Achieve event success by harnessing new technology best practices


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Event Practices of the past are no longer relevant. New tools and tactics that should be considered to maximise attendance and increase engagement. Back in the day, postal invitations of a 10 page registration brochure were sufficient in generating attendees for events; on-site attendance were captured manually with name tags and lanyards; paper feedback forms we handed out post event to gather feedback. Now, making the most of today’s technology is the secret to event success…From social media advertising for registrations, to mobile apps to increase attendee engagement, to crowd-sourcing speakers and RFID name badges. Technology continues to significantly change the event landscape. Download this presentation to learn ways to make technology work for you and increase event marketing and management effectiveness

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Achieve event success by harnessing new technology best practices

  1. 1. Achieve event success by harnessing new event management technology best practices Insights from Leanne Constantino, Director – Event Services [e] [p] +61 2 8038 5098 [w]
  2. 2. Today’s reality for Event Managers Event practices of the past are no longer relevant. New tools and tactics need to be considered to ensure you: 1. maximise attendance 2. Increase engagement 3. Optimise attendee satisfaction [e] [p] +61 2 8038 5098 [w]
  3. 3. THEN: We decided to attend a event based on impulse. Remember the 10 page A4 registration brochure with all your speakers listed and the agenda outline? [e] [p] +61 2 8038 5098 [w]
  4. 4. FACT: Professionals trust online information almost as much as information obtained in person. [e] [p] +61 2 8038 5098 [w]
  5. 5. FACT: 39% of professionals research business decisions (getting opinions, reading reviews, obtaining general data) on social networks [e] [p] +61 2 8038 5098 [w]
  6. 6. An online customer checks an average of 10.4 sources before making a purchase [e] [p] +61 2 8038 5098 [w]
  7. 7. NOW: We decide to attend an event if our peers do. We look at our professional network at large, our social media networks and see what our peers are saying about the event and we make VERY EDUCATED event purchasing decisions. [e] [p] +61 2 8038 5098 [w]
  8. 8. TIP: Encourage online communication Your event marketing campaign must be conducive to open communication, real time updates and feedback. Encouraging and allowing open communication and engagement in the event promotion stage enables the prospects to do the publicity for you and increases your event registration conversions. Be sure to integrate live social media feeds into your event website. [e] [p] +61 2 8038 5098 [w]
  9. 9. THEN: Email Marketing and Databases was the norm. [e] [p] +61 2 8038 5098 [w]
  10. 10. 36% of Advertising Agencies are planning to buy ads on YouTube [e] [p] +61 2 8038 5098 [w]
  11. 11. 36% of Advertising Agencies are planning to buy ads on Twitter 89% of Advertising Agencies are planning to buy ads on Facebook [e] [p] +61 2 8038 5098 [w]
  12. 12. NOW: Social Advertising is the norm [e] [p] +61 2 8038 5098 [w]
  13. 13. Engage your audience with social media Advertising agencies are spending their money on social media outlets because it gets more cut through, it is low cost and IT WORKS! BEWARE: You are guaranteed to get extra likes and exposure BUT the communication doesn’t stop there. You need to employ a rich long term engagement strategy . TIP: Before you create the advertisement, make sure you develop a plan with content ready to share. If your strategy is daily communication and the event is 3 months away, you need 90 posts ready as a minimum. [e] [p] +61 2 8038 5098 [w]
  14. 14. THEN: Planners selected keynote speakers. [e] [p] +61 2 8038 5098 [w]
  15. 15. FACT: There is greater satisfaction and commitment resulting from participation or cooperation of the attendees with the organiser if the participant is involved in making the decision, they feel engaged and will likely talk more positively about the event. [e] [p] +61 2 8038 5098 [w]
  16. 16. NOW: Attendees choose the content and the speakers. TIP: Try Crowdsourcing speakers Give the power back to the attendees to decide who will speak and present at the event. Involving the attendees into the actual planning of the event is very powerful. Take a look at how the SXSW PanelPicker community does it [e] [p] +61 2 8038 5098 [w]
  17. 17. THEN: We had to travel long distances to attend an event. [e] [p] +61 2 8038 5098 [w]
  18. 18. 82% of the online audience found the virtual environment helpful in making the decision to attend in-person next time. [e] [p] +61 2 8038 5098 [w]
  19. 19. On average companies save $1000 in travel costs by engaging in virtual environments. [e] [p] +61 2 8038 5098 [w]
  20. 20. NOW: Hybrid Events - we watch it wherever we want and whenever we want [e] [p] +61 2 8038 5098 [w]
  21. 21. Hybrid events do not replace your live event…they only serve to expand your reach and get more people to attend in person next time. TIP: Extend the life of your event and start by investing with a post event hybrid portal. Maximise the content created from the live event to engage those that could not attend and increase your opportunities to maximise leads. [e] [p] +61 2 8038 5098 [w]
  22. 22. THEN: We used printed program guides [e] [p] +61 2 8038 5098 [w]
  23. 23. 21% of event planners see Mobile Apps as a top priority investment for 2013. [e] [p] +61 2 8038 5098 [w]
  24. 24. Uptake is correlated to Event App promotion but generally between 10% and 45% depending on the tech friendliness of the audience. [e] [p] +61 2 8038 5098 [w]
  25. 25. NOW: Mobile Apps ARE replacing the event guide. [e] [p] +61 2 8038 5098 [w]
  26. 26. CHALLENGE: Organisations are adapting the app but it becomes an app for the sake of having an app at the event and not really being used. To overcome this, you need tactics to increase adoption and engagement rate. • Encourage communication with the speakers and receive real time immediate responses • Posting regular updates and exciting images • Encourage feedback with a prize incentive Give the audience plenty of reasons to check in with their event app [e] [p] +61 2 8038 5098 [w]
  27. 27. THEN: Badges were plain & simple. [e] [p] +61 2 8038 5098 [w]
  28. 28. NOW: Badges are smart. RFID technology in badges enables us to understand the attendee better and respond to their needs more rapidly. As soon as you scan their RFID badge, you gain access to all their registration data including demographics, interests and profile [e] [p] +61 2 8038 5098 [w]
  29. 29. Case study: The Manhattan Cocktail Classic Not only does the RFID badge help you understand your attendees, but it also enhances their event experience via voting, real time feedback, sharing of ideas Here is an example where attendees voted for their favourite cocktail and the winner was decided on the night by people’s choice. [e] [p] +61 2 8038 5098 [w]
  30. 30. THEN: Feedback forms were cumbersome. [e] [p] +61 2 8038 5098 [w]
  31. 31. 54.7% of companies pay $100/month or less for Social Media Monitoring tools [e] [p] +61 2 8038 5098 [w]
  32. 32. NOW: Social media is your real time feedback TIP: Use HootSuite to manage all your social media outlets in the one place and monitor your event feedback and obtain statistical data easily on the one dashboard [e] [p] +61 2 8038 5098 [w]
  33. 33. THEN: We asked for the speaker’slides….but never got them! [e] [p] +61 2 8038 5098 [w]
  34. 34. NOW: We find them on slideshare [e] [p] +61 2 8038 5098 [w]
  35. 35. CASE STUDY: Ariba generated more than 400 leads and 40,000 views with their custom slideshare channel for their Ariba Live event TIP: Turn your event content whitepapers and blogs into visually friendly slideshare decks and extend the life of your event. Share with your prospects and increase your lead opportunity. Download these free templates from Lead Harvest SOURCE: [e] [p] +61 2 8038 5098 [w]
  36. 36. Request a free Event Marketing Health Check Are you maximizing your event registration attendance? Are you promoting your event to the largest possible audience? Are you maximizing your event investment by following up attendees after the event? Do you have a tactical plan on registrants who did not attend your event but could be a potential lead for your business? Contact us to learn more and get your complimentary Event Marketing Health Check. There’s no risk, no obligation. Sign up to the right and we’ll have one of our experts get in touch and give you the feedback you need to be a event marketing marvel. Click here to register your interest or call (02) 9212 6125 [e] [p] +61 2 8038 5098 [w]