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Mobile Marketing 101 for Businesses Report

  1. 1. Mobile Marketing 101 for Local Businesses By: Iowa Mobile Marketing 1
  2. 2. Mobile Marketing 101 for Local BusinessesThank you for picking up our “Mobile Websites 101 for Local Businesses”Report! In this report, you will learn some helpful information about MobileMarketing and how it can help you generate more customers, sales, andprofits to your local business.What is a Mobile Website?The whole world is evidently undergoing significant changes especially in theworld of modern technology. A lot of improvements can be seen incommunication with major telecommunication companies enhancing theirservices to make life and business easier for their customers.Mobile phones are now a big part of most people’s lives and have become a“must-have” for just about everyone; especially now that these phones arebecoming smarter every day. Mobile phones are now not only used to calland receive messages, they are also use to access the internet and performa whole lot of other amazing tasks.With this is mind, mobile-friendly websites are websites that are designed tomake it possible for mobile users to access your website without problems.The reason behind the design of mobile websites is the fact that mobilephones are quite slow when it comes to processing power. They also havesmaller screens than desktop computers, so mobile-friendly websites arebuilt specifically for viewing on mobile devices.If you have ever tried accessing any website that is not mobile-friendlyusing your mobile phone, then you understand the difficult time people haveaccessing yours. First, the website might take ages to load a single pageand when it does, you will still have a rough time navigating through thepages. Depending on the content, you will be required to zoom in and outmultiple times in order to view the content clearly.We live in a fast world where everybody is in a race with time and will notspend any extra time waiting for a certain website to load. This is whysoftware developers came up with the mobile websites which are easy toaccess as well as navigate using mobile phones.If a mobile website in out of reach for your local business, you can start bycreating a mobile landing page. This way, at least you will have at least one 2
  3. 3. Mobile Marketing 101 for Local Businessesweb property that will come up for your mobile audience without anyproblems.A mobile landing page is not much different from a mobile website; themain difference is that instead of making your entire website mobile-friendly, you can create specific web pages that can be easily accessed viamobile phones.The aim of having a mobile friendly-website or a mobile landing page isallowing the many mobile phone users to access your company withoutdifficulty and get the information they are in search of. Make it easy forpeople to find you using the gadgets they are so addicted to; mobilephones.How Mobile Websites Increase ProfitsMore and more people are increasingly using mobile phones to access theinternet. The numbers are growing explosively which is why all businessesshould have a mobile-friendly website. The essence of having a website is toattract more customers and consequently increase profits.This means that any business should use strategies that will ensure theirwebsite is visible to everyone regardless of the means used to access theinternet. Mobile phones are improving and becoming more useful every day.These small, but smart devices have made internet browsing a smooth sailfor many people.StatisticsThe following mobile websites statistics confirm exactly why your websitemust be mobile-friendly: - By the year 2014, it is expected that more people will access the internet using mobile phones rather than using computers - 71% of mobile users expect that a website will load as fast on their phones as it does on their PCs - 57% of mobile users will not recommend any business that has a mobile unfriendly website 3
  4. 4. Mobile Marketing 101 for Local Businesses - 40% of mobile users will move to competitor websites if they have a slight problem accessing a website - 95% of mobile users will search for local businesses using their devices and 61% of these will call the business they findBenefits of Mobile WebsitesIncreased ReadabilityMost smartphones can actually display all websites available online. Themain problem is that normal websites have high resolutions that make itimpossible to read website content on mobile phone screens. With a mobilewebsite, all your targeted traffic will easily read the content on your websitewithout multiple zooms.Ease-of-Use FeaturesMobile websites provide business people with features that assist them intaking part in business deals on the go. Some of these features allow users“tap-to-call” businesses; making them extremely accessible to their mobilemarket.More Traffic, More ProfitsWith a mobile website, a business is certain to get more traffic. With moretraffic comes more sales and consequently increased profits. Statistics showthat more people will be using mobile phones, as opposed to usingcomputers, to access websites in the near future.So it is important that businesses make the necessary arrangements toallow their customers and prospects to easily access their websites on theirmobile devices. Above all, mobile websites are more affordable and easierto maintain than traditional websites.Mobile Website Tips for Ultimate ExposureTimes are changing, and so is digital technology and all of its elements.Mobile phones are the new device of choice when it comes to accessing the 4
  5. 5. Mobile Marketing 101 for Local Businessesinternet; and this calls for a mobile-friendly website if you are a businesswho wants more local visibility.Below are important tips to keep in mind when creating a mobile website foryour business: • Simplicity in the Layout: Mobile phones have rather small screens and most users are in search of quick information to save time. This means that the layout should be simple and the content should be readable, presentable and accessible via minimal clicks. • Minimized Load Time: Though you will have little control over the internet speed, it is important that you minimize the load time of your mobile website. • Reduce Graphics: The essence of having a mobile website is to make it more accessible - not more difficult for mobile phone users. Most people accessing the internet using their mobile phones are simply looking for information and this is exactly what you should give them. The more graphics your mobile website will have the longer the load time will be. • Finger Clickable Elements: Most people are now using touchscreen mobile phones to access the internet and in most cases the light pen is absent. To increase the number of people accessing your site, make items clickable using fingers. • Use a Good Theme: Your mobile website design should be inviting with a simple layout and friendly colors. Put white spaces between your content items to prevent a confusing and jumbled look. It is advisable to have a white background and use black fonts. Anything different might cause readability issues. • Put the Important Content at the Top: Mobile phone users access the internet to get information quickly and will want to know what you have to offer by just looking at a few sentences at the top. This means that you should do your best to place important content that your visitors will be looking for when they visit your website. This includes your phone number, address, a description of your product or service, and more. 5
  6. 6. Mobile Marketing 101 for Local Businesses • Add Great Content: You will be working against space so it is important that you maximize what you have. Mobile phone users do not have the time to read lengthy content so your content should be on point and as brief as possible.Consequences of Ignoring Your Mobile AudienceDue to the onset of massive mobile usage over the past years, there is nodoubt that the future of businesses includes mobile phones. There havebeen many advances in the communication department and mobile phonecompanies are restlessly working to provide consumers with devices thatthey can’t live without.The business world is seeing some major benefits from the manyimprovements made in digital communication. Businesses are alwayslooking for new ways to attract and maintain customers to keep theirbusiness running and profitable.Mobile phones have become important gadgets in our lives, especially nowthat they are slowly replacing PCs when it comes to internet access. So it iscrucial that all businesses have mobile websites to accommodate the manyusers that are increasingly using mobile phones to surf the internet.The main reason mobile websites were introduced is to let mobile phoneusers access websites without difficulties.There are many benefits to having a mobile website and not having one hasits own fair share of consequences.A large number of internet users use their mobile phones to browse the weband it’s expected to grow at extremely fast rates in the coming months andyears. This means if your business’ website is not mobile-friendly, you willnot enjoy as much traffic as you could. Less traffic means fewer sales. Thismeans that your website will not achieve the results that it was created togenerate.Statistics show that most people who access the internet with their mobilephones have high expectations when trying to access a website. They willexpect that all websites will load with the same speed as they do on their 6
  7. 7. Mobile Marketing 101 for Local Businessescomputers. This means if your website is not loading as fast as they expect,they will not waste any time moving on to other websites that are mobile-friendly and easy to navigate; which will most likely be your directcompetitors.Users are more likely to recommend your business if they have an easytime browsing and navigating through your website. This means yourbusiness will miss out on some of these referrals if users are continuouslyhaving problems accessing your site.Mobile Website FAQsWhat is a Mobile Website?A mobile website is a website designed to make website access andnavigation using mobile phone devices easier.Why Do I Need a Mobile Website?The normal websites that you access using your PC are large and have a lotof items that make it difficult for mobile phones to load them. Withprojections stating that there will possibly be 4.5 billion mobile phone userssurfing the internet with their devices, it is only important that you makeyour website mobile-friendly to enjoy high traffic. You therefore need amobile website to let your customers find you easily.What is the Difference Between Mobile and PC sites?The main difference is that most PC sites do not work well on mobilephones. They take too long to load and the navigation is pathetic. Mobilesites on the other hand, give users a great experience because they aredesigned for small screens and are made with touch and keypad features inmind. These sites give users the ability to access important information onthe go.Will the Mobile Website Replace My PC Site?No, your mobile website will simply enhance your online presence by givingyour targeted visitors a quick and easy way to connect with your businessfrom their mobile devices. Your PC website is there to let your visitors knowall the details revolving around your business, while the mobile website willprovide your mobile audience with what they need to know while on the go. 7
  8. 8. Mobile Marketing 101 for Local BusinessesBoth sites will be complimentary to each other and work towards ensuringyour customers get a great experience while accessing your site regardlessof their device choice. It is possible to have the mobile website only as it willwork well on both PC and mobile phones.Will My Mobile Website Increase My Site’s Visibility on SearchEngines?Yes, if your mobile website has been created using the best practicesaccording to search engines, then it will definitely improve your ranking inmobile search engines. This can be enhanced through the incorporation ofkeywords and linking to social media sites.What are the Benefits of Mobile Websites?With projections showing that more people will be accessing the internetusing mobile phones, it is clear that all businesses need mobile websites.Without a mobile-friendly websites, you will lose most of your customers toyour competitors. If people can access your websites quickly and easily, youwill naturally experience an increase in traffic, referrals, and sales.This concludes our 5-Day “Mobile Websites 101” E-Course. I hope you havefound this information useful and are starting to see how a mobile-friendlywebsite can enhance your business by allowing you to connect with morelocal consumers.What is Text Message Marketing? “Text message marketing” refers to marketing strategies revolving aroundshort message services, commonly referred to as SMS. It is also a verypowerful strategy known to link organizations and businesses directly withtheir customers around the clock.A lot of people are now proud owners of mobile phones and keep theirdevices close to them at all times. This means that businesses can takeadvantage of this fact and communicate continuously with their clients.Mobile phones have features that allow users to send bulk messages todifferent recipients. Mobile phones are an important part of our lives andsending and reading text messages is an addiction to most people. 8
  9. 9. Mobile Marketing 101 for Local BusinessesBusinesses have positively embraced the use of text messages in theirmarketing strategies and you should not be left behind. This marketing toolinvolves collecting your customers’ mobile phone numbers and making a listthat you will be using when sending your message to target audiences.The reason why text message marketing is becoming popular is theaffordability and ease of use. All you need is a recipient list and yourmessage will be sent to multiple recipients with a push of a button.Text messages have different features that make marketing a wholedifferent and effective strategy:Bounce AdThis is an automatic responder that will send a message when requested bya user. Businesses have to create pre-set messages that will be sent tomobile phone users when demanded.Broadcast FeatureThis is a service that enables businesses to send an unlimited amount oftext messages to as many subscribers as possible. This can be easily donevia a desktop or laptop.Time Release TextThis feature allows business to create broadcast campaigns that will be usedin future. The business can select dates during which their messages will besent to their subscribers. The feature allows businesses to save multiplecampaigns therefore making work easier.Multi-Media Messaging (MMS)This enables businesses to include customer images or coupons in textmessages. This feature is effective especially when you want to promote anew item or when you want to attract more customers by offering couponsthrough text message marketing.Text message marketing is simply the most affordable way to createproduct awareness and promote small businesses. The fuel behind thesuccess of this marketing tool is the fact that more and more people are 9
  10. 10. Mobile Marketing 101 for Local Businessesusing mobile phones to communicate along with the fact that text messagemarketing is extremely cost-effective.How Text Message Marketing Can Increase ProfitsIn order for businesses to succeed, there is a great need for an effectivemarketing strategy. Mobile phones have become a permanent attachmentto most people, so they have also proven to be excellent marketing devicesin the business world.People always carry their mobile phones with them everywhere they go;making these small gadgets the new-age mini billboards. Text messagemarketing is an effective tool with a boatload of benefits.Prior to looking at the benefits, it is important to first look at statistics thatwill show you how important text marketing is if you want to increase yourprofits:Text Message Marketing Statistics: - More than 30% of mobile phone users will rather send an SMS than call - About 50% of mobile phone users receive text messages from businesses with offers - 70% of users say location based coupons are useful - 98% of text messages will be read within a few minutes of being received - 30% of mobile phone users interact with brands using text messages - Mobile phone based coupons are 10 times more likely to be redeemed as compared to traditional coupons - Over 90% of text messages sent will be received and read 10
  11. 11. Mobile Marketing 101 for Local BusinessesThese numbers just give a picture of how effective text message marketingcan be for any business interested in boosting their profits.Benefits of Text Message MarketingAccording to the above statistics, text message marketing will significantlyincrease the number of customers to your business. Statistics show thattext message marketing has the ability to increase customers by 25%. Thismeans that your business will also enjoy an increase in profits.Running the text message marketing campaign is quite easy. All you need isthe list of mobile numbers and this can be obtained by requesting existingand potential customers to subscribe to your list willingly. If the messagesyou are sending to your recipients are useful to them, they will not hesitateto recommend your business to their friends and friends – causing a viralmarketing effect.Let’s say you’re having a slow day. You can send out a quick text messageto your list with a coupon offer for 20% off. Let’s say just 20% of 100people respond to your message – that’s an additional 20 sales to yourbusiness.People appreciate when a business informs them about things they areinterested in. If your customers are kept up to date on the products,services, and special offers you have, they will reward this gesture withloyalty. You will enjoy increased profits because your recipients will alwaysbe your customers as long as they remain subscribed to the service.Using Mobile Coupons to Increase Foot TrafficMobile marketing is undisputedly effective and affordable. It is the new waybusinesses can connect with their clients and improve their trafficconsiderably. If you want to include mobile marketing in your marketingstrategies, mobile coupon marketing is a great point to start.A mobile coupon is not that different from the conventional coupons we areall used to. The only difference is that instead of being in paper form, it issent to customers through their mobile phones. 11
  12. 12. Mobile Marketing 101 for Local BusinessesAs you probably know, a coupon is a discount given to customers. Itinvolves redeemable offers and is usually setup as a free product with thepurchase of two or a percent discount.There are studies that show a possible increase in the use of mobilecoupons in the near future; therefore, all businesses should venture intothis blooming marketing strategy.Florists can use mobile coupons to remind their customers that Valentine’sDay is just around the corner so it’s time to pick up their roses – and offerthem a 20% repeat-customer discount.Auto oil change shops can use mobile coupons to remind their customersthat it’s time to change their oil – along with a 15% off coupon.Depending on the type of business, mobile coupons are one of the mostprofitable and cost-effective forms of marketing to exist today.Statistics show that mobile coupons are much more likely to be redeemedthan traditional coupons. This is because your customers will always havetheir phones with them every time they visit your store. More people arenow interested in signing up for text message marketing and coupons are aplus in efforts to increase traffic to any particular business.Another huge plus is that the mobile coupon will have a website addresswhich users can share with their friends and at the end of the day, your sitewill have more visitors who will gradually transform to customers.First, you should identify the target group of people you want to attract toyour business. This should be followed by campaigns that will get them tosign up for text message marketing service that you will use tocommunicate. As a business, all you need is a list of recipients and you aregood to go. You can use MMS to send coupons to your customers andencourage them to visit your business.Mobile coupons are quite effective in increasing traffic because unlike thetraditional coupons, they are in a gadget that people carry will all the time.A lot of people find it easy to collect traditional coupons but rather difficultto redeem them because they forget them at home. When the coupon is intheir phone, everything is easier and your business will enjoy increased foottraffic. 12
  13. 13. Mobile Marketing 101 for Local BusinessesText Message Marketing TipsText messages are very important and not just to our personal lives, butalso to our business ventures. More and more people are using mobilephones for different tasks apart from communication. Texting is currentlythe most utilize mobile phone service and businesses are taking advantageof this cheap yet effective tool to market and promote their services andproducts.Below are some important tips that you should keep in mind when dealingwith a text message marketing campaign.- Know Your Clients: Text message marketing is no different fromtraditional marketing when it comes to knowing your customers. You willhave to understand your target audience and important information aboutthem. This will assist a great deal when creating a message that will notonly get them interested, but one that will lead them to taking thenecessary action.- Keep it Short and Straight to the Point: Text message can be likenedto writing a message on a small note pad. Space is not on your side so youshould make everything brief and straight to the point. It is advisable to useshorthand to maximize on space but make sure people understand what youmean.- Make all the Offers Special: People will not give you their phonenumbers easily; you will have to go an extra mile to make them want togive you their numbers. This can be in the form of special offers andirresistible promotions. If your budget is limited, special discounts will dothe trick.- Messages with Value: Desist from sending any message without valueto your customers. Provide messages that are useful to your recipients andensure they contain interesting deals.- Be Respectful: Provide your customers with an easy opt-out option sothat they are able to leave your list when they want. This will show them 13
  14. 14. Mobile Marketing 101 for Local Businessesthat you respect their privacy and they will only want to be associated withyou more.- Business Name: As you market your services and products do not forgetthat you are also popularizing your brand. You should incorporate yourbusiness name in the message to remind people that you exist. Make surethe business name is at the beginning of your message to ensure that yourcustomers know the sender before they read the entire text.- Call to Action: The message you send should be aimed towards callingpeople to do something and it should be effective enough to make yourrecipient want to do something.Text Message Marketing FAQsWhat is Text Message Marketing?This is a marketing strategy involving the use of text message services tolink businesses and their customers.What Does a “Keyword” Mean?A keyword refers to the specific word you choose to use as your campaign’smain name. It can be the name of your business or you can choose a wordthat is relative to your campaign.What Does “Opt-in” and “Opt-out” Mean?Opt-in simply means subscribing to your text message marketing campaignand opt-out means unsubscribing from the campaign.How Will the Text Message Campaign Work?It is simple; you will first be required to promote your campaign. This canbe through any advertising channel such as radio, TV or the print media.The main aim is to create awareness and get as much people as possible toopt-in to your list. You will have to create great offers that will entice yourtarget audience for the best results. But once they’re on your list, you cansend them offers through text message from time to time.What Should I Do About Spam Complaints? 14
  15. 15. Mobile Marketing 101 for Local BusinessesYou shouldn’t worry about this too much in the beginning. The moment anindividual opts-in, they are saying that they are comfortable with receivingtext messages from you. This, however, does not mean that you have thefreedom to bombard your recipients with multiple messages within a day.You should only send important messages with content that is highly usefulto your customers from time to time.What is the Message Limit in a Day?There is no clear limit to the amount of messages you should send in a daybut it is ethical to keep them on the low side. This means that you will onlysend messages that have special offers and promotions or something that isvaluable to your recipients. Sending multiple messages that are valueless toyour customers will only lead to them unsubscribing.I Have an Email Newsletter; Do I Still Need Text MessageMarketing?Yes, look at it this way; how many unread emails do you have in your inboxright now? Probably many. Most people read all of the text messages theyreceive, so it is best to send text messages in addition to emails for theabsolute best responsiveness.How Will My Business Benefit from Text Message Marketing?Text message marketing is basically the cheapest, yet most effective formsof marketing available for growing businesses today. Your business willbenefit majorly by being in direct communication with your customers;nothing is more powerful than this in terms of marketing and visibility.What is a QR Code?QR (Quick Response) codes are 2-D bar codes created by digital dots thatare similar to the UPC codes you see on most products in markets aroundthe world. However, when scanned, they will not give you price information.Instead, they will give you access to the embedded digital media.The information can be in form of contact details, special offers, coupons,mobile websites, online videos and many more. With QR codes, people nowdo not have to remember contact information or important URLs; all they 15
  16. 16. Mobile Marketing 101 for Local Businessesneed is a smartphone with a camera in order to receive the informationinstantly.Quick response codes are commonly seen on magazines, newspapers, printadvertisements, television, websites, and billboards. They are basicallyblack and white squares and come in different formations. They aredesigned to take information from transitory media into your mobile phone.They look like small crosswords and might appear useless by just looking atthem. They, however, carry important information and can easily bescanned using mobile phones instead of a cumbersome scanner such as theone used to decode standard barcodes.The good thing about QR codes is that they can be placed on a wide rangeof items. They can be printed on T-shirts, business cards, products, menus,store signs, billboards and any place where it will be easy for the public tosee. With imagination and creativity, QR codes can open new doors tosuccess for businesses. It is an infant strategy in marketing but with abright future especially now that everything is revolving around mobilephones and associated technology.QR codes are gaining massive popularity because of their different uses.Using a mobile phone camera and the necessary application, users will belead to the destination you embedded in the code.If you want to have different information embedded on the QR codes, it isnot a must that you get new codes. You can simply use existing ones andchange the destination. When people scan your codes, they will be taken tothe latest destination you setup.Or you can simply use multiple QR codes for different purposes that lead todifferent destinations. No matter how simple, or weird they look, QR codesare becoming more popular by the day and soon will be a part of us just likemobile phones are.How QR Codes Can Increase ProfitsWhile most people are still trying to figure out what QR (quick response)codes are, some businesses are enjoying increased sales thanks to theseblack and white squares. Prior to looking at the benefits and statistics of QRcodes usage, it is important to understand what they are. 16
  17. 17. Mobile Marketing 101 for Local BusinessesOriginally created in Japan, Quick Response codes are 2-dimensionalbarcodes that are used to store important information and when scannedusing mobile phones, they lead the user to the embedded information.Statistics - A large portion of the people scanning QR codes are between 18 and 35 years - 5 out of 10 people have seen or know what QR codes are - 30% of mobile users have scanned QR codes - 87% of people who scan Quick Response codes do it to get more information on products and services - The largest number of scans comes from newspaper and magazines - Businesses across all industries are using QR codes to market their products and servicesThese statistics are strong indications that QR codes are becoming morepopular every day.Benefits of QR CodesSaving on Printing CostThe cost of printing is always rising due to different factors in the market.Small businesses have to spend extra money when advertising theirbusinesses and this affects their income. With QR codes, this amount isminimized as the codes are not as expensive as printing any otherinformation on magazines, newspapers or billboards. All you need is toembed the information you want your audience to go and put themwherever you like.Customer Excitement and Instant GratificationPeople are always curious and will want to know what information isembedded in your QR code. This will lead to multiple scans and if what isbehind the black and white squares is of good value, you will eventually seean increase in sales as a result. Consumers also crave instant access toinformation these days and QR codes are a great way to fill that need. 17
  18. 18. Mobile Marketing 101 for Local BusinessesInstead of having to wait until they get in front of a computer, consumerscan be directed to your QR code destinations immediately upon scanningthem with their mobile phones.Save TimeJust like the name suggests QR codes stand for fast response. Your targetaudience will not have to look for information anywhere else. When theyscan the codes, their mobile phones will decode the embedded informationand take them where you want them to go. People want fast action and thisis one way to give it to them.Ways to Use QR Codes in Your BusinessIf utilized properly, QR codes are very powerful for marketing products andservices. You can easily drive more traffic to your website and transformyour visitors to customers using these codes. The good thing about QRcodes is that they allow you to embed any information you would want topass to your audience including contact info, promotions, mobile websitelinks, website address, and much more.Below are a number of ways you can use QR codes to benefit your business:- Business Cards: This is a great way to use QR codes since you’re alreadygiving out your business cards. To maximize on the small space, onlyinclude important information on the business card then have the QR codesprinted with embedded information linking to social media sites, your mobilewebsite or with important business information you would like to share withyour clients.- Product Labels: By including QR codes on product labels, customers willwant to scan the codes and get more information on the product or simplyfind out additional information about your business and what else you haveto offer.- Displays on Storefronts: Since most businesses are not open aroundthe clock, you can still make sales online by including QR codes linking to anonline store. The codes can be placed on the front window of yourestablishment where people can easily see and scan them. 18
  19. 19. Mobile Marketing 101 for Local Businesses- T-shirts: T-shirts have been used for promotion purposes for a long timeand are still effective. You can have your QR codes printed on a number ofT-shirts and give them away or sell them at a low price. Your customers willdo the marketing for you by simply wearing the T-shirts. If you have theability, get interns and have them wear them on a special event.- Be Creative: When the QR codes are being designed, have your logo orbusiness name incorporated to make it look funky and interesting. You caneven add a little color. When you do this, make sure the codes are testedthoroughly before having them printed in bulk only to be useless.- Get Social Follows and Likes: It is quite easy to get more likes onFacebook and more followers on Twitter by embedding the necessaryinformation on your QR codes. The more likes and followers you have thebetter the chances of converting all these to sales.Consequences of Not Using QR CodesQR codes (quick response codes) are the black and white squares that looklike mini crosswords that have started to pop up everywhere. They are onnewspapers, magazines, T-shirts, business cards, brochures, billboards anda whole lot of other places.Well, most people have not yet grasped the concept behind these 2-dimensional codes. They are similar to the barcodes that you see on mostproducts, the ones the cashier uses to price the product at the counter usinga scanner. They are similar in the fact that both store information but QRcodes can store much more information than just the name and price of aproduct.There are several consequences of not using QR codes in your business ifyou are in a competitive industry. People today crave “information” so as abusiness, you should be aware of methods that will provide ampleinformation on your products and services while keeping the expenses low.QR codes can be termed as “infant” in the world of business marketing buthave a number of benefits that can be quite useful to any business. Notusing QR codes in this technology-driven world could cause your business tofall short of its full potential. 19
  20. 20. Mobile Marketing 101 for Local BusinessesOne major consequence your business will face for not using QR codes isincreased spending on marketing. If you are not using QR codes, it meansyou are using conventional methods to create product and serviceawareness. These methods are expensive and will only stretch your budgetto the extremes. QR codes, on the other hand, are easy to create and donot need expensive maintenance. Therefore, they are a cheap yet effectiveway to market a business.It will be unfortunate for your business if you are not using QR codes andyour competitors are. They will be reaching customers in places you cannottouch; giving them a substantial edge over you. The main goal of anybusiness is being an industry leader and beating competitors in attractingcustomers.Without proper marketing strategies such as QR codes, it is easy to loseyour customers and business to your direct competitors.QR Codes FAQsWhat are QR Codes?QR (quick response) codes are barcodes that can be read by smartphonesto reveal information embedded in them such as links to websites withoutmanually typing the URL. They act as a bridge that exists between the realand the digital world and allow customers to access more information onyour business.How Can QR Codes Help My Business?QR codes have the potential to create a unique experience that will bringabout the buzz needed in effectively marketing a business. The codes willsave time for smartphone users and are convenient when it comes to givinginformation on products and services. It is interesting to get content fromjust scanning black and white squares so more and more people will want toknow what is behind your quick response codes.How Do QR Codes Work?When a person identifies QR codes they are interested in, they will use anapplication on their smart phone to scan the codes. Some of the modernsmartphones come with these applications already installed so it is an easy 20
  21. 21. Mobile Marketing 101 for Local Businessestask. The application will then take them to the embedded information suchas a mobile website or a link to a promotion or different offers.How Much Will it Cost Me?Amazingly enough, most of the processes involved a free. Unless you areinterested in custom work or decide to work with an experiencedprofessional, you will pretty much not pay for anything. The only spendingwill be on printing the QR codes on magazines, newspapers, T-shirts andwhat have you.Can I Customize QR Codes?Absolutely! It is possible to include a brand logo, change colors and a lot ofother custom factors. You can use Photoshop to do this and with the 30%error correction, there is room for a lot of customization.What Can be Included in QR Codes?QR codes are known to support not less than 9 types of data. These includeevents, phone numbers, location, plain text, URL links, contact info, emailaddress, SMS, and wi-Fi network key. It is up to you to choose which typeof data will best market your business and create a buzz that will lead tomore people scanning your QR codes.What Are the Benefits of QR Codes?QR codes are effective especially because people will always want to knowwhat you have for them behind the codes. They fulfill that “instantgratification” need that most consumers today have. QR codes are alsoinexpensive to create and maintain - making them a great marketing tool.What is a Mobile App?Mobile Applications (better known as “Mobile Apps”) are causing a majorbuzz in the mobile phone world. Mobile software developers arecontinuously creating software aimed at making the lives of mobile phoneusers more interesting and convenient. In addition, mobile phone users areconstantly searching for mobile apps that are fun, engaging, and helpful. 21
  22. 22. Mobile Marketing 101 for Local BusinessesMobile apps instantly connect mobile users to Internet services that areusually accessed on desktop computer. These apps enable smartphoneusers to carry out different tasks on their mobile devices without a lot ofhassle.Some examples of mobile apps would be a mobile website bookmarkingdevice, a mobile-based instant messaging system, instant access tocoupons, and more.The first mobile app was created by apple for their users but with time,software developers ventured into all types of smartphones; making appseasily accessible to the whole world.Basically, mobile apps are simple software that run on mobile phoneswithout any problem and assist users in different functions. Due to the lowprocessing power of mobile devices when compared to PCs, these apps arecreated to be completely compatible with mobile phones to avoid anytechnical glitches.Most people use mobile apps without even knowing it. For instance, if youhave a smartphone and you use a mobile phone browser, then you areusing a mobile app. Some mobile apps are pre-installed on smartphones,such as compasses, calculators, calendars, clocks, and many others.These are some of the more simple mobile apps, but there morecomplicated ones that can perform quite a range of amazing tasks. It isbelieved that there is an application for almost everything in life. From thefirst application, the world of mobile apps has evolved extremely fast towhat we have today.People are addicted to mobile phones and apps play a major role in this. Forthis reason, businesses are quickly changing their marketing strategies andcreating space for mobile apps in their marketing campaigns. There aremobile apps that have already made a name for themselves, such as socialmedia sites. But this does not mean that you cannot create one for yourbusiness and get desired results.With the number of mobile phone users increasing and communicationcompanies designing smarter phones every day, one of the best ways toreach out to people is through mobile phones; applications to be precise.Mobile apps are an important part of the future for any business. Therefore, 22
  23. 23. Mobile Marketing 101 for Local Businessesit is crucial that you evaluate your business to see how mobile apps can helpyou increase customers, sales, and profits.How Mobile Apps Can Increase SalesThe most important part of any business is effective marketing. Businessowners are determined to create brand awareness and let as many peopleas possible know that his or her business exists.With the availability of affordable smartphones and millions of amazingmobile applications, everyone literally has their eyes glued to thesegadgets. For business owners, this is a great opportunity to effectively andaffordably market their businesses. If you want to increase sales, youshould know what mobile apps are and their benefits to your business.The main aim of having mobile apps is ease and simplicity. Give this to yourcustomers, and watch your business flourish. If your customers realize thatthey can easily find you without having to go through countless hoops ontheir mobile phones, your business will always be on their radar.A mobile app allows your business to be available right at their fingertips,which will bring your business closer to your customers. With just a simpleclick, they can get what they want from you. When your customers can giveyou a call or visit your website with a quick press of a button, they willbecome happy campers.Mobile apps allow your customers to instantly access your business via theirmobile devices without much hassle and this will work positively towardsincreasing your sales. People like being connected to businesses and if youcan provide that much-needed connection, you will be rewarded with loyaltyfrom your customers.Mobile apps also include text messages, which are very effective. Onlyapproximately 20% of emails you send to your customers will be read while98% of text messages you send will be received and read. This means thatby using text message mobile apps, you can grow your business bygenerating repeat sales over a short period of time.In addition, if you include a promotion on the app download, chances arethat anyone who downloads the application will actually visit your physical 23
  24. 24. Mobile Marketing 101 for Local Businessesstore for the discount of offer. They will have a chance to see what else youhave for them and might buy something else.If you have a lot of interesting items and your application is cool, then theywill recommend your business and in no time, your sales will be up and sowill your profits. If you have a small business, do not be afraid of venturinginto mobile applications; they can open many new doors for success.Mobile App Tips for Your BusinessMobile apps are great tools that not only make life interesting andconvenient for smartphone users, but they also make tasks much easier toperform on mobile devices.This means that mobile phone users are always on the lookout for new andexciting apps that will add a spark to their lives. With this in mind, it isimportant that you, as a business owner, do everything you can to provideyour customers with an application that is not only irresistible, but one thatwill enhance the communication between you and your prospects.The following are some ideas you can incorporate in your mobile applicationto ensure that it achieves your set goals. • Create an Interesting Icon: Most people will click on an icon that looks cool regardless of the contents. To get more people clicking and downloading your application, you should ensure that the icon is one that invites people. You can have a fancy company logo or anything that will look attractive to your target audience. • Make Sure Your Application Fits Your Business: Since you are interested in creating a communication channel between you and your customers, you should ensure that your mobile app is useful to them. Otherwise, it could be a complete waste. Consult an experienced mobile app developer with a creative mind and you will have an application that will be envied by your competitors and a “must-have” for your customers. 24
  25. 25. Mobile Marketing 101 for Local Businesses • Use Promotions: Mobile applications must be downloaded and to get people to download them, you need to come up with an effective campaign. People are attracted to offer and promotions and thus you should use this to your advantage. Have a promotion campaign running for every download and you will be surprised by the number of people who will download your app. This will also ensure that they visit your physical store to redeem the offers, which will lead to more sales. • Produce “Quality” Over “Quantity”: When the app is being created, make sure that the customer gets valuable information only and not a lot of content. Most people will be interested in brief details that are straight to the point rather than lengthy contents. • Make Your App Irresistible to Your Target Audience: The main reason why you are creating a business app is to give your customers a quick, easy, and valuable way to interact with your business. If you want more and more people to download and use your mobile app, you have to make sure that it meets all of those standards.Consequences of Not Using Mobile AppsInitially developed by Apple for their iPhone users, mobile apps have sincespread to other smartphones and have evolved to more complex versionsthat are both interesting and amazing. Mobile applications are a great toolfor business people to use in their marketing strategy.Mobile apps create an instant connection between businesses and theircustomers, so not using them could have a negative impact on yourbusiness.The driving force behind mobile application is to make life simple and easyfor mobile phone users – including your customers. This means that with abusiness mobile app, a user can easily access and contact your business.Without mobile applications, it means that life for the user in relation toyour business will be more difficult.This is because they will have to go through different processes to find orcontact you; such as search the web for your information. This could be a 25
  26. 26. Mobile Marketing 101 for Local Businessespain – especially if your business is not optimized for mobile visibility and isnot mobile-friendly.Ignoring business apps in your marketing strategy is not a wise moveespecially now that more and more people are using smartphones. Thesepeople want everything to be fast and easy and if you do not give them thatthrough mobile apps, your business has a potential profit leak.Mobile apps can give your business an edge over your competitors who arenot taking advantage of mobile marketing. On the other hand, if you are notusing mobile apps in your business, your closest competitor may besnatching some of your customers and enjoying the advantages of thiseffective tool.The ultimate price you can pay for not having a mobile app for yourbusiness is not reaching more potential customers and not being close toyour existing customers.Marketing is crucial in any business and so is the communication between abusiness and its customers. With this in mind, you should not suffer all theconsequences that come with the absence of a business mobile app. Mobiletechnology is moving extremely fast and your business must move just asfast in order to stay in front of your local customers and prospects.Mobile Apps FAQsWhat is a Mobile App?Mobile applications are software developed for use on smartphones. Someof the common applications include clocks, compass, calculator, browsers,downloaders, among many others. However, there is a wide-range ofmobile apps on the market today. The first mobile application was createdby Apple for their iPhone but software developers came up with manyothers that can be used on different brands of smartphones.What are Mobile Apps for?Mobile apps are created to assist mobile phone users in making tasks easierand injecting some fun in the use of smartphones. While some mobile appsare purely for fun purposes, some are more functional and business 26
  27. 27. Mobile Marketing 101 for Local Businessesoriented. There are probably many different ways your customers andprospects would benefit by having a mobile app for your business.How Will My Business Benefit from Using Mobile Apps?A lot of people are now using smart phones and depend heavily on thesegadgets for almost everything. One of the easiest ways to reach yourcustomers who use mobile devices is to have a mobile app. This will createan instant communication channel between your business and them. Yourbusiness will benefit from fast and effective advertising as well as chance toget feedback from your customers.How Effective are Mobile Apps?Considering the number of people using mobile phones on a daily basis,mobile applications are quite effective in marketing a business. If you get alot of people to download and run your app on their mobile phones you willenjoy effective advertisements and your customers will have access to yourbusiness with a simple click.Where Do I Get a Mobile App?The best way to get a great mobile application for your business is toconsult a qualified and experienced mobile app developer. Together, youcan brainstorm about how mobile applications can benefit your business inparticular. Then, you can develop a plan to have your app created.How Do I Get People to Download My App?It is not easy for people to just download your app without being “pushed” alittle. You should offer incentives in the form of discounts and offers to getpeople to download your mobile app. If your app is engaging and providesvalue to your customers, they will start telling other people about yourbusiness app; increasing your marketing reach without any additional workon your part.What Kind of App Should I Create?This will depend heavily on your business and your target audience. Onething to keep in mind is that the app should be interesting, provide value toyour mobile customers, and it must be extremely relevant to your business. 27
  28. 28. Mobile Marketing 101 for Local BusinessesThis concludes our Mobile Marketing 101 Report! I hope you have found thisinformation useful and are starting to think of ways you can implementmobile apps into your business to increase profits.If you would like more information about Mobile Marketing, or are ready toget started, contact us at for a freeconsultation. 28