Visual Influences- The Tempest Research Project


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Inspirational images for 'The Tempest'

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  • In this section you should construct a visual essay in Powerpoint, which you should subsequently upload to www.slideshare.netThe visual essay should consist of at least 10 images (1 per slide) which you would use to inform your design interpretation. Each image should be accompanied with notes which consider the Semiotics of the images, what they signify and how you might use these to inform your design. These images will set the scene for your interpretation, so think about how language, metaphor etc., feeds into your selection of sources. The work earlier in the term should help this process.Key Resources.Chandler, D., 2002, Semiotics for Beginners, Online via NOW.Barthes, R., 1967, The Fashion System, Berkeley: University of California PressBarthes, R., 1972, Mythologies, New York: Hill & Wang
  • Visual Influences- The Tempest Research Project

    1. 1. Sun rays under sea water- inspiration for lighting and also Ariel
    2. 2. 16th Century ship- Inspiration for colour and lighting of set
    3. 3. Bermuda’s famous shipwrecks- this shipwreck left the people aboard stranded and they became thefirst settlers of Bermuda. Links to the idea of arriving in a new place, like in ‘The Tempest’. Alsoinspiration for colour and lighting of set.
    4. 4. The Bermuda Triangle- The island could be a strange force such as the Bermuda triangle, that Alonsoand his men get drawn In and trapped by.
    5. 5. ‘For Gold, God and Glory’ Christopher Columbus- Painting by Igor V. Babailov
    6. 6. Navigation tools-inspiration for shipe.t.c. links toRenaissance design.
    7. 7. The Spanish Armada
    8. 8. Francis Drake16th century explorer. I like the colour scheme and style of this image and think thiscould inspire the set, costume and feel of the production.
    9. 9. The World illustration found in a Shakespeare book
    10. 10. Royal De Luxe theatre company, LiverpoolTitanic themed event links to the journey Alonso and his men take to the island. I like the imagery ofthe worn boat and I also like the scale of the characters.
    11. 11. Royal de Luxe theatrecompany- LiverpoolI Like the costumes usedworn by the puppeteersand I think they link tomy version of thetempest as the look like16th centuryexplorers/pirates and so Iimagine Alonso and hismen to be dressedsimilarly.
    12. 12. Inspiration for Ariel
    13. 13. Inspiration for characters in play such as Ariel, Prospero and other spirits. Illustration byBjorn Wiinblad
    14. 14. Lords Coats for ‘The Tempest’ by Philip Witcomb
    15. 15. Calibanillustration by
    16. 16. Ariel costume design by Illustration by BjornWiinblad
    17. 17. Street Art, Germany. Inspiration for Ariel.
    18. 18. Stone carving- photograph taken in Bournemouth. Inspiration for Caliban
    19. 19. Inspiration for Alonsoand men. Also,inspiration for bird likecreatures.
    20. 20. Inspiration forMiranda
    21. 21. Painting of Ariel 1800
    22. 22. Renaissancetheatre CostumeInspiration forProspero orperhaps Ferdinand.The cloak remindsme of octopustentacles.
    23. 23. Colour schemeand shape bothinspiration forisland andcharacters asrenaissancedesign have aboth magicaland natural feelto them.
    24. 24. Renaissance design- inspiration for Ariel as either a bird or ethereal form.
    25. 25. Renaissance design inspiration for Ariel (left) and Prospero ( right)
    26. 26. Renaissance design- inspiration for harpy Ariel of creatures of the island.
    27. 27. Renaissance design- inspiration for set of island and boat scene.
    28. 28. Illustration of plants from 1550
    29. 29. Inspiration for location-island imagery
    30. 30. ‘A Frozen NordicLandscape’Set by Ralph Koltai