New generation of document storage.


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The new opportunities that new generation of data storage need to be leveraged. Modifying documents on the spot is a big advantage for those who prefer flexible environments.

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New generation of document storage.

  1. 1. OLD DAYS OF DOCUMENT STORAGE Ini mini maini mo…..where shall I start looking from?
  2. 2. Hey, look! How did the cloud get out of the server ? Photo: RJ Muna
  3. 3. It seems like Dutch artist Berndnaut Smilde figured out the indoor cloud. When the room conditions are ideal, a fog machine unleashes a dense mist that appears heavy and damp, just like a real life raincloud. Photo: Cassander Eeftinck Schattenkerk
  4. 4. Yes, because this is HOW we perceive clouds nowadays.
  5. 5. ……as a that:
  6. 6. Looks like this HP
  7. 7. And saves you from having to email docs to yourself. Or to my email
  8. 8. And everybody was happy
  9. 9. until a NEW NEED emerged!
  10. 10. Let me introduce you to Homo-Versatilus
  11. 11. He spends 60% of his time out of the office…
  12. 12. ….. travels 3 times a month…
  13. 13. Uses his mobile 90% of his time …
  14. 14. …and uses his tablet in the office daily.
  15. 15. He has no time for downloads and uploads.
  16. 16. And for him convenience is INVALUABLE.
  17. 17. For these reasons Homo-versatilus is the early adopter of a new generation of cloud services that allow you to modify your files Online and On-The-Spot. For example:
  18. 18. Piktochart allows you to modify your infographics online.
  19. 19. Google allows you to modify your documents online.
  20. 20. PDFfiller allows you to modify your PDFs online.
  21. 21. I will tell you how we used these services for our office football betting pool…
  22. 22. We used Piktochart to create our flyer….
  23. 23. We used Google drive to share the Flyer with everybody…
  24. 24. And we Filled in our names on the PDF sheet online with PDFfiller. Saints Patriots
  25. 25. With cloud services, all our employees could easily participate! The team from Boston The team from California And the team from Netherlands.
  26. 26. For your time If you liked this presentation feel free to gift us a like or a tweet on our page. utm_medium=web&utm_campaign=ng-storedocuments We appreciate it.