grain yield stomatal conductance drought stress photosynthetic pigments cluster analysis sowing date pseudomonas biomass harvest index proline correlation weed control crude protein monoculture azospirillum autumn planting relative water content chlorophyll index seed yield azospirillium root volume land equivalent ratio dry mater digestibility ash seed weight ecotype economic yield nano silicon nano iron oxide full irrigation dry matter remobilization sodium and potassium percentag rwc low irrigation chlorophyll a and b urea sulfur coated urea essential oil coriander greenness index principal components analysis path analysis genetic diversity correlation analysis water consumption oil yield oil percentage manure irrigation interruption quinoa nacl photosynthetic rate net assimilation rate growth analysis crop growth rate adjusted deficit irrigation simulation irrigation apsim model survival germplasm saline water humic acid antioxidant capacity vitamin c vermicompost tomatoes brix index biochar optimum values nitrogen losses environmental scenario chemical fertilizers upland cotton tolerance to verticillium wil fiber technological characteri salicylic acid protein ascorbic acid integrated fertilizer stimulant microelement pigment oilseed cultivar ceres-maize model adaptation strategy number of spikes spring rapeseed cultivars reduction of grain yield oil content yield components planting date phenological stage growth-degree day quantum yield active nodules stability regional yield factor intake efficiency data analysis organic carbon nitrogen use efficiency nitrogen harvest index cover crop sugar content lai extraction coefficient bolting flowering evaluation dry matter digestibility cyanidric acid chorophyll auxin sustainable agriculture planting arrangements nanofertilizer land equivalent irrigation management azotobacter spike photosynthetic mechanism gene expression flag leaf enzyme activity growing degree days fst water use efficiency seed protein optimal density transplanting leaf relative water content carotenoid radicle plumule cold crop capacity biological yield salinity putrescine mycorrhiza biofertilizers 1000 grains weight flag leaf protein anthocyanin soil map production center distribution map cultivated area climate synthetic cultivars heterosis heritability nitrogen fertilizer global warming potential fossil fuel ecological capacity carbon efficiency tuber nitrogen percentage nitrogen efficiency fertilization management environmental health evapotranspiration chlorophyll wheat sugarcane compost khuzestan heat stress biological fertilizer root weight grain filling period chlorophyll content plant growth promoting bacteri npk concentration methionine lysine radiation use efficiency leaf nitrogen growth habit susceptibility index photosynthesis rate yield sodium silicate potassium sulfate cutting test calcium chloride yield variability simulation model phenology panel data analysis climate adaptation
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