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Mordini (2)


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Mordini (2)

  2. 2. Italian Constitution L. 3/2001 ( Constituzional law of 18/ ottobre 2001 ) “ Modifications to the title V of the second part of the Constitution” The “ Federalism of Welfare” – Skills and responsibilities to the government are assigned to the Regions, the City Councils, the Province,  which until now were put to the head of State. HEALTH It is legislation material  competing  between the State and Region. ASSISTENCE It is expertise material exclusive  to the Regions,with the exception of the determination of the levels of civil and social performance guaranteed throughout the territory of the State. EUROSOCIALNETWORK TITOLO
  3. 3. SUBSIDIZATION PRINCIPLE Social politics are designated by the Locale Community, which is the social dimension closest to a citizen. The possibility for citizens to participate as protagonists who organize themselves in the process in the life of the Community is recognized. Along with the Political Classes Voluntary Associations, Social Cooperations, social and Social-health businessmen, Foundations, Personal Service Agencies(ASP), Patronage businesses, and Confessional Organizations and Unions all become protagonists. EUROSOCIALNETWORK TITOLO
  4. 4. THE LOCALE COMMUNITY Directs the construction of the Network of public and private actors that reinstates an important document.  This document is the Social Integrated Plan and Regional Health that is based on the characteristic social, economical epidemiological and morphological situation of the territory with respect to the  criteria of equity, effectiveness and  pertinence considering the financial resources provided by the State, the Region and the Local Authority, as well as being shared by consumers at the cost of performance according to instruments from the Economical Situation Equivalent ISEE EUROSOCIALNETWORK TITOLO
  5. 5.   SYSTEM INTERVENTIONS AND SOCIAL SERVICES Law 328/2000 - Law Panel for carrying out the integrated system and social services Today this Law, which has been modified by the Constitution,  is intended to be a guideline which each Region refers to . It initiated a new “Constituent Phase” in Social Services for people. It has established in varying levels the position that the State, the Region, the Province and City Council have to expand and achieve Social Services. Law for the  Region of Tuscany 41/2005 - System Interventions and services for the  preservation  of social  citizenship  rights. Each Italian Region must approve its own Regional Law on Social Services EUROSOCIALNETWORK TITOLO
  6. 6. PRINCIPAL TASKS      -  The State, the Fundamental Assistant Levels that the cities must guarantee have to be defined      -  Networks for the intervention of the territory must be constructed through the Local Authority Plans      - The Third Sector and all of the Private Social in managing activities for the elderly, disabled youth and the underpriviledged should be accredited   - The continued formation of workers that have been provided with homogeneous criteria regarding the line of National programming and intervention must be provided for. This identifies a key role in the Social Assistance profession. The requirements for the determination of new social professions and professional profiles of the social workers are to be set by the State EUROSOCIALNETWORK TITOLO
  7. 7. CITY COUNCILS City Councils give the faculty to create their Local  Welfare, guaranteeing homogeneity in the Fundamental Assistant in all the National territories, conserving a  UNIVERSAL conception  of Welfare, which is to say, services aimed at all citizens regularly in the territory, in any case residents and in need of immediate intervention. With the assistance of planning, the interventions take place in compliance with the principles of coordination and integration, planning and cooperation through the following instruments        - ZONE PLANS  - PROGRAM AGREEMENTS   - PROTOCOL SETTLEMENTS-  CONSORTIUM that contribute to the realization of a social territory. MOUNTAIN COMMUNITIES are reunions of little mountain towns in a territorial area defined by laws. EUROSOCIALNETWORK TITOLO
  8. 8. PROVINCE The Provinces participate in the planning of the Integrated System of Interventions and Social services according to the ,  method of the Region. They promote and support the interventions of preformation and formation of the working integration of the disabled and underprivileged, they take care of the Registries of the    Voluntary work, Social Cooperations and Associations. SOCIAL SERVICES  Today the old organizations like IPAB that have been transformed into Agencies for Social Services, are fully authorized in the System of Social Services and are part of the local NETWORK of territorial services. EUROSOCIALNETWORK TITOLO
  9. 9. REGION In addition to Social Legislation and Regulations, the Regions are expected to plan, to coordinate social interventions, to have consultations with Consumer Associations and Consumers, verifying the implementation and disciplining, in addition to integrating the interventions themselves and promoting collaboration with the local Authorities. The Regione of Tuscany approves the Social Integrated Health Plan and allocates the Social Regional Fund, launches Special Innovative projects of regional interest while promoting the whole regional territory and carrying out the Social Rights of Citizens. EUROSOCIALNETWORK TITOLO
  10. 10. THE FAMILY The Region values and sustains the essential role of the family, in education and care of people during their lifetime, in the promotion of well-being and in the continuation of social cohesion. It supports the Cooperation and the help of families involved in the area of service organization and interventions in order to improve its quality efficiency. EUROSOCIALNETWORK TITOLO
  11. 11. THE THIRD SECTOR In accordance with the Principle of the Subsidiarity, the Region and Local Authorities recognize the Social relevancy of the Activity carried out by the Third Sector, however Private subjects that are non-commercial in the area of available resources may promote actions for their support and qualification. Such subjects, each according to its own specificity, participate in the projection, implementation and and distribution of the interventions of the Integrated Social System. The Regions also support the Voluntary workers through collaboration with the Service Centers. EUROSOCIALNETWORK TITOLO
  12. 12. <ul><li>TERRITORIAL ORGANIZATION AND MANAGERIAL FUNCTIONS </li></ul><ul><li>The Region, in agreement with the Local Authorities, the territorial areas that are more appropriate for the management of the Local Social System can be: </li></ul><ul><li>-A- associative forms selected by the City Council </li></ul><ul><ul><li>B- delegated to the Local Health Care Agencies for each  </li></ul></ul><ul><li>        City of the territory. </li></ul><ul><ul><li>C- The  Health Association, an innovative management form integrated in City Councils and Health Care Agencies </li></ul></ul>EUROSOCIALNETWORK TITOLO
  13. 13. EDUCATION FOR WORKERS SOCIAL SERVICES The Regions and the Local Authorities: - enhance the development of Education and support professionalism of  the Social Workers for the Local Authorities - promote the participation of the Social Workers in the organization process in order to achieve the objectives provided by the normatives. - support the Social Workers continued education considering the criteria of social-health and educational integration, encouranging the multidisciplinary actions between subjects and institutions that compete in achieving interventions and services - ensure initiatives in support of qualifications and the education of subjects of the Third Sector EUROSOCIALNETWORK TITOLO
  14. 14. SOCIAL HEALTH INTEGRATION  The social health integration activities are directed to safeguarding health, recuperating and maintaining personal autonomy, social insertion and improvement of living conditions, even through prolonged care. According to the Health Provisions social health is insured  through competitions by Health Organizations and the City  Council, through integrated distribution of health and social  duties that are necessary in order to guarantee a unitary and  global answer to the needs of health that require health  interventions and social protection. EUROSOCIALNETWORK TITOLO
  15. 15. POLITICAL SOCIAL INTEGRATION - Politics for the family : aid in freeing families of responsibilities, support parenting, maternity and birth, prematurely identifying situations of social and economical distress in the family unit. - Politics for Minors : along with interventions and services provided to guarantee minors the necessary protection and care for their well being, it promotes harmonious psychophysical development, education and growth in an suitable environment that is familiar and social. - Politics for the Elderly :along with interventions and services provided to promote active participation in the Local Community, it prevents physically and psychologically disabling processes as well as social exclusion, safeguarding self-sufficiency and autonomy in order to prevent hospitalization and insertion in community care facilities. EUROSOCIALNETWORK TITOLO
  16. 16. - Politics for Disabled People : along with interventions and services aimed to promote the integration of the family, school, work within the society, guaranteeing the rights of an independent life. - Politics for Immigrants : along with interventions and services aimed to welcome, prevent and counter moments of social exclusion and isolation. - Politics for Nomads : along with politics and the priority of the intervention in favor of the Nomads in carrying out reasonable provisions. - Politics to counter violence against women, minors, and in the family : to encourage Network interventions in order to offer the necessary terms that are adequate and case of violence; in order to limit damages and overcome the effects of this to women and minors EUROSOCIALNETWORK TITOLO
  17. 17. - Politics for people risking social exclusion : along with interventions and services aimed to prevent and reduce all forms of isolation including extreme poverty. - Politics for the protection of Mental Health :  along with interventions and services aimed to prematurely detect psychiatric discomfort from the prevention and promotion perspective of health and well being of the population; promoting the integration and insertion in a social context that favors autonomy and emancipation by resolving  problems of work and living conditions. - Politics for the prevention and treatment of Addiction : favoring the prevention and behavioral treatment for addiction, substance abuse and pychotropic drugs, promoting healthy lifestyles for an entire population. EUROSOCIALNETWORK TITOLO
  18. 18. Education Department of Social Health Politics Social Service Director Sofia, 10 - 12 May 2011 D.ssa Marzia Mordini email: EUROSOCIALNETWORK TITOLO