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Fall 2013 student student services_pp

  1. 1. Transfer StudentACADEMIC ADVISEMENT SEMINARFall 2013twitter.com/csufirvine facebook.com/csufirvc
  2. 2. Welcome to the CSUF,Irvine Campus Location!
  3. 3. The CSUF Irvine Campus offers enhanced opportunities to facilitate student learning throughinnovative technology and resources at our brand new campus at 3 Banting in Irvine. The newcampus offers smart classrooms with modern technology including Epson data projectors, Elmodocument cameras, and a new Macintosh classroom. In addition, the new location offers closeproximity to the Metrolink Station. It also provides convenient access to the 5, 405, 133 and 241 TollRoads and is a short distance to the Irvine Spectrum.Our new campus provides numerous amenities including a larger library, open computer lab, TitanStudent Union, fitness center, ATM and Titan bookstore. Our bookstore sells college textbooks, Titanapparel and a variety of salads, sandwiches and drinks. There are also new vending machines in theTSU as well as the kitchenette areas on the first and second floors.WELCOME to the CSUFIrvine Campus!
  4. 4. CSUF, Irvine Campus Services• Admissions, Registration & Cashiering (ARC)• Titan Bookstore• University Library• Open Computer Labs• Student Affairs• Titan Student Union Lounge• Fitness Center
  5. 5. Admissions, Registration & Cashiers (ARC)The function of this One-Stop Service Center in IRVC-127 at the CSUFIrvine Campus is to assist lower division, upper-division and graduatestudents, staff, faculty and visitors with information and service in theareas of Admissions, Registration and Cashiering.These services include information on:• Policy and procedures for admission and registration• Adding/dropping of classes• Change of major/minor• Dropping off sealed transcripts or grade cards• Verifications• Name and address changes• Change of Objectives• Grades• Also available are various University cashiering functions which include Tuitionfees, deferred payments, graduation checks, EWP, request for transcripts, TitanCard,and numerous miscellaneous fees.
  6. 6. Huddle Rooms
  7. 7. Classroom with Nodechairs
  8. 8. Titan BookstoreTextbooks for your class(es) may bepurchased at the Irvine Campus TitanBookstore in IRVC-104 or ordered over theweb at http://bookstore.fullerton.edu/In addition, we also have a variety of Titangear, testing and school supplies, snacks,hot/cold beverages, and a computer stationfor your convenience.
  9. 9. Titan Bookstore
  10. 10. University LibraryThe Library at the Irvine Campus is an extension of thePollak Library at the CSUF main campus, offeringresources and services to students, faculty and staffat Irvine Campus.The library website is the launch pad for resourcessuch as the catalog, databases, electronic journals,research guides, inter-library loan and coursereserves. These electronic resources are available toall CSUF students with a simple login through theuniversity portal allowing students to conduct researchfrom home or office.
  11. 11. Library
  12. 12. Open Computer LabsThe Irvine Campus (IRVC) is small enough to provide centralized computer facilities.There are 234 computer workstations on campus.The IRVC building has four computer classrooms:(3) - PC workstation classrooms(1) - MAC workstation classroomThe open computer laboratory/classroom (IRVC 211) has 38 PC and two MACworkstations and is available for independent student work and is used as a classroomintermittently.
  13. 13. PC Classroom
  14. 14. State of the arttechnology
  15. 15. Mac Lab
  16. 16. Video TeleconferencingClassroom
  17. 17. Student AffairsLocation: IRVC-115Phone: 657-278-1650Email: irvineadvisor@fullerton.eduWe provide:•Academic Advisement for GE, University policies & procedures, academicprobation, and major advisement•Associated Students, Inc Leadership opportunities•Co-Curricular Learning opportunities•Career Center Services•Disabled Student Services•Financial Aid counselor•Learning Assistance (Tutoring/Study Groups)
  18. 18. Titan Student Union LoungeThe lounge (IRVC-103) is conveniently located next to the Libraryand Bookstore. This multi purpose room is a favorite gatheringplace for studying and socializing.Services include:• Starbucks coffee dispenser and microwave• Flat panel TV• Electronic campus events board• Wireless internet• Comfortable lounge seating• Study areas• Outdoor patio
  19. 19. Fitness CenterLocated in room 132, the fitness center is free for all enrolled CSUF students(funded through your Titan Student Centers Fee).Spring Hours of Operation:Mon – Thurs 12pm - 10:00pmFri, Sat & Sun ClosedThe fitness center includes the following amenities:TreadmillsElliptical MachinesKettlebellsBikesFixed and free weightsAbs/Stretching areaWorkout towelsMens and Womens Lockers/Shower Rooms
  20. 20. Fitness Center
  21. 21. Transitioning to Upper Division Studies• Upper division classes, in general, require more self-disciplineand initiative.• There may be fewer “student supports” such as study guides orreview sessions.• In upper division courses students engage in more integrativethinking and produce work that reflects their own synthesis of thematerials learned in and out of class.
  22. 22. Classroom
  23. 23. Tips for Success• Seek consultations with your instructors during office hours.Utilize all resources available!• If you decide to drop a class, be sure that you follow theUniversity procedures and verify (by checking your TITAN portal)that you are no longer in the class.• Be aware of important deadlines…the University closes thewindow for dropping within the first 2 weeks of the semester.
  24. 24. ResourcesCalifornia State University, Fullerton CatalogYou may purchase in the Titan BookstoreView online http://www.fullerton.edu/catalog/• Policy, rules, regulations• Degrees, majors, programs• Academic Departments• Major requirements• Course Descriptions
  25. 25. Online Tutorial AssistanceRegistrationLearn how to navigate your way through the online registrationprocess. Click hereTitan Degree Audit (TDA)Log on and become familiar with your TDA prior to yourAdvisement Seminar. Learn how by clicking here.
  26. 26. Your Next Step…Be sure you downloadand print the importantdocuments and registerfor your Irvine CampusAcademic AdvisementSeminar by clicking here.