Ipsos Crescendo- A New Qual-Quant Tool- March 2012


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Ipsos' Vantis and IUU research groups have come together to introduce Crescendo, a new qual-quant product offering that allows brands to get in-depth qualitative insight AND a quantitative market assessment for their next innovation initiative, instead of typically choosing one over the other because of costs or timing.

Crescendo is a fast-moving, team-driven solution for brands looking to investigate and improve new ideas, features, and concepts. It includes the best attributes of both a qualitative and a quantitative study and strings them together to work seamlessly through the innovation process and help brands get ideas to market much faster, and with rich marketing research to support their efforts.

This presentation was given on March 7, 2012 as Ipsos announced this new product offering to its clients worldwide.

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Ipsos Crescendo- A New Qual-Quant Tool- March 2012

  1. 1. CrescendoIpsos’ Quali-Quant Solution for Innovation Research@IpsosVantiswww.innovationpov.comwww.ipsos.com-na.com/products-tools/qualitative Nobody’s Unpredictable
  2. 2. Introduction Ipsos is 3rd largest research company in the world Ipsos Understanding Unlimited is a division that specializes in qualitative research Conducts all forms of qualitative Ipsos Vantis is a division specializing in innovation research Concept testing, optimization, forecasting 25+ year history / 25,000 concepts databased 2© 2011 Ipsos
  3. 3. Ongoing Pursuit of Innovative new Research Solutions Innovation Description Concept Link Iterative process for developing concepts, can be executed in-person or online Workshop (CLW) Qualitative Biometric Assessment Evaluates the underlying emotional and cognitive resonance of concepts Vantis Idea Meter Qualitative application of the Ipsos-Vantis concept value metrics Qual/quant methodology to winnow large numbers of early-stage concepts down to a QualLab manageable number for quantitative concept testing Vantis*Express Powerful, fast, affordable concept testing – Quarterly, multi-client Vantis*Concepts Powerful, fast, affordable concept testing – customizable client-tailored programs Quantitative Market Success Score Validated measure of new concept’s potential in the market Classification scheme based on key measure survey scores; identifies hidden Database Archetypes winners that are often missed in survey research Message Power Score Scores each concept based on ability to execute the message/ positioning in market. Top 5 Phrases Concept highlighter exercise that finds the key demand-driving phrases Buzz Power Score Evaluates word-of-mouth (Buzz) potential 3© 2011 Ipsos
  4. 4. How Qual & Quant Works Today Qualitative Time Research 1. Momentum gap Field Prep Qual Fieldwork Reporting/Revisions Stakeholder Review Onboard Quant Team Field Prep Quant Fieldwork Reporting/Revisions Stakeholder Review Quantitative Research 4© 2011 Ipsos
  5. 5. How Qual & Quant Works Today Qualitative Time Research Field Prep Qual Fieldwork 2. The whole process isn’t Reporting/Revisions fast enough. You need Stakeholder Review quant answers much sooner. Onboard Quant Team Field Prep Quant Fieldwork Reporting/Revisions Stakeholder Review Quantitative Research 5© 2011 Ipsos
  6. 6. How Qual & Quant Works Today Qualitative Time Research Field Prep Qual Fieldwork 3. Stakeholders are put into a go/no go role. Reporting/Revisions Stakeholder Review Onboard Quant Team Field Prep Quant Fieldwork Reporting/Revisions Stakeholder Review Quantitative Research 6© 2011 Ipsos
  7. 7. Introducing: Crescendo A fast-moving, team-driven solution for investigating and improving new ideas, features, and concepts. Client Experts Qualitative Experts (IUU) Quantitative Experts (Vantis) Consumer Crescendo 7© 2011 Ipsos
  8. 8. How Does Crescendo Work? F D B G E Edit Gain Insight Benchmark Deliberate Follow Through Edit copy and Powerful wrap- Iterative focus visuals with Overnight up session with Move forward groups to evaluate Ipsos specialists quant survey to IUU, Vantis, on action plan and before benchmark and your team to within days of refine ideas qualitative key measures develop an qualitative sessions action plan 8© 2011 Ipsos
  9. 9. Crescendo = High Speed Qual + Quant results in the same time it usually takes to conduct qual. F D B G E Edit Gain Insight Benchmark Deliberate Final Report Range: Range: 1 week 2 days to Overnight to 5 1 day 1 week Pre-field 2 weeks days Actual time of a project will vary from about 2 to 4 weeks, depending on the number of ideas or concepts, the number of markets for qualitative, and the incidence of the sample. 9© 2011 Ipsos
  10. 10. Edit Take advantage of our experience before sharing your ideas with the consumer. We review and edit your written ideas, features, concepts We take your rough ideas and write original concepts We offer expert graphics support We have professional copywriters on our team The greatest way to improve your innovation research is to put the best effort into writing and presenting your ideas to the consumer 10© 2011 Ipsos
  11. 11. Gain Insight Rough ideas are taken through an iterative qualitative research process, with all hands on deck in the back room. Group 3 Reasons to Believe Group 1 Establish Credibility on the promise Benefits Test the core promise Group 2 Insights Layer in needs and aspirations Group 4 Holistic Performance Make sure it all fits together 11© 2011 Ipsos
  12. 12. Benchmark Validate the qualitative findings immediately vs. the Vantis database in an online quantitative survey. Key Measure Scorecard Vantis Database Ranking Raw Score Bottom Below Above Top Average 20% Avg. Avg. 20% Seek Information (Top Two Box %) Purchase Intent (Top Box %) Purchase Intent (Top Two Box %) Liking (Mean 6-Point Scale) Price/Value (Mean 5-Point Scale) Uniqueness (Mean 5-Point Scale) Believability (Top Box%) Need Fulfillment (Top Two Box %) Overnight surveys are conducted on the final day of qualitative research. 12© 2011 Ipsos
  13. 13. Benchmark The Vantis Database has over 25,000 new products & services. Your ideas are compared to a relevant subset. Database Experience Technology ……………….. 3,976 Consumer Electronics....... 3,665 Household Durables …….. 3,367 Personal Care …………… 2,588 Entertainment ……………. 1,400 Telecom …………………... 2,342 Financial ………………….. 4,091 Automotive ……………….. 744 Home improvement ……... 1,846 Health Care ………………. 1,597 Medical Devices …………. 893 Pharmaceutical ………….. 888 Shipping & Transport …… 325 13© 2011 Ipsos
  14. 14. Benchmark The Vantis database assesses market potential and finds hidden winners. Mass Potential Breakthrough Niche/Targeted Price/Fee Imbalance Purchase Intent High Ave High Low (Top Box %) Vantis Key Measure Purchase Intent High Low to Ave Low to Ave Low to Ave (Top Two Box %) Liking Ave to High High Low to Ave High (Mean 6-Point Scale) Price/Value Ave to High Low to Ave Low to Ave Low (Mean 5-Point Scale) Uniqueness Ave to High High Low to Ave Ave to High (Mean 5-Point Scale) Believability Ave to High Low Low to Ave Ave to High (Top Box%) Need Fulfillment Ave to High Low to Ave Low to Ave Ave to High (Top Two Box %) 14© 2011 Ipsos
  15. 15. Deliberate Finish the consumer research with a powerful session to discuss plans. Bring your business partners into the research process. Qualitative Experts Client Experts Quantitative Experts 15© 2011 Ipsos
  16. 16. Deliberate The power of this session comes from diversity of perspective, hearing all evidence at the same time, and working together on an action plan. This is about doing research differently… Working with raw research material, not waiting for polished, final reports before disseminating and making decisions Eliminating process that isn’t required, getting to better results faster Involving key decision makers at a time when they can contribute Bringing business partners and senior people close to the consumer and the action Innovation in its truest sense……sharing, iterating, improving, debating, making decisions, having fun, and moving forward 16© 2011 Ipsos
  17. 17. Follow-Through Complete Crescendo in a matter of weeks, with strong support for your course of action. Fully developed concepts or ideas An understanding of the market opportunity for those ideas A profile of your prospects Clear guidance to motivate the target Preliminary buy-in from the your business partners Business implications and a plan of action 17© 2011 Ipsos
  18. 18. Focus Groups Methodology Method In Person Iteration Length 2 hours ea. Number of Groups Varies, typically 4 to 6 Sample Size Per Group 6 to 8 Number of Ideas/Concept Per Group 3 to 10 Ideas/Concepts Rated Per Respondent Everybody sees all Custom – the relevant universe for Screening criteria your offer Timing 2 days to 2 weeks 18© 2011 Ipsos
  19. 19. Quantitative Methodology: Online Option Online is the best quantitative option for speed, cost, and reaching low incidence groups. Method Online Length Max of 15 min interview Sample Size Per Idea/Concept n=150 to n=300 Number of Ideas/Concepts Per Test 1 to 10 Exposure method Sequential evaluation Ideas/Concepts Rated Per Respondent Typically 3, max of 5 Custom – the relevant universe for Screening criteria your offer Overnight for easy samples, longer for Timing large samples or difficult recruits 19© 2011 Ipsos
  20. 20. Quantitative Methodology: Face-to-Face Option Face-to-Face interviewing is the best quantitative option to securely evaluate confidential materials. Method Face-to-Face Interviews Length 30 min to 1 hour interview Sample Size Per Idea/Concept n=75 to n=150 Number of Ideas/Concept Per Test 1 to 10 Exposure method Sequential evaluation Ideas/Concepts Rated Per Respondent 5 to 10 Custom – the relevant universe for Screening criteria your offer Timing ~1 week 20© 2011 Ipsos
  21. 21. Crescendo is right for situations when …. You have to move fast Your ideas are rough, and you need to come out with concrete concepts You cannot compromise qual vs. quant You want experts working together on your behalf You’re comfortable involving your business partners in the process 21© 2011 Ipsos
  22. 22. Stephen Bohnet, SVP & GM M. 925.325.5969 stephen.bohnet@ipsos.com @IpsosVantis www.innovationpov.com Beth Harris, VP O. 513.872.4409 beth.harris@ipsos.com www.ipsos.com
  23. 23. Appendix:Additional Quantitative Deliverables Nobody’s Unpredictable
  24. 24. Market Success Score The Market Success Score is an aggregated demand measure with a high correlation to the success rate in market: 1. Top Performers are Highly likely to be successful in the market. 2. Bottom performers are unlikely to be successful in market. Determine if Caution Hidden Winner Mass Potential 180 0 67 133 200 Success Rate In Market 70% 51% 17% Poor Performer Middle Performer Top Performer 24© 2011 Ipsos
  25. 25. Deeper Diagnosis for Commercial Possibilities Middle performers have a 50/50 chance of market success. You cannot simply say “yes” or “no” without studying the facts more carefully. Some surprisingly big ideas can be disguised as middle performers in research. Our job is to determine if your in the good “50%,” or not. Determine if Caution Hidden Winner Mass Potential 110 0 67 133 200 Success Rate In Market 70% 51% 17% Poor Performer Middle Performer Top Performer 25© 2011 Ipsos
  26. 26. Key Market Segments A detailed review of demographic, media habits, and buying behaviors, comparing the total sample with the target (those who are likely to buy). Demographics Total Target Media Habits Total Target Index Index (300) (113) (300) (113) Male 50 40 80 Hours/week (mean) 24.8 27.1 109 Gender (%) Female 18-24 50 15 60 30 119 205 Movies Comedy series 4.4 3.1 4.8 3.3 108 107 This example illustrates Age (%) 25-34 35-44 29 19 33 20 114 108 Drama series Kids programming 3.1 1.5 3.7 3.0 120 193 the type of information 45-54 25 10 41 Sports 2.9 3.5 121 55+ 13 7 51 TV (Hrs/Wk) Reality TV 1.2 1.5 133 that can be included in Mean Age 39 34 86 Soap operas 0.5 0.2 38 Caucasian 60 63 105 News 3.4 2.1 62 the questionnaire and Hispanic 23 17 74 Weather 0.6 0.8 131 Ethnicity (%) African-American 9 10 108 Talk shows 0.4 0.4 91 report template. Asian 7 10 152 Morning shows 1.1 0.8 76 Other 1 0 0 Game shows 0.6 0.9 166 Marital Status (%) Married Single/Wid/Div 58 42 63 37 110 87 Newspaper (%) Daily Subscription Magazines Number of 29.8 2.6 26.7 3.2 90 123 This framework serves as (Mean) subscriptions Age 5 and under 19 27 139 Internet Hours/week (mean) 20.3 21.4 105 a starting point that can Children at home Age 6 to 12 20 27 134 News/headlines 65 70 108 (%) Age 13-17 18 13 74 Entertainment News 34 57 165 be adjusted to suit your HH Size (mean) 3 3 110 Social networking 60 77 127 Income Mean ($000) 58 55 96 Online stores 54 60 110 profiling needs. Typically, Urban 31 33 109 Personal finance 54 67 123 Websites Residence (%) Suburban Rural 52 18 57 10 110 56 (% visit weekly) Stocks and Watch TV/videos 13 52 17 57 133 108 when we begin a concept Type of Single Family Home Townhouse / Duplex 68 5 67 3 98 62 Product reviews Read blogs 33 36 33 33 101 93 testing program, the Home (%) Apartment 20 20 101 Stream music Write blogs 25 11 53 17 212 158 survey template is Info Search & Purchasing Friends/Family 76 83 109 Music 35 57 162 updated with key profiling Info Talk to salesperson Consumer reviews 28 63 30 57 108 90 PC accessories Electronics 21 32 33 47 157 147 and segmentation Sources (%) Expert reviews Company website 40 58 40 60 101 104 Online Movies on demand Durable goods 15 31 27 33 176 107 questions that are client Purchasing (%) Prefer Retail Prefer Online 72 28 63 37 88 132 Purchasing (% last year) Insurance Movie Streaming 11 35 17 40 148 114 specific. Price 48 50 105 Investments 10 17 169 Purchasing Quality 46 40 88 Banking services 22 40 183 Importance (rank Brand 1 3 254 Personal computers 15 27 176 order %) Convenience 5 7 126 Movie downloads 10 30 303 26© 2011 Ipsos
  27. 27. Messaging Analyses After gathering key survey measures, each respondent will again review the concept and be asked to highlight their reasons to buy. This Exercise Feeds 3 Analyses: Concept Highlighter Message Power Score Top 5 Phrases 27© 2011 Ipsos
  28. 28. Concept Highlighter Analysis The concept highlighter analysis shows, phrase-by-phrase, why consumers want to buy. This analysis is useful as a guide for messaging improvements. Phrases are plotted in the order of the written concept, to illustrate whether the concept connects right off the bat, or whether the more important phrases are buried deeper within the copy. Perspective We have found that the concept highlighter does a much better job than open ended questions at identifying drivers and guiding messaging. Open ends, if probed thoroughly and coded well, can be very insightful. Unfortunately, in online surveys, most respondents do not type in enough information. The most useful insights from online open ends are in the verbatim responses. We recommend including an open ended “likes” question so that we do not miss those insights, but we do not recommend coding the data. 28© 2011 Ipsos
  29. 29. Top 5 Phrases The Top 5 Phrases analysis highlights the 5 phrases in the concept that have the greatest impact on the prospective buyer. Why do we care about the Top 5 phrases? Our studies indicate that clicking on many phrases (reasons to buy) has almost no correlation with interest, whereas “getting it” in 5 phrases or less has a high correlation. This important finding lead to the creation of the Top 5 Phrase analysis. It also serves as our framework for a concept review and consult with you, before the concept goes to field. Can we “get it” in a few phrases. Top 5 Order in Rank Phrase Concept You can wear the Fitbit Tracker loosely in your 1 15 pocket, clipped to your pants, shirt, bra Walk within 15ft of the base station and your data Order in concept literally reports where each 2 will be automatically uploaded to the Fitbit 17 phrase is sequentially placed in the written website. concept. In this example, the most important content is all concentrated 15-19 phrases into 3 Login to the Fitbit website to see detailed data 18 the written concept. As this concept advances, we advise the client to elevate these characteristics, and to trim earlier participate in collaborative fitness goals with phrases from the concept that do little to 4 19 friends, family and co-workers. generate interest. 5 You can wear it all day! 16 29© 2011 Ipsos
  30. 30. Communications Strategy Message Power ranks the overall communication relative to normative benchmarks. A strong Message Power indicates the communication works as an ‘elevator pitch’ and is well suited to mass media. Buzz Power ranks the potential for word-of-mouth, relative to Vantis norms. Communications Indices Vantis Database Ranking Bottom Below Above Top Average 20% Avg. Avg. 20% Message Power Score Buzz Power Score The combination of Message Power and Buzz Power informs the communications strategy. Low scores on both of these measures would indicate that more messaging work is needed. 30© 2011 Ipsos