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  1. 1. Conservatories have become an important part of every home in UK. People take pride in showing off their Conservatories. With the increasing trend, the styles and designs available in market have also increasedtremendously. One may think that Conservatoryadd luxury to only the homes of rich people. But that’s not completely true. Manufacturers have launched “Self Build Conservatories― that are very cost effective and can offer you a pleasure of a Conservatory without making a dent on your budget.Devis
  2. 2. Self build Conservatory kits comes with components that needs tobe assembled together to form a structure It includes metal framesthat form the skeleton of the Conservatory, and sheets that form thewalls And many other small components that aids in assembling thecomponents together And as a pie on the cake, you will really enjoyyourself while building the Conservatory To make it worthy andreally useful, one needs to do proper selection and planning First ofall, you need to decide the size This should not mean as big as I canget in my budget But it should be depending upon the spaceavailable in your yard or garden
  3. 3. You will definitely not love to see your whole garden packed up bythe Conservatory So get a tape and measure the space you want tooccupy Secondly, you need to think about the style of you wantThis can depend on the exterior of your home or your choice Themost famous styles are Edwardian and Devis Victorian style And themost common colours are white, caramel and rosewood As per theconcept of designing, it should match the color of your doors andwindows Once you have decided the design you want, the nextbig step is to decide is the material
  4. 4. This is a critical decision that will decide the durability of yourConservatory Strong base and durable materials should be used inorder to increase the life of the Conservatory For the base or theframe that will form the skeleton, steel base is the best option But ifyou live in a area that has damp climate, aluminium base will bebetter as it is resistant to corrosion Then we have the material ofthe roof and the walls Roofs are commonly of two types: Glass roofor Polycarbonate roof Glass roofs are definitely more stylish but theyare more expensive Glass roofs provide excellent sound insulationand enhance the look of the Conservatory
  5. 5. But you need to be really careful while installing them as you will bedoing it yourself without any expert help Polycarbonate roofs offergreat value for money They should be atleast 25mm thick to get thedesired properties of insulation and durability Proper insulation willhelp keep your electricity bills down Once you have made allyour important decisions, it’s time for shopping Choose areliable company that offers Self Build Conservatory kits ataffordable prices This will save you from the extra cost of labours
  6. 6. Some companies also offer expert help and guidance if you getstuck in installing the structure somewhere The manuals that comewith the kit are anyway very easy to understand Doing a littleresearch online and you will find yourself a deal that will match yourbudget Stick to local vendors so you can have post services andmaintenance facility The Edwardian conservatory is a verypopular choice for homeowners here in the UK and great formaximising living space whilst adding value and tasteful design tothe home At , we can provide you with a modular Edwardian so youcan add the ultimate home improvement to your home at a fraction ofthe cost
  7. 7. Devis