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Canteen effect annotations


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Canteen effect annotations

  1. 1. These buttons allow me to select what effect I would like to activate. This effects is called ‘time stretcher’ and as These are the the name of it parameter dials suggests it which allow stretches out a precise editing. selected section of the audio. This button allows me to add more than one effect.This is my first canteen recording manipulation in which I used ‘Glitch’. This effect is applied andchanged by clicking what effect I wanted then clicking which area of the track I wanted to applyit to. I could then edit the sound of my track even further by using the effects parameter dials.The effects are colour coded to symbolize which effect is being used.
  2. 2. Dub- These are the Delay parameter dials. ‘ReaNINJAM’On this audio clip I used ‘Dub Delay’ and ‘ReaNINJAM’. The dub delay makes it slowand deep but mixed with the ReaNINJAM which makes it screech high pitched itcreates a interesting sound.