European Document Retention Guide


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Jeroen Strik’s presentation from the launch of Iron Mountain and De Brauw’s European Document Retention Guide. To view the full guide to document retention periods in Europe visit

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  • (set scene from experience) I’ve been in the information management business for XX years . . And have seen companies, particularly, those in the enterprise space develop strategies to manage their information on a global scale. But a large swathe of companies of a smaller size have yet to put adequate policy and processes in place. I have seen the information landscape has transformed – it’s more complex and the mid-market is not prepared.
  • The path for digitisation Quickly responding to changing markets Precondition to “Nieuwe Werken” – information should be available always & everywhere Cost reduction by working more efficiently (Digital) customer satisfaction Sustainability
  • Scanning is just as expensive as storing a document for 22 years The average retention period for a document is 7 years in The Netherlands
  • What information should / should not be digitised How often is a document being consulted? / How fast should certain information be available? To what legislation should one apply? What is the legally required retention period?
  • Knowledge is power
  • Don’t forget your paper while your planning your digital future (we live in a hybrid world)
  • Know your business goal
  • Take paper offsite and scan what you need. Intelligent scanning doesn’t mean scan everything.
  • Your Records Management policy needs to enable your business and protect information
  • European Document Retention Guide

    1. 1. The digital ambition© 2013 Iron Mountain Incorporated. All rights reserved. Iron Mountain and the design of the mountain are registered trademarks of IronMountain Incorporated. All other trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners.Jeroen StrikCommercial Director, Benelux and Germany
    2. 2. The digital ambitionBUT big paper is also still here.Your business processes are both digital and paper.How well are you managing both worlds?WE LIVE INAN AGE OFBIG DATA
    3. 3. Your life in six boxesYOUR PAPER LEGACYThe digital ambition
    4. 4. YOUR BUSINESS’PAPER LEGACYWith all the office paper weuse every year, we couldbuild a 16-meter high wallof Paper from Amsterdamto Côte d’Azure.The digital ambition
    5. 5. The digital ambitionPATH FOR DIGITISATIONFive reasons why
    6. 6. The digital ambitionTO SCAN OR NOTTO SCAN?Cost vs. required retention period
    7. 7. The digital ambitionScan all you paper documentsDynamics
    8. 8. Scanning on-DemandDynamicsThe digital ambitionBacklogScanning
    9. 9. The digital ambitionDECISION TRIANGLEAccess LegislationRetention
    10. 10. The digital ambitionMEASUREMENTKnowledge ispower
    11. 11. The digital ambitionREAP THE HARVESTThree mainbenefits ofdigitisation
    12. 12. PRODUCTIVITYThe digital ambition
    13. 13. COMPLIANCEThe digital ambition
    14. 14. The digital ambitionMITIGATE RISKIncrease yourInformationRisk Maturity40.6100
    15. 15. COSTSThe digital ambition
    16. 16. Value your paper legacyEmbrace your digital futureTAKE AWAY 1The digital ambition
    17. 17. Digitisation is ameans to an endnot an end in itselfTAKE AWAY 2The digital ambition
    18. 18. TAKE AWAY 3Go paper lightinstead ofpaperlessThe digital ambition
    19. 19. The digital ambitionTAKE AWAY 4Think before you digitise
    20. 20. Don’t forget yourpeopleThe digital ambitionTAKE AWAY 5
    21. 21. The digital ambitionJOURNEYThe journey from paper to digital isan evolution, not a revolution
    22. 22. digital ambitionCONTACT