ICT Report 2013 - Arab Countries


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Whether your business is a starter or an existing player, ICT report is a requirement for all agile firms to be able to understand and promote the general media, internet, e-commerce, electronic gaming, and mobile phones usage and habits.

Information areas provided by ICT:

General Habits:
 Products currently owned at home
 Products intended to buy in the future
 Main sources of information
 Most credible media
 Media platforms to use less in the future

 Online viewing of TV channels, online listening to radio station, online reading of daily newspaper
 Search engines used & subjects tracked online
 Email usage & chatting platforms used
 Downloading online
 Social networking usage (recency of use, time spent, main purpose for using)

 Penetration of E-commerce
 Types of E-commerce used in the past 6 months
 Purchasing online and types of products purchased

Electronic Gaming:
 Penetration of playing electronic games
 Device used when playing electronic games
 Electronic gaming usage habits (recency of playing, time spent per day, genre usually played)
 Playing of electronic games online

Mobile Phones:
 Types of mobile phone used (Smartphone, ordinary)
 Smartphone usage habits (operating system used, usage of internet, activities done, downloading applications & types used)
 Average time spent on receiving and sending calls
 Average number of SMS received and sent

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ICT Report 2013 - Arab Countries

  1. 1. ICT Landscape 2013
  2. 2. INDEX About the study Internet general habits Home Devices Electronic games Mobile Phones
  3. 3. Internet - Internet penetration. - Conventional media consumption online. - Online news consumption age breakdown. - Online TV consumption age breakdown. - Online radio consumption age breakdown. - Main sources of information. - Media Vs. credibility . - Media consumption predictions. - Top search engines – 2012 Vs. 2013. - Search engine consumption by age. - Search engines users profile. - Email consumption . - Video streaming content of interest. - Video streaming age breakdown. - Social networks penetration . - Social networks consumption.
  4. 4. Home Devices - Top technology related devices owned at home. - Top technology related devices intended to buy in near future.
  5. 5. Electronic Games - Penetration of electronic games - Penetration of electronic games gender & age. - Electronic games devices penetration. - Electronic games devices Vs. time spent. - Top electronic games genres.
  6. 6. - Mobile - Mobile Penetration Smartphone penetration Smartphone owners age breakdown Smartphone penetration across different age groups. Phone calls consumption. SMS consumption. Mobile operating systems 2012 Vs. 2013. Mobile Internet access Vs. subscription. Smartphones consumption. Mobile applications penetration 2012 Vs. 2013. Mobile applications downloaders age breakdown. Mobile applications downloads across different age groups. Mobile shopping.
  7. 7. About Ipsos MediaCT Ipsos MediaCT plays a prominent role within media and communications research, holding key industry audience measurement contracts and conducting bespoke research to assist their clients in informing their strategic decisions. We help clients make connections in the digital age, as leaders in providing research solutions for companies in the fastmoving and rapidly converging worlds of media, content, © Ipsos MediaCT 2013 telecom and technology. Using a wide variety of research techniques, we help individual media owners, technology companies, agencies and advertisers address issues such as editorial and programming, advertising, audience profiling and music tastes, market positioning, piracy, high definition and theatrical markets, new product and programme development and license applications.