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Manifesto eng


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Newdreamers is the Movement that drives the world we all want to live in. It is also a Community for those entrepreneurs and branding professionals who have not lost their ability to dream.

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Manifesto eng

  1. 1. Manifesto The Newdreamers’ Movement Slow Branding & Beautiful Experiences
  2. 2. Everything is born from a vision...
  3. 3. To establish a new aspiration as a starting point towards the destination that many of us want to reach. Manifesto The Newdreamers’ Movement
  4. 4. So we have a clear purpose...
  5. 5. Manifesto The Newdreamers’ Movement To dream of a better world in which entrepreneurship and branding are the drivers of change.
  6. 6. What do we do to achieve this?
  7. 7. Manifesto The Newdreamers’ Movement Ged rid of the harmful effects on the ability to dream of the established, the platitudes and not not to be shocked by the world we live in.
  8. 8. And we do so according to a few principles that we apply on a daily basis...
  9. 9. Manifesto The Newdreamers’ Movement ... detecting opportunities and promoting a new ecosystem from a bewilderment state and a permanent reformulation. Curiosity ... always putting ourselves in your shoes and understanding that the common good is something fundamental in everyone's life... Empathy What you see is what we are. We transmit in a clear way everything we know... Humility
  10. 10. ... which make us behave in a way that is very much our own...
  11. 11. We are newdreamers
  12. 12. We are passionate about life and the infinite possibilities it offers both on an individual and group level; we appreciate eagerly the small details that make it up and we speak in an optimistic, positive and dreamy way, always seeing the glass as half full no matter what. The Newdreamers’ Movement Documento lorem ipsum We share the value of our passion with anyone who wants to try it. And we do so by speaking in a didactic way that is accessible to all, putting ourselves on the same level as those who listen to us and with the will to build together. Foto de Benjamin Suter en Pexels
  13. 13. A way of being that connects with you...
  14. 14. promote a better world for everyone.
  15. 15. In short, we make ourselves a question we want to share with you.
  16. 16. What if we awaken a new purpose?
  17. 17. Welcome to …
  18. 18. The world in which we all want to live
  19. 19. The place where we want to wake up …
  20. 20. If the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams, let's wake up the most beautiful dreams we are capable of having. Let's dream without limits. Let us imagine that there is a new way of doing things and that we can do it. We'll do it together, with you. We want to wake up the newdreamer that we know you have inside you and join the biggest community of dreamers that have ever existed. Because if it's about dreaming, we have no rivals in that. The Newdreamers’ Movement
  21. 21. And this is our manifesto.
  22. 22. We believe that we are in a vital moment as a species that requires us to relate to our environment from a new systemic perspective. We wonder how things can be outside the box we're locked into. Manifesto The Newdreamers’ Movement Documento lorem ipsum We question what the real needs are and why they are not fully met. We defend the uniqueness of the human being but integrated within the environment from which he seems to have separated. Foto de Quang Nguyen Vinh en Pexels
  23. 23. We want to take a step towards activating the collective mind and start looking for a new horizon in which we have a shared and consensual aspiration to achieve the common good. We seek to answer the questions at stake and many are beginning to raise questions that will initiate a new interconnected system. We appeal to humanist thinking to make the future more than just a continuous ode to the problems we have not been able to solve. We demand the integration of ethics in the productive model and that new forms of retribution be considered as a guarantee of the future.
  24. 24. Documento lorem ipsum We value new ways of rewarding work in a world without borders. We believe in a strong culture for the development of a society of individuals with a critical and constructive spirit. We look for meaning in everything we do because we know it is the only way to invest our time well and be at ease with ourselves. We demand to get out of this planetary suicide without sacrificing the knowledgeable use of technology and data. We believe that learning new ways of doing can multiply people's potential to create and imagine. We claim and recognize the true role of women in the world. Foto de eberhard grossgasteiger en Pexels
  25. 25. We want to nurture solidarity and generosity in order to regain our lost reputation as a society. We are looking for new routines to help us reinvent work, the economy and society. We defend the slow life and the philosophy of enjoying the process of doing without focusing exclusively on the result. This is our manifesto and our way of declaring that another future is also possible. We want the world we all want to live in to be real and we are looking for dreamers to make it possible. Newdreamers for the New Dream.
  26. 26. And you, are you a newdreamer too?
  27. 27. Welcome to the AC Age (after Coronavirus)
  28. 28. Thank you!
  29. 29. Slow Branding & Beautiful Experiences