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  1. 1. Lots of people are experiencing success makingpayment protection claims recently, and you mayhave seen lots of TV ads for companies that can make payment protection claims on your behalf. The money that you can reclaim will vary depending on your individual circumstances, but some payment protection claims can result in thousands of pounds returned to you. To get started making payment protection claims, you first need to find a company that can represent you. Looking online is a great way to do this and you can use a search engine to find a variety ofcompanies that can deal with payment protectionclaims. Look for websites with lots of information,so that you can work out whether you are eligible to claim. You should be eligible for payment protection claims if: – You didn’t need thepayment protection insurance (PPI) that you were sold. – You didn’t realise that PPI had been added to your loan agreement. – You weremade to believe that PPI was compulsory, or that by buying PPI you would be more likely to get finance. – You were sold PPI but not told that
  2. 2. cheaper payment protection insurance could be found elsewhere. – The specifics of your PPI policy were not explained – for example any exclusion that may have prevented you from claiming on your PPI. – At the time of taking out PPI you were unemployed, retired or self-employed. – At the time of taking out PPI you were suffering from a medical condition, which may have prevented you from future work. – An employee benefit package already offeredcover in case of illness or redundancy, at the time that you took out your PPI. If any of these cases applies to you, and you think that you could be eligible to make a PPI claim, you should get intouch with an experienced company to begin your claim. When you’re searching for companiesthat can deal with payment protection claims, look for those that can boast a good range of experience and a high level of success with the claims that they carry out. Look for an emailaddress or phone number that you can contact for an initial assessment of your eligibility and howmuch you can expect to receive in compensation. You should also choose a company that offers a no-win no-fee service. This means that you will never lose money, only gain – if your claim is unsuccessful you won’t have to pay any legal fees and will walk away no worse than when youstarted the claims process. However if you do win,you then give a percentage of your compensation back in fees – still retaining a large reimbursement for yourself. With a no-win no-feecompany you really have nothing to lose, and you could end up gaining thousands. Payment
  3. 3. protection insurance compensation is something that you are absolutely entitled to if it was mis-sold your policy, so if you think youÂ’re eligible for compensation, donÂ’t delay! Start doing your research and find a company torepresent you, so that you can get back what you deserve.ppi claim
  4. 4. ppi claim
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