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The K Company


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Published in: Design
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The K Company

  1. 1. The K Company is a wholly-owned company of the Malaysian Government under the International Islamic University Malaysia Incorporated. With over forty years of experience and expertise, The K Company has been the government's mandated machinery for research and technology development, and the national champion of quality for Re-Design engineering. Download our Corporate Profile
  2. 2. The K Company has carved a niche for itself as a reputable organization, able to serve all sectors of the Malaysian industry. A pioneer organization in industrial research and development as well as in standardization, The K Company has undergone tremendous change from a local organization to an internationally reputable standards organization and a leading national institution for industrial research and development. With more than 40 years of experience, The K Company has now grown to be among the top 15 standards organizations in the world. Lastly, it is my hope that you will gain new insights and knowledge from browsing our company website, whilst getting acquainted with our host of services that may be of interest to you. Your interest in our services and comments are highly appreciated. Thank you.
  3. 3. •Efficiently deliver customized technology and quality solutions to industry and government, and support inclusive growth through innovations •Enhance customers' business competitiveness and growth through applied industrial research and technology •Facilitate trade, and enhance health, safety, environment and customer confidence through quality, standards and conformity assessment Mission As a Leader in Quality and Technology Development, we:
  4. 4. Pen Cleaning Devices Ceiling Fan Pringles’ Bottle Dustbin
  5. 5. Pen is problem. How?
  6. 6. • Leaking at the tip of the pen. The metal part of the tip might be smaller than the diameter of plastic tube. • Metal tip stuck and blocked the ink from flowing out. • Rubber holder get loose. • Pen hanger get broken easily. • Less ergonomic body shape.
  7. 7. The hand structure consists of bones called carpals, metacarpals and phalanges. Together the carpals and metacarpals form a synovial joint making gliding action possible. Gliding action is the process in which the bones slide over one another allowing for a vast range of movement. Without the metacarpals, the hand would be inadequate and virtually useless. So we can make the assumption that Vinnie is holding his pen pretty damn tight for his metacarpals to be damaged. His preternatural pen grip is presumptively a result of the flood of anger and rage flowing through his body when he writes his lyrics. Vinnie’s anger and hatred is portrayed and characterized in many of his songs by his ferocious unorthodox rapping style.
  8. 8. House broom Squeeze mop Window cleaner
  9. 9.  Many people face the problem of having too many cleaning objects  The long arm on cleaning device used a lot of space in store room  They want to find a device that can solve their lack of space problem  Their cleaning tool also not properly placed in one place  There also no specific place to locate their cleaning object after used it.  They forgot where they put their cleaning object if they want to use it again.
  10. 10. Cleaning devices usually comes with a long arm Long arm used as holder for the cleaning device and then people use to hold of it during cleaning process As there are many type of cleaning device at homes it causes the limited space to put their cleaning device
  11. 11. Dust accumulated
  12. 12. Ceiling fan is a must have electrical appliances for each home. Due to its high position, the ceiling fan is hard to reach. After some times, the ceiling fan will accumulate the dust that has been in the air surrounding.
  13. 13. The fan blade will accumulate dust after some time The high position of the fan makes it hard for the user to clean it Long size of blade make the accumulated dust more
  14. 14. Problem Statement Pringle is one of the most favorite crackers among Malaysian. However, after the cracker has been consumed, the user having a hard time to reach the cracker at the bottom of the container.
  15. 15. Small size of the container Fix size of the container that is not suitable for different hand size of people (not-adjustable)  shape of the container (cylinder)
  16. 16. Problem Statement Dustbin is a need of public. A dustbin is an important place to accommodate unwanted substances. The needs of a dustbin are large space area, good hygiene and others. There are certain improvements that can make to the existed design of dustbin which are ergonomic aspect and the usage of technology in making a more user friendly dustbin.
  17. 17. Ergonomic aspect – make it more ergonomic in the design. Manual close and open of the dustbin. Exposed area for garbage- let the smell of the garbage vaporized into the air surrounding. The rigidity of the material used in making the dustbin- not stable weight of the dustbin, make it easy to be flipped by human or animal.
  18. 18. As a demonstration to student, we just brings solutions for dustbin only.
  19. 19.  Collection of a great deal of information.  Consideration between customers expectation and parameter set by designer.  Highest-ranking EC’s from the HOQ are either constraint or design variables which is used as decision making criteria.  The decision will be used to evaluate candidate design. (George & Linda, 2013)(p110).  Highest ranking 1. Few values – use EC as a constraint. 2. Many values – use EC as metric to compare conceptual design.
  20. 20.  Result from HOQ will guide to determine selection criteria for evaluate design.  Lowest ranking – not much critical compare to highest ranking.  Low ranking can be determined by anything most conducive in order to achieve good design outcome.  FYI, our HOQ of engineering characteristics was based on Garvin’s Eight Dimension of Quality.
  21. 21. Product Identification  Product name: Living Dustbin  Function: Detecting trash and keep the hygiene  Special features: Sensor system added  Key Performance Target:  Service Environment: -Prevent bad smell of the trash -No user training required
  22. 22. Market Identification  Target Market: Public and home user  Competing product: Existing product (trash can)  Brand strategy: Company logo
  23. 23. Physical Description  Different material used:  Aluminium - body of the dustbin  Plastic – to store the leak liquid from the garbage  Mild steel – to make basket to prevent animal from sitting on the trash can  Sensors – to detect the weight and level of the trash  Automation system on the opening and closing of the trash can  Light weight of the trash can
  24. 24.  In sum, product design can help us to improve our life and make it much easier. From the business point of view, this means that many people will like the creative product as long as it solves their problem and provides to them what the other products do not do.
  25. 25.  Ops! Wait. . . (turn to next slide)
  26. 26.  In engineering, the design process will takes the form of __________?  In product design, time consideration and effort is invested in listening to “voice of the ________ ”?  Engineering characteristic are discovered through. . . 1. Benchmarking _________________________________? 2. Performing ___________________________________? 3. Technical __________?  HOQ is the 1st step in QFD and is the most used in ______?  _____ will provide relative weight information for the engineering characteristics.  PDP results in a document called the ________ which is a living document that will be refined at each step of the PDP.