’s sister magazine Crops was the first agricultural publication to be printed in colour. Farmers Weekly
  38. 38. FW is part of Reed Business Information, which is part of Reed Elsevier, a FTSE100 company, with over 200 locations worldwide. Farmers Weekly
  39. 39. FW has a fan page on Facebook with more than 3400 fans. Farmers Weekly
  40. 40. The first issue of FW to have a picture, rather than an advert, on the front cover was produced on 2 Oct 1992 Farmers Weekly
  41. 41. A farmer once called the office asking if we could run an obituary of his sheepdog. Farmers Weekly
  42. 42. Kate Humble, Fiona Bruce, Jon Culshaw, Clare Balding, John Torode, Jimmy Doherty, Sophie Wessex and the cast of The Archers are just some of the celebrity guests who have attended the FW Awards. Farmers Weekly
  43. 43. David Richardson has been writing a column since 1992. Prior to that he wrote a column in Big Farm Weekly (1976-1992) and had a monthly column in Big Farm Management from 1968 to 1976. Farmers Weekly
  44. 44. FW helped set up The Farm Holiday Bureau in 1983, which later became Farm Stay UK. Farmers Weekly
  45. 45. On average 10 new people sign up to use the FWiSpace forums and blogs every single day. Farmers Weekly
  46. 46. Radio 1 once said that FW was the best read magazine in the loo. Farmers Weekly
  47. 47. There have been 61 winners and 183 finalists in the FW Awards since they were launched in 2005. Farmers Weekly
  48. 48. In 1984, when FW was celebrating its 50th anniversary, the UK feed wheat price for the week ending June 28 was £132.90/t ex-farm, while feed barley was changing hands for £121.70/t. Farmers Weekly
  49. 49. Ronnie Barker was spotted reading a copy in Porridge. Farmers Weekly
  50. 50. Farmers Weekly once produced a special edition in French, which was handed out at the Paris Show. Farmers Weekly
  51. 51. In the 1930s, the paper was promoted on advertising hoardings at Piccadilly Circus. Farmers Weekly
  52. 52. Farmers Weekly’s staff photographer Jonathan Page has clocked up more than three- quarters of a million miles on the road visiting farms during his 20- year stint in the job. Farmers Weekly
  53. 53. Articles and exchanges of letters in FW were one of the driving forces behind the establishment of the Tenant Farmers Association. Farmers Weekly
  54. 54. The stories of the FW Awards winners reaches more than 10m people each year via national and regional TV, radio and press. Farmers Weekly
  55. 55. Robert Davies, FW’s Wales correspondent, has been contributing for more than 43 years – his first day was at the Smithfield Show in December 1965. Farmers Weekly
  56. 56. Prince Charles is a regular reader and has written for the title. Farmers Weekly
  57. 57. FW Classified carries 30,000 ads a year varying from million pound estates through £100,000+ combines to £2 pallets. Farmers Weekly
  58. 58. FW ran its own farms for many years – among them Conrick in Dumfriesshire and Curworthy in Devon. Farmers Weekly
  59. 59. One-time FW journalist Barry Spikings went on to become an Oscar-winning film producer, working on The Deer Hunter starring Robert De Niro. Farmers Weekly
  60. 60. FW also ran Easton Lodge in Lincolnshire. John Lambkin became manager there in 1974, retiring in 2007. Farmers Weekly
  61. 61. Also among the FW farms was Vimer in Normandy, France, which Tim and Chrissie Green have farmed since 1983. Farmers Weekly
  62. 62. FW publishes a round-up of land prices in Farmland Market twice a year. Farmers Weekly
  63. 63. One of FW’s most popular competitions ever was “Spot the Dog”, where a sheepdog was airbrushed out of a photo and readers had to guess where its nose would have been. Farmers Weekly
  64. 64. FW used to publish a sister title called Big Farm Weekly. Farmers Weekly
  65. 65. FW was based on Fleet Street for a spell, moving to Surrey in the mid-1970s. Farmers Weekly
  66. 66. It appeared on the BBC sitcom The Green Green Grass. Farmers Weekly
  67. 67. Articles are frequently quoted in the House of Commons and the House of Lords. Farmers Weekly
  68. 68. A year’s subscription in 1934 was 13 shillings delivered by post – at the time FW described itself as “the newspaper of the soil”. Farmers Weekly
  69. 69. There has traditionally been a saying in agriculture that the three most influential figures in the industry are the Minister of Agriculture, the president of the NFU and the editor of FW. Farmers Weekly
  70. 70. When FW was launched, the most popular tractor was a Fordson Standard costing just £156. Farmers Weekly
  71. 71. One of the questions FW journalists get asked most is: Are you from a farming background? Most can answer: Yes. Farmers Weekly
  72. 72. Readers still refer fondly to one-time columnist, farmer- cum-author A G Street, who died in 1966. Farmers Weekly
  73. 73. Video footage from key industry events is available on FWi – we’ve made short films of everything from Cereals and the Royal Show to farmers doing a Full Monty-style strip. Farmers Weekly
  74. 74. In 1984 the circulation of FW was more than 120,000, but our penetration of farmer-readers is now higher than it was then, a reflection on the fall in the numbers involved in agriculture and the size of holdings. Farmers Weekly
  75. 75. FW is read around the world, including, to name just a few of the places you may not expect, The Falkland Islands, Iceland, Guyane, Barbados and Trinidad & Tobago. Farmers Weekly
  76. 76. Farmers sent us 1700 pictures last year for our harvest highlights gallery on the website. Farmers Weekly