Isaac Yoon - StartingBloc Essay 2


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Isaac Yoon - StartingBloc Essay 2

  1. 1. Los Angeles 2012Isaac Yoon
  2. 2. Overview Question 2: The StartingBloc Fellowship is a diverse community, with Fellows coming from a variety of sectors and backgrounds. How will you bring your experience and knowledge to enrich the StartingBloc network? Answer: My experience and knowledge in Philanthropic, For-Profit, & Non-Profit industry allow me to contribute to enriching StartingBloc Fellows and its network.The following slides will discuss my experiences and knowledge acquired in these different fields.Overview Philanthropy For-Profit Non-Profit Conclusion
  3. 3. Philanthropic Experience English & Math teacher at Kwinella Upperbasic School Skills Acquired - Problem Solving SkillsOverview Philanthropy For-Profit Non-Profit Conclusion
  4. 4. Philanthropic Experience Accomplishment: Improve the passing rate by 12% through a multiple- step process 1. Communicate the significance of education to the parents through town assembly. 2. Propose a change in class times to avoid peak hours of labor. 3. Permitted a time for supplementary instruction and additional review sessions. Made an impact in overcoming challenges that arose from culture that neglects education and focuses on earning income through agricultural and domestic work. “Through this experience, I realized that nothing is more exciting than providing innovative solutions that have a positive social impact and make a lasting difference.”Overview Philanthropy For-Profit Non-Profit Conclusion
  5. 5. For-Profit Experience Executive Team Lead At Target Skills Acquired - Leadership Skills - Analytical SkillsOverview Philanthropy For-Profit Non-Profit Conclusion
  6. 6. For-Profit Experience Accomplishment: Improved Target Operational Rating from 71.3% to 90.1%. Helped overcome issues of overspending and inappropriate allocation by analyzing the store’s financial data and provided the following solutions 1. Ordering more effectively 2. Prioritizing high margin departments 3. Staffing appropriately 4. Reducing shortage “Helped me develop leadership and analytical skills that contribute to my professional and personal growth”Overview Philanthropy For-Profit Non-Profit Conclusion
  7. 7. Non-Profit Experience Intern Hands for Africa Skills Acquired - Problem Solving Skills - ConsultingOverview Philanthropy For-Profit Non-Profit Conclusion
  8. 8. Non-Profit Experience Accomplishment: Build partnerships with educational campuses, and retail venues to spread awareness through effective interpersonal communication. Spearhead a project that produces reports that outline current profit margin and propose potential solutions to meet desired standards. “Working for Hands for Africa has thus far been a wonderful experience in understanding ins-and-outs of an evolving non-profit organization.”Overview Philanthropy For-Profit Non-Profit Conclusion
  9. 9. Conclusion The analytical, leadership, and problem solving skills I have gained through my past employment and academic experiences have led to me my passion in making social change and I am excited to enrich StartingBloc fellowship and contribute to its continuous success.Overview Philanthropy For-Profit Non-Profit Conclusion