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IPPA Caucus Training

  1. 1.  The Iowa Physician-Patient Alliance is a coalition of Iowa physicians and Iowa patients joined in common cause to promote and protect the physician-patient relationship. IPPA members recognize that promises of government guarantees of quality affordable healthcare will ring hollow if patients are denied access to the physician of their choice or can’t access the tests and therapies their doctor prescribes.
  2. 2.  Iowans have three questions for the candidates for President.  Under your healthcare plan will I be able to choose my doctor?  And, will I be able to get the test or treatments my doctor prescribes?  In short, as President will you defend the physician-patient relationship? The passage of President Obamas Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and Republican promises to repeal the same, means that the debate over healthcare will only grow louder. In that debate IPPA intends that the voices of Iowa Physicians and Patients are not overwhelmed by the special interests.
  3. 3.  “Caucus” is a word that literally means “a closed meeting of a group of persons belonging to the same political party” Iowans have used the caucus process since the 1840s to select candidates and to decide on party policies The Iowa Caucus became famous in the 1970s when a little-known Georgian named Jimmy Carter won the Iowa Democrats’ caucus and was eventually sent to the White House
  4. 4.  Each political party organizes its own caucus The caucus is organized entirely by volunteers 99 counties in Iowa. Each county’s Republican Party and Democratic Party organizes the county’s caucuses. 1,774 precincts in Iowa. Each precinct holds its own caucus.
  5. 5.  Check -in begins between 5:30 and 6:30P.M. • Must be a registered voter residing in the precinct; you have to declare your party to participate. Must be 18 by election day 2012 (November 6) Caucus begins at 7:00 P.M. Elect a permanent chair and secretary to run the meeting Conduct the Presidential Poll Elect central committee members Elect delegates to the county convention  If elected, these individuals have the opportunity to be elected to the District, State and even the National Convention Elect alternate delegates to the county convention Sign up any junior delegates (those not of voting age)  Great opportunity for students interested in getting involved. Consider Party Platform changes
  6. 6.  Your Caucus location is determined by where you live and which party Caucus you plan to attend.If you plan to attend If you plan to attend the Iowa the IowaDemocratic Caucus, Republican Caucus, you can find your you can find your Caucus site at: Caucus site at: http://thecaucuses.com/yourcaucus.php http://iowagop.org/caucus/findmycaucus.php
  7. 7. How To Do It:1. Go to your precinct Caucus2. Submit platform plank at the end of the meeting3. Be elected as a county convention delegate in order to work on platform issues at the county convention4. From this point, you can work your way up to the District and State Convention to debate platform issues as well.
  8. 8. We support healthcare policies that promote and protect thephysician-patient relationship. We support policies that: Prohibit “fail-first” and drug substitution without physician consent Prevent the misuse of federally funded research as means to deny access to care Preserve Congressional jurisdiction over Medicare spending Ensure Iowans can keep a health insurance plan that works for them
  9. 9. Iowa Democratic Party 2012 Republican Party of Iowa Caucus Website: 2012 Caucus Website• http://thecaucuses.com • http://iowagop.org/caucus
  10. 10. Contact IPPA Phone: 563-514-0152 Email: IowaPPA@gmail.comConnect with IPPA  Twitter: twitter.com/IowaPPA  Facebook: facebook.com/IowaPhysicianPatientAlliance