How to modify a PDF


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I was in need of modifying a PDF file but It was difficult to make the decision to buy Adobe Acrobat because of the costs. I decided to DO some online research and find out more solutions. I chose PDFfiller because it is easy to use, saves time and I can access my documents from a lot of platforms such as PCs, mobiles and tablets. I hope it helps you too.

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How to modify a PDF

  1. 1. How to modify a PDF
  2. 2. The Portable Document Format, or PDF, is a document standard developed by Adobe to help ensure that when a user prints, gets exactly what he sees on the screen. They are used as “pre-flight” tests in graphics design, or as convenient ways to send documents (with embedded fonts and graphics) across a network PDF? What do we know about it…
  3. 3. PDFs …..meant to be digital versions of paper with advantages and disadvantages.
  4. 4. Advantages
  5. 5. The Software To View PDF Files Is Freeware
  6. 6. PDF Files Meet Legal Document Requirements
  7. 7. Read Only PDF File Format No electronic footprint NO
  8. 8. PDF Files Can Be Used Across Platforms Independent from hardware, operating system, application software
  9. 9. Disadvantages
  10. 10. Difficult to Edit
  11. 11. Various types of PDF are even more difficult to modify Native PDFs Scanned PDFs
  12. 12. In reality the difficulty of modifying PDFs impacts corporate time, costs and procedures.
  13. 13. Modifying PDF files is crucial for businesses Numbers speak for themselves An employee uses PDF files 1.2 times a day Each employee fills 500 PDFs a year. US companies need to fill 30 billion PDFs every year.
  14. 14. There are three ways to modify PDFs /sourcefileprefix (C:Documents and SettingsdonDesktop ps_story) store /sourcefilename (demosource1.psl) store /destfilename (demodest1.psl) store Computer programming Downloadable expensive software Online specialized programs
  15. 15. Why I like PDFfiller I can access my account from my PC, mobile, tablet I can modify collaborating with my colleagues I can edit, write on, sign, change pages, add pictures I don t need more than three steps…….
  16. 16. Instant Quick Smart
  17. 17. An array of tools will allow you to modify your PDF online
  18. 18. Rearrange your pages
  19. 19. This may be your last task before…. … Share your work.
  20. 20. Easy to try for small businesses Risk free, money back guarantee Ensured security See what 100,000 customers say about us at rce=slideshare&utm_medium=web &utm_campaign=modify-ppt-deck