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Kindness Is Limitless - (Talk in UNIRA Malang)


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Cerita tentang kebaikan tanpa batas, short speech yang saya bawakan di acara di UNIRA, Malang.

Berbicara tentang studi kasus galang dana dan donasi online di

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Kindness Is Limitless - (Talk in UNIRA Malang)

  2. 2. facilitate anyone to fundraise and donate online
  3. 3. +5.000 Campaigns +120 Billion IDR Donation +300.000 #OrangBaik Joined +100 Cities Impacted
  4. 4. 4th Birthday
  5. 5. We learn one thing: Kindness is limitless
  6. 6. Pulau Madu, Sulawesi Selatan “Tadinya kami tiap hari harus pergi dan antri dari jam 5 pagi untuk dapat air. Kalo sudah siang, saya baru dapat air dan pulang”
  7. 7. “Senang sekali Pak, sekarang saya tidak harus pagi- pagi untuk ambil air tawar”
  8. 8. “Senang sekali Pak, sekarang saya tidak harus pagi- pagi untuk ambil air tawar” “Kami sekarang punya air dekat rumah. Terima kasih”
  9. 9. Sumba Barat Daya, NTT “Spiderman menghibur anak- anak kami di Posyandu”
  10. 10. “Air bersih sekarang sudah ada di desa kami”
  11. 11. Garut, Jawa Barat Udunan for disaster relief in Garut & Sumedang
  12. 12. “Funded by donation, these houses is almost ready to be inhabited by Garut citizen”
  13. 13. Aleppo, Syria
  14. 14. Somalia
  15. 15. “Kami tidak tahu dimana Indonesia, tapi terima kasih sudah peduli dengan kita”
  16. 16. We learned that kindness is kindness, which is never be limited by religions, races, and places.
  17. 17. And also that peace, love, and smile have a huge chance of getting viral, spreaded from one people to another.
  18. 18. And that’s our mission. Have been and always will be.