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1289 asi sponsorship_perspective-forfourtoo_aug09

  1. 1. For Four TooSponsorship Perspectives August 2009
  2. 2. Jamie Robertson, sponsorship expert at Ipsos MORI, on the fight for the top4 Premier Football League places and the ramifications for their sponsors.During this closed season most of the discussion in Take Emirates, a similar type of sponsor to Etihadpubs and the back pages of the newspapers, The and a brand that has achieved around 25%Ashes aside, has been about who can break into the association at its peak. They started slowly but oncetop four of the Premier League. they took over the shirt sponsorship and paid for the naming rights to the shiny new stadium at AshburtonThe obvious contenders are Spurs, Aston Villa, Grove, they built their association very quickly. NoEverton and of course everyone’s favourite to do so, doubt this association was also helped by the factManchester City, buoyant after their relatively recent that Arsenal as a team were renowned for playingtakeover. After a first season under new ownership attractive football, great for the neutral to watch.that delivered some notable signings and a mid-tablefinish, this summer they have really pushed the boat Then there is AIG and Manchester United, who alsoout. Following on from the “Kaka saga” in January, built rapid association, and currently hold the no. 1some stellar names have joined the likes of Robinho spot of the top 4 in both sponsorship and footballingat Eastlands. Santa Cruz, Barry, Tevez, Toure, terms. AIG, for obvious reasons, has declined toAdebayor and I’m sure there will be more to follow, renew their deal, but as I mentioned in this articlemany of these players poached from near rivals for a couple of months ago, they have set a very highthe Champions League places. benchmark for Aon to follow.City fans won’t be the only people willing their sideto break the stranglehold of Manchester United,Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal. Etihad, theirprinciple sponsor, will also be hoping that the columninches and coverage generated by the takeover andtransfer dealings will be replaced by free flowingfootball which not only makes them good to watchfor the neutral but propels them up the league.The data on the next page shows the associationachieved by the big four and their respectivesponsors. There is a clear difference betweenwhat Emirates and AIG have achieved and theachievements of Samsung and Carlsberg. It showsthat there is more to building association than simplyhaving success on the pitch. ASI Sponsorship Perspectives 01
  3. 3. For Samsung and Carlsberg their growth has the UK and also globally. Lest we forget that thestagnated somewhat in recent seasons, despite Barclays Premier League (and its clubs) is a globalincreasing success on the pitch. Does this mean product, the objectives of sponsors of the big clubsthat they need to invest more in driving awareness will extend beyond the UK’s shores. If City startor should they spend their money in bringing the winning, playing the sort of football that people loveassociation to life for those already aware; in the UK to watch, it can only help build both City and Etihad’smy money would go on the latter. profile. Hopefully this will guarantee that both brands receive the sort of media coverage that up until nowSo what lies ahead for both City and Etihad? has been the preserve of the elite clubs of worldHow quickly will their association build and more football. For the blue half of Manchester let’s hope itimportantly what will it do for the Etihad brand in is a marriage made in heaven. Spontaneous brand associations with the English Premier League - top 4 clubs AIG/Man Utd Emirates / Arsenal Samsung any/Chelsea Carlsberg / Liverpool 35 30Emirates 25achieved % 20around 1525% 10 5 0 J A S O ND J F M A M J J A S O ND J F M A M J J A S O N D J F M A M J J A S O ND J F M A M Jassociation 05 / 06 06 / 07 07 / 08 08 / 09at its peak Base: GB adults aged 16-64 (4 week rolling data) Source: Ipsos MORI ASI Sponsorship Perspectives 02
  4. 4. About Ipsos MORIIpsos MORI is one of the largest and best known research companies in the UK and a key part of the IpsosGroup, a leading global research company. With a direct presence in 60 countries, our clients benefit fromspecialist knowledge drawn from our five global practices: public affairs research, advertising testing andtracking, media evaluation, marketing research and consultancy, customer satisfaction and loyalty.For more information, please contact: Jamie Robertson T +44(0)20 8861 8036 E W