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Clovelly, North Devon, England


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Recebi da amiga Carmen, compartilho.

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Clovelly, North Devon, England

  1. 1. Clovelly is a village in the Torridge district of Devon, England. It is famousfor its history and beauty, its extremely steep car-free cobbled main street,donkeys, and its location looking out over the Bristol Channel. Thick woodsshelter it and render the climate so mild that even tender plants flourish.Clovelly is a cluster of wattle and daub cottages on the sides of a rockycleft; its steep main street descends 400 feet (120 m) to the pier, too steeplyto allow wheeled traffic. Sledges are used for the movement of goods. Thequaint street is lined with houses, a small number of shops, a cafe and apublic house. All Saints‘ Church, restored in 1866, is late Norman,containing several monuments to the Cary family, Lords of the Manor for600 years. Surprisingly, it has a Norman porch, a Jacobean pulpit and amonument to the novelist Charles Kingsley, author of Westward Ho, wholived in Clovelly as a child.Unusually, the village is still privately owned and has been associated withonly three families since the middle of the 13th century, nearly 800 years.The scenery is famous for its richness of colour, especially in the grounds ofClovelly Court and along The Hobby, a road cut through the woods andoverlooking the sea.
  2. 2. Images and text: InternetMusic: Andre Rieu - The Red Rose Cafe