When less is more: lean UX


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When less is more: lean UX

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When less is more: lean UX

  1. 1. When Less is More Applying Lean in the context of User Experience by Irene Melo (Web Strategy Team) February 2013
  2. 2. Where it all starts… Lean Is an improvement approach to improve flow and eliminate waste. In its original manufacturing context it meant to produce more, using less resources. User Experience (UX) The perceived experience, by a user, when using a product, system or service. In our context of work, a good online UX consists in being able to complete a task quickly and smoothly. In a nutshell, Lean UX is about getting rid of all the ‘clutter’ that gets in the way of an effective user experience.
  3. 3. Lean and UX principles Lean 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. User Experience Identify customers and specify value Identify and map the value stream Create flow by eliminating waste Respond to customer pull Pursue perfection 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Understand your users and support their goals Make your interface easy to learn and enjoyable to use Remain consistent and remove duplication Form a dialog with your users Iterate Can you spot the similarities?
  4. 4. But there’s more to Lean UX… “ Inspired by Lean Startup and Agile development theories, it's the practice of bringing the true nature of our work to light faster, with less emphasis on deliverables and greater focus on the actual experience being designed. ” Jeff Gothelf
  5. 5. The processes ‘Normal’ UX process Concept Validate internally Prototype Validate Learn from externally user behaviour Lean UX process Think Make Change Iterate
  6. 6. The processes ‘Normal’ UX process Concept Validate internally Prototype Validate Learn from externally user behaviour Lean UX process Think Make Change Iterate
  7. 7. Lean UX is not always right For more complex or creative pieces of work, Lean UX might prove too reductionist. A new game. Whoohoo Excited cat Erm…was that it? Frustrated cat This seldom is the case in web-based work, though.
  8. 8. How can CCC services help? Applying lean principles is not easy and requires everyone’s effort. Here’s how you can help the lean process: •Forget any assumptions you might have: wear your customers’ shoes and try to understand their view of the world •Look at the customer feedback available to you (online feedback, CC calls, etc) •Think of what other services (internal and external) support the service(s) you provide •Get in touch with the Web Strategy Team early on to: • help you analyse customer data •assist with design solutions to meet customer needs
  9. 9. Summary Lean UX is about: •Less content for more manageable websites •Less content for better SEO and smoother task completion •Less talk, more pragmatic approach to implementing changes. •Being constantly ‘on the move’: improving testing improving •Less deliverables, more ‘hands-on’ work. Less waste (of time, resources, content). More savings (of money) and satisfaction (customer).
  10. 10. Questions? Irene.Melo@cambridgeshire.gov.uk Thank you! 