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Nubitek Creative Solutions Ltd. specializes in SEO, Website Conversion Analysis, Email Marketing and Newsletters Optimization, PPC, Social Media Management and Mobile Marketing.

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Nubitek Creative Solutions Ltd

  1. 1. Internet Marketing Solutions
  2. 2. Common Problems of Internet Marketers Converting leads to sales Managing an online marketing system Prioritizing time, energy and money for best results Deciding The Best Way To Promote The Product/ Services You found a partner...
  3. 3. • Nubitek Creative Solutions Ltd Builds and Executes Your Personalized Internet Marketing Strategy. • We specialize in SEO, Website Conversion Analysis, Email Marketing and Newsletters Optimization, PPC, Social Media Management and Mobile Marketing. • Our group develops processes and products, alongside a top-notch team, and secured our position in the industry based on our exceptional results record. Our Company
  4. 4. Our Services
  5. 5. SEO helps major search engines locate your website, and has what people are searching for, in real time.
  6. 6. A well designed website should aim to keep the visitor from buying - to allow 100% of the people who want to buy to do so. How?  Usability Conversion Analysis  Internet Marketing Conversion Analysis  Conversion Funnel Analysis
  7. 7. Email marketing is so popular because: sending email is much cheaper than most other forms of communication email lets you deliver your message to the people (unlike a website, where the people have to come to your message) email marketing has proven very successful for those who do it right
  8. 8. We create your ads, organize the keywords, create the campaigns and optimize the results providing you a list of prospects and customers. With PPC, you can have instant traffic, control and flexibility and immediate return of investment.
  9. 9. ) We specialize in helping companies restore their online brand and protect them from possible attacks. 1. Combative Corporate Reputation Management 2. Preventive Corporate Reputation Management
  10. 10. A mechanism to connect and engage with your customers on their mobile devices. Short Message Services (SMS) Voice Multimedia Message Services (MMS) Web Applications Content Email
  11. 11. Competitive Analysis Keyphrase Research and Identification Title and Meta Tag Optimization Website Submittal to Search Engines Keyphrase Incorporation into Website Copy Link building Statistics, Trends and Metrics Monitoring
  12. 12. Nubitek Creative Solutions Ltd. examines the list of keywords related to your business and analyzes the rank of your competitor. Through this, top five websites will be determined.
  13. 13. Our expert SEO Copywriters write content to market your business incorporating keywords at the correct keyword density. If you prefer to write content for yourself, we integrate keywords to your copy, keeping the original style of your text.
  14. 14. Once your site is optimized, we submit your site to major search engines using XML sitemaps. It usually takes 2 to 4 weeks before they index your site.
  15. 15. Relevant inbound links are good determinants for search engine ranking. Nubitek Creative Solutions Ltd. develops a well-integrated link building strategies to help your business grow.
  16. 16. To continuously improve your site’s performance, we gather valuable statistical information of your website. We are equipped with search engine monitoring tools to increase website traffic, a higher number of conversions and a significant ROI.
  17. 17. Benefits of Online Marketing Cost-Saving Measurable Return οf Investment More Focused Target Market Quality Exposure Long-term exposure Product information
  18. 18. Nubitek has been in the business long enough to provide the Search Engine Optimization that your website requires to boost sales. We have our internationally recognized team of search engine optimizers to our cunning pay-per-click strategists to our step- ahead-of-the-rest social media experts. Our existing clients can prove that they earn 20% increase in revenue from the Internet marketing strategy, we have partnered with. Our STRENGTHS
  19. 19. Count on Us,
  20. 20. THANK YOU!