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Our train transports Italian culture around the world as a powerful catalyst for growth.
We deliver training and networking events that integrate Italian cooking, wine and art.
TrainItaly is an innovative way to encourage and enrich human development using the Italian culture.

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  1. 1. TrainItaly The Journey of an idea Italian culinary and cultural training programs that travel to youAll Rights Reserved
  2. 2. Our train transports Italian culture around the world as a powerful catalyst for growth. We deliver training and networking events that integrate Italian cooking, wine and art. TrainItaly is an innovative way to encourage and enrich human development using the Italian culture.
  3. 3. Index The idea The Journey PeopleAll Rights Reserved
  4. 4. The idea TrainItaly impact on organizations Driving up motivation, inspiration and energy Fostering Maximizing the teamwork and potential of cooperation leaders Improving performances and business results All Rights ReservedAll Rights Reserved
  5. 5. The idea COMMUNICATING WITH TASTE WHAT Since communication and cooking are similar processes, participants will discover the secrets of effective communication and Italian cooking through culinary exercises. This is a complete training program on communication skills. (Communication, Coaching, Assertiveness and Negotiation skills) WHO Organizational leaders, cross functional groups, sales professionals WHY • Increase sales and customer service success • Encourage cross-functional collaboration within large global organizations • Enhance communication skills and reduct distructive conflict ExamplesAll Rights Reserved
  6. 6. The idea ANCIENT ROME WHAT TrainItaly stops at Ancient Rome (1st century B.C.). Travelers find themselves in a bacchanal. While they are tasting ancient Roman typical cuisine, the leader of all times appears: Julius Caesar. He will reveal his secrets of leadership. Travelers will splash into a complete Italian experience WHO Organizational leaders, Executives WHY Maximize the potential of leaders Develop a leadership model Enhance team commitment and improve performances ExamplesAll Rights Reserved
  7. 7. The idea CARAVAGGIO LIGHTS and SHADOWS WHAT Inspiring by Caravaggio’s paintings and using coaching techniques, participants gain awareness of their strengths and development areas. One of the distinctive qualities about Caravaggio is the relationship between light and shadow. This represents a deep psychological pattern in Caravaggio’s and in everyone’s life WHO Executives, organizational leaders WHY Understand career goals and enhance motivation Create awareness about strenghts and weaknesses Facilitate career mooves ExamplesAll Rights Reserved
  8. 8. The idea PASTATEST WHAT The PastaTest is the innovative way to get to know ourselves and others using the Pasta metaphor. People test themselves and find out their personality type. Then everyone can taste the pasta coupled with each individual’s particular profile. This creates an interaction with people of the same or different profiles to share the new awareness about their personality WHO Executives, organizational leaders, cross functional groups, sales professionals WHY • Foster teamwork and cooperation • Live a delicious team building event • Create awareness about strenghts and weaknesses ExamplesAll Rights Reserved
  9. 9. The idea What do we sell? Training for companies who Italian food and Coaching want improving wine linked with our transformational trip performances and events in Italy business resultsAll Rights Reserved
  10. 10. The idea How do we do it? Duration: 2 to 4 hours Duration: 1 to 3 days Duration: 7 days Teambuilding event Training program Transformational trip Target: High performers, Target: High performers, Target: Top Management organizational Leaders, organizational Leaders, Executives, individual Executives, individual contributors contributors Location: non touristy Italian places (e.g. little umbrian or Location: it is possible for Location: it is possible for sicilian villages) TrainItaly to stop anywhere TrainItaly to stop anywhere (restaurants, wine bar, hotels, old (companies buildings, beautiful factory buildings, theatres, locations in Italy, movie theatres, Objectives: Maximizing the railway stations, etc) etc) potential of leaders Objectives: networking, building Objectives: developing soft skills cross-functional relationships, such as leadership, diversity living a fun team building event management, communication skills, conflict resolution, etcAll Rights Reserved
  11. 11. The idea We believe that… Italian culture is a trump card for human development Fun and sensorial experiences are crucial in learning processes People needs to be connected with themselves, with others and with the earthAll Rights Reserved
  12. 12. The idea The TrainItaly Methodology Experiential learning model (Kolb) SECI model (Nonaka TrainItaly Takeuchi) methodology Maieutical model (Socrate)All Rights Reserved
  13. 13. Index The idea The Journey PeopleAll Rights Reserved
  14. 14. The journey The Journey of the idea TrainItaly is a “travelling journing idea”. The train departed from Rome where, Irene and Mina, had the idea. During the first part of the journey in Italy, new coaches enriched the train. In July, August and September 2011 the train will travel across the States where we hope to add new coaches. We are shaping the business in a social way 21/08/2011All Rights Reserved
  15. 15. The journey Social Business plan Each person we are talking with is giving us suggestions about TrainItaly. We have a fluid business plan written in a social way by everyone that is interested in our idea. TrainItaly is also growing on the web thanks to the contribution that we collect on the blog where you can find interviews, comments and also emotions and obstacles of each stage of the journeyAll Rights Reserved
  16. 16. Index The idea The Journey PeopleAll Rights Reserved
  17. 17. People Team • Irene Morrione Business Coach • Mina Distratis Business Coach • Giovanni Giuliano Consultant • Chiara Pocaterra Consultant • Bruce Descoteaux Business Coach • Sergio Tringali Web Designer • Guglielmo Paglia Web Master • Giusi Brega Press OfficeAll Rights Reserved
  18. 18. People Team experiences Members of TrainItaly team worked for main Italian and international companies such as: Vodafone, H3G, Agenzia delle dogane, Banca Mediolanum, Teleperformance, Sykes Italia, Adecco, Colomer Italy, Renault, Eni Gas power, Fiat, Acea, Coop, Ferrovie dello Stato, Poste Italiane, Banca Sella, ING Direct, American Express, Montetitoli, Comdata, Business InternationalAll Rights Reserved