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Introduction to Community Legal Education


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Published in: Education
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Introduction to Community Legal Education

  1. 1. Community Legal Education“...The provision of general legalinformation and resources for self-help activities utilizingprint, websites, interactive media andother technologies as available.” Legal Services Corporation Performance Criteria (#3)
  2. 2. Outreach
  3. 3. The Equal Justice Journal
  4. 4. Publications
  5. 5. Online Resources
  6. 6. Presentations on Legal Issues to Groups and Organizations
  7. 7. Developing New Self-Help Resources
  8. 8. • In 2011, Iowa Legal Aid distributed nearly 12,000 legal education brochures;• Staff made CLE presentations to 5,400 people;• There were 144,785 page views on the Iowa Legal Aid website; and• Over 25,000 copies of the Equal Justice Journal were distributed to individuals statewide.