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  1. 1. PPI refund claims have increased dramatically over the last few years. In the year 2010/11 the number of PPI complaints increased 113 per cent from the previousyear to 104,597, and the number of PPI claims rose by 82 per cent. This was mainly as a result of major high street banks and lenders being hit with huge fines by the Financial Services Authority as a result of their mis-selling of PPI insurance policies.dr ppi claims
  2. 2. For those unfamiliar dr ppi claims with PPI, it stands for PaymentProtection Insurance The policies are designed to cover your monthlyrepayment costs towards a loan or credit card should you fall ill, have anaccident or lose your job The terms and restrictions for PPI are oftenstrict and what many lenders failed to tell those who took out the policieswas that they tended not to apply to those who are self-employed, workpart-time, are in education, retired or have pre-existing medical conditions
  3. 3. There are many people who have paid for a PPI policy that they wouldnever be able to make a claim against What’s more there arethousands of cases where PPI was a condition of a loan being granted,or its cost and full terms were not explained fully to the customer Ifyou think that you may be entitled to a PPI refund then you can raise acomplaint with your lender
  4. 4. However, this can sometimes be a lengthy process and not all caseswhere there are grounds for a claim are successful It is often better toseek professional advice from a PPI refund service whose staff can usetheir expertise to ensure your claim is settled
  5. 5. There are numerous cases where customers have successfully claimeda PPI refund using such a service having already failed with attempts toget redress on their own The process of making a PPI refund claimwith a management service is simple
  6. 6. You fill out a form, they discuss the merits of your claim and then takecare of the rest for you, all the while keeping you regularly updated byemail, post or telephone Once a settlement has been proposed from thelender the claims team will ensure it is in line with the Financial ServicesAuthority guidelines
  7. 7. They will ensure the settlement includes full reimbursement of the PPIplus historical interest and a compensatory interest rate of eight per centYou will only have to pay for the service once a settlement has beenagreed and the payment terms are usually calculated as a percentage ofyour refund amount, typically 20 per cent
  8. 8. You could be entitled to thousands of pounds in Choose aprofessional service to make your claim hassle-free and successful
  9. 9. Search online for to find out if you are eligible
  10. 10. dr ppi claims