Outside The Opera, Paris


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Outside The Opera, Paris

  1. 1. The Palais Garnier, the grand neo-baroque building, is an elegant 1,979- seat opera house, which was built between 1861 and 1875 for the Paris Opera by architect Charles Garnier on the orders of Napoleon III. The theatre ,the Academie Nationale de Musique , was often referred to as the Opéra Garnier, the Opéra de Paris or simply the Opéra. Today the Paris Opera (Palais Garnier) hosts ballet dance performances and classical music concerts, and occassionally an opera. More often, operas in Paris are performed at the Opera Bastille. The Palais Garnier is probably the most famous opera house in the world. This is at least partly due to its use as the setting for Gaston Lerouxs 1911 novel The Phantom of the Opera and the novels subsequent adaptations in films and Andrew Lloyd Webers popular 1986 musical.
  2. 2. Pissarro , Avenue de lOpéra
  3. 3. Louis Marie Schryver The flower seller, Avenue de lOpéra
  4. 4. Cortes Edouard Leon, Avenue de lOpéra, Paris
  5. 5. Joaquin Pallares y Allustante, LOpéra, Paris
  6. 6. Louis Marie de Schyver ,La Marchande des Fleurs, Avenue de lOpéra, Paris
  7. 7. Harmony Poetry
  8. 8. HarmonyCharles Gumery
  9. 9. PoetryCharles Gumery
  10. 10. On the corners there are two magnificent bronze sculptures ofFame Holding Pegasus by the Bridle by .Eugène-Louis Lequesne
  11. 11. Frank Myres , lOpéra Paris
  12. 12. Apollo, Poetry, and Music Aimé Millet
  13. 13. NI wonder if stands for Noemi 
  14. 14. ! Napoleon Emperor Napoléon Empereur !
  15. 15. Rossini was an Italian composer who wrote 39 operas. His best-known operas include the Italian comedies Il barbiere di Siviglia (The Barber of Seville) , La Cenerentola , the French-language epics Moïse et Pharaon and Guillaume Tell (William Tell).
  16. 16. Daniel Auber was a French composer.He achieved big triumph with the opera La muette de Portici, also known as Masaniello.
  17. 17. Beethoven, born in Bonn, was the most famous composer of his time, and considered the greatest composer of all times by many. He wrote nine symphonies, five piano and one violin concertos, and a variety of other orchestral music, such as overtures and incidental music, chamber music . and one opera,Fidelio
  18. 18. Mozart ,the great Austrian composer, wrote over 600 works ,including operas. Some operas he composed: Don Giovanni ,Marriage of Figaro, Escape from Seraglio, Cosi Fan Tutte, Magic Flute.
  19. 19. An Italian opera composer and conductor, extremely celebrated in his time,.though largely forgotten after his death
  20. 20. A noted German opera composer. At his peak in the 1830s and 1840s,he was the most famous and successful composer of opera in Europe.
  21. 21. A French composer, the son of a cantor.He is known today largely for his opera La Juive / The Jewess.
  22. 22. The Dance, Lyrical Drama,Jean-Baptiste Jean-Joseph Carpeaux Perraud,
  23. 23. Garnier unveiled the facadesculptures in July, 1869 and The Dance caused an immediate public outcry.People accused the work of indecency and poor taste.
  24. 24. Instrumental Music, Harmony, Jean-Baptiste ClaudeFrançois Jouffroy Eugène Guillaume
  25. 25. Medallions with the heads of Cimarosa, Haydn, Pergolesi and Bach Drama Song Idyll Cantata
  26. 26. Back of the Opera
  27. 27. ? Hidden treasures - Fromental Halevy - La juive (1835) - Selected highlights (Act III, IV & Photos :£iviu?Meyerbeer - Le Proph?te - Coronation March? -the photos of the paintings are All YouTube from the net and credit goes to?Spontini Olimpia Overture? - YouTube their original owner Music : Meyerbeer - Le Prophète -?Daniel Auber - La muette de Portici - "Amis, le soleil va paraitre" (Alfredo Kraus)? - YouTu Coronation March Info : Wikipedia?Mozart-The Marriage of Figaro? - YouTube?Fidelio Overture Beethoven? - YouTube?Gioachino Rossini : The Barber Of Seville - Overture? - YouTube January 13, 2012