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50states for computer applications! feb3rd2012

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  1. 1. 50 States PresentationBy Irene J Beltran
  2. 2. California (Golden state) Capitol City is Sacramento. Admission to statehood was September 9th 1850. Area: 163707 sq.mi., 3rd Land 155973 sq.mi., 3rd Water 7734 sq.mi., 6th Coastline 840 mi., 3rd Shoreline 3,427 mi., 5th It’s border states are Arizona, Oregon and Nevada. 37th President Richard Nixon was born 1913 in Yorba Linda, California.
  3. 3. Florida (Sunshine state)• Capital City: Tallahassee• Location: 30.457N, 84.281W• Area: 65758 sq.mi., 22th Land 53997 sq.mi., 26th Water 11761 sq.mi., 3rd Coastline 1350 mi., 2nd Shoreline 8,426 mi., 2nd• Bird: Mockingbird• Border States Regional List Alabama Georgia
  4. 4. Colorado (colorful Colorado)• Capital City: Denver• Location: 39.768N, 104.872W• Admission to Statehood: August 1, 1876• Area: 104100 sq.mi., 8th Land 103730 sq.mi., 8th Water 371 sq.mi., 46th• Border States: Regional List Arizona Kansas Nebraska New Mexico Oklahoma Utah Wyoming
  5. 5. Texas• Capital City: Austin• Location: 30.305N• Admission to Statehood: December 29, 1845, 97.750W• Area: 268601 sq.mi., 2nd Land 261914 sq.mi., 2nd Water 6687 sq.mi., 9th• Border States: Regional List Arkansas Louisiana New Mexico Oklahoma
  6. 6. Nevada• Capital City: Carson City• Location: 39.148N• Admission to Statehood: October 31, 1864, 119.743W• Area: 110567 sq.mi., 7th Land 109806 sq.mi., 7th Water 761 sq.mi., 35th• Border States: Regional List Arizona California Idaho Oregon Utah
  7. 7. New Mexico• Capital City: Santa Fe• Location: 35.678N, 105.954W• Admission to Statehood: January 6, 1912• Area: 121593 sq.mi., 5th Land 121359 sq.mi., 5th Water 234 sq.mi., 49th• Border States: Regional List Arizona Colorado Oklahoma Texas Utah
  8. 8. Virginia (come to Virginia)• Capital City: Richmond• Location: 37.531N, 77.474W• Admission to Statehood: June 25, 1788• Area: 42769 sq.mi., 35th Land 39598 sq.mi., 37th Water 3171 sq.mi., 15th Coastline 112 mi., 15th Shoreline 3,315 mi., 8th• Border States: Regional List Kentucky Maryland North Carolina Tennessee West Virginia
  9. 9. Michigan• Capital City: Lansing• Location: 42.709N, 84.553W• Admission to Statehood: January 26, 1837• Area: 96810 sq.mi., 11th Land 56809 sq.mi., 22nd Water 40001 sq.mi., 2nd Great Lakes 38,192 sq.mi., 1st• Border States: Regional List Illinois Indiana Minnesota (water border) Ohio Wisconsin
  10. 10. Alaska (beyond your dreams with in your• Capital City: Juneaureach)• Location: 58.388N, 134.133W• Admission to Statehood: January 3, 1959• Area: 656,425 sq.mi., 1st Land 570,374 sq.mi., 1st Water 86,051 sq.mi., 1st Coastline 6640 mi., 1st• Courts: Judicial System
  11. 11. Hawaii (the islands of aloha)• Capital City: Honolulu• Location: 21.318N, -157.922W• Admission to Statehood: August 21, 1959• Area: 10932 sq.mi., 43rd Land 6423 sq.mi., 47th Water 4508 sq.mi., 13th Coastline 750 mi., 4th Shoreline 1,052 mi., 17th• Courts: Judicial System