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Ivs 2013 stormwater vic conference iouri draft 3


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Ivs 2013 stormwater vic conference iouri draft 3

  1. 1. Independent verification scheme for stormwater treatment devices 2013 Stormwater Victoria Conference
  2. 2. Introduction The Independent Verification Scheme (IVS) project is a joint initiative of Melbourne Water and Institute of Public Works Engineering (IPWEA) with active participation and support from Environmental Protection Authority Victoria (EPA Vic), Victorian Department of Health (DOH VIC), Victorian Civil Contractors federation, Stormwater Victoria, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO), Monash University and other industry representatives.
  3. 3. Project Objectives The overall aim of this project is to establish the regulatory and administrative framework, product testing and validation protocols and performance database for the storm water treatment devices to enable the better utilization and broader uptake of Integrated Water Cycle Management (IWCM) in Victoria
  4. 4. Project delivery approach Delivery of this complex and multifaceted project is planned in three stages, where: • Stage 1 of this project (currently in progress) should deliver a road map discussion paper for the development of an independent verification scheme for stormwater treatment devices in Victoria. • The subsequent stages of the project will involve comprehensive industry consultation on the proposed scheme and formation of the delivery strategy (stage2), and • Establishment of the administrative framework and protocols for testing and validation of stormwater treatment devices in VIC and the stormwater treatment products database (stage 3).
  5. 5. Conceptual schematic and key elements
  7. 7. Regulations • Relevant legislation and acts (e.g. Water Act 1989 , Environment Protection Act 1970, State environment protection policy (waters of Victoria)) • Environmental regulations (e.g. The Urban stormwater best practice environmental management guidelines (BPEMG)) • Planning regulations (e.g. clause 56 of the Victoria Planning Provisions) • Stormwater reuse regulations (e.g. Australian Guidelines for Water Recycling: Stormwater Harvesting and Reuse ) • Current initiatives and collaborative actions (e.g. Protecting our bays and waterways – a partnership agreement between EPA, Melbourne Water and MAV)
  8. 8. Administration • Overarching governance arrangements • Establish and administer the Stormwater Treatment Devices database • Set the requirements for claims evaluation and testing • Form and administer Independent Technical Experts panel • Development of relevant guidelines and protocols • Financial administration including fees, funding and grants • Promotion, education and training on the IVS • Reporting to the relevant regulatory bodies on the IVS
  9. 9. Technical To assist with implementation of the IVS scheme, the Administrator forms an Evaluation panel comprised of industry, technical and regulatory specialists to: • Set the definitions, categories and parameters for Stormwater treatment devices and its performance • Based on best industry practice prepare testing procedures and protocols for verification of performance claims as part of IVS • Develop protocols and procedures for data evaluation and reporting • Review vendors’ applications and test plans and make recommendations • Audit tests for compliance • Review the Verification reports submitted by vendors and make recommendations
  10. 10. Road Map
  11. 11. Jurisdiction and extent • The proposed IVS is developed and implemented in the state of Victoria, Australia serving as a pilot for the broader National scheme. Application • Through Urban stormwater best practice environmental management guidelines (BPEMG) (potentially an Appendix). • Stormwater performance is required through planning (e.g. Clause 56 of the Victoria Planning Provisions). • Council sustainable water strategies, municipal stormwater targets.
  12. 12. Deliverables •Central database for information on Stormwater Treatment Devices performance. o Collates and allows access to verified performance claims o Allows greater clarity for selection of pre-validated technologies to meet a required stormwater quality objectives. •A mechanism allowing the database to be maintained and ensure integrity of information provided. •A defined pathway for testing, validation and acceptance onto the database.
  13. 13. Administration • Melbourne Water Corporation may assume the position of the Administrator for the IVS scheme and the role of Stormwater Treatment Devices performance database manager. The Administrator forms an Evaluation and Experts panel to assist with the implementation of IVS. Devices covered by the scheme • This Independent Verification scheme applies to pre-engineered, commercially-available technologies for storm water treatment.
  14. 14. Governing principles The IVS should be,- o straightforward, practical and consistent in its application o avoid being overly prescriptive o support innovation Decision making should be transparent, timely and accountable, with clear mechanisms to leverage the knowledge and experience of industry and the broader scientific/research community
  15. 15. Discussions