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EXTENT-2015: UnaVista Technology 


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UnaVista Technology 
Natalia Kryukova, QA, Exactpro
11 November 2015
Trading Technology Trends & Quality Assurance Conference in St. Petersburg

Published in: Technology
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EXTENT-2015: UnaVista Technology 

  1. 1. UnaVista Technology Natalia Kryukova 11 November 2015London Stock Exchange Group Page 1
  2. 2. Alignment with LSEG Value Chain London Stock Exchange Group Page 2 Primary Trading Middle & Back Office Clearing Settlement & Depository Information Technology
  3. 3. UnaVista Business Solutions Risk and Controls Regulation Data & Analytics Operational and Regulatory Risk Management Solution
  4. 4. Page 4 Risk & Controls  Central Solutions  Approved EMIR trade repository (all asset classes)  Approved Reporting Mechanism (ARM) MiFID  G20 transaction reporting _ global repository and routing  Regulatory Solutions -e.g.  AIFMD  Short Selling  Financial Transaction Tax  Primary dealer (HRF)  EU Transparency directive  Mergers & Acquisitions (POTAM / Rule8)  Section 793 UK companies  Rules Engine Reconciliations  Cash & Stock  Front Office/Back Office  Broker (CFD trade)  Client Money  NAV  Intersystem / InterCompany  Transaction reporting  MiFID eligibility checking  Forward FX  Commission sharing  Back Testing (BASEL II)  ETD  Exchange (Gross & Net) Swaps Processing  Tri Party Matching  Buy side  Executing Broker  Swap writer / prime broker Confirmations  Broker Matching  Broker/buy-side  Low automation  SWIFT GETC  Full lifecycle matching & routing supported  Omgeo integration  OGD & CTM  Bilateral netting  FIX connectivity & local matching CCP Connectivity Data  SEDOL Masterfile  Corporate actions  Participant trade data  LSEG historic Reference data  EMIR data feed  MiFID eligible stocks  MiFID historical data (for back reporting)  Tick & Enhanced best price data  LEI Data Feed  CAI Data Feed  EMIR public aggregation data Analytics  Reporting KPIs  Management Information  User Defined Thresholds  Peer to Peer  MAR Surveillance Operational and Regulatory Risk Management Solution UnaVista Business Solutions UnaVista Platform Solutions Operational and Regulatory Risk Management Solution Regulation Risk and Controls Data & Analytics
  5. 5. Risk Management Evolution Bespoke Build/Buy Regional Solutions Global Repositories Strategic Frameworks • Tactical local solutions • Operational silos • Geographically dispersed • Single regulation, regional solutions • Streamlined operations • Regional control frameworks • Global • Multi regulation • Business insight • Risk mitigation GTR UnaVista UnaVista On Big Data Business Value Tactical Regional Centralization Optimization Reporting Platforms 5
  6. 6. Software Testing for UnaVista 11 November 2015London Stock Exchange Group Page 6 UI Data Input Data Validation Data Normalization Data Transformation DB FW Selenium FW Selenium Reconciliations Development Test Scripts Test Scripts Test Results Test Results Solution Functional Testing Platform Regression Testing Platform Functional Testing Solution Regression TestingReconciliation Testing
  7. 7. Two New Regulation Products Page 7 EU Short-Selling: • Covers Equity and Sovereign Debt positions in EU • Automated, jurisdiction specific, short position threshold monitoring • Formatted private and public disclosures to relevant Competent Authorities EU+ Transparency Directive: • Covers EU plus 9 adjacent economies (Switzerland, Russia, Turkey, etc..) • Automated monitoring of equity based long positions • 4-eye disclosure workflow and ability to suppress jurisdiction- country combinations
  8. 8. UnaVista Regulatory Reporting Page 8 • Technology platform to support global reporting needs • Single, strategic reporting platform: • Only TR proving EMIR TR and MiFID ARM services • G20 reporting for multiple jurisdictions • FTT, AIFMD, Short Selling, Transparency Directive, M&A and others • Provision of all reference data: ISIN, SEDOL, LEI, eligibility, etc.. • Only future provider or EMIR, MiFIR and APA services from one vendor
  9. 9. UnaVista’s MAR Transaction Surveillance Data Analysed If you already report to UnaVista as a MiFID Approved Reporting Mechanism, UnaVista will leverage the data already provided to seek and detect potential instances of suspicious transactions. Types of suspicious transactions detectable by UnaVista: Insider Trading (part of MAR 1.3): • Based on price movement and trade profitability thresholds • Weighted by asset class and duration open Market Manipulation (part of MAR 1.6): • Front Running - Based on Agent vs. Proprietary trade indicator • Restricted List Analysis – Based on supplied list • Parked Trades Analysis - By monitoring trading books • Wash Trade Analysis - Based on trades of similar price • Cancellation Analysis - Based on trade cancellation All of which are major forms of market abuse prosecutable under both MAD and MAR. UnaVista does not monitor for non-quantitative forms of market abuse such as spreading misleading information, or non-compliance with research disclosure and managerial disclosure requirements. Page 9
  10. 10. Thank You Jan Jul 2015 Jan 2016 Jul 2016 Jan 2017 Jul 2017Jan 2015 Rules Engine: G20 Derivatives Reporting, REMIT, DTCC Connectivity Regulatory Reconciliations: MiFID, EMIR, REMIT, Canada, Dodd Frank, G20 Central Solutions EMIR L2 MiFIRRegulatory Suite MiFIR / APA Production Reference Data: MiFIR, LEI, EMIR, SEDOL, Static Data 2015-2017 MiFIR UnaVista Regulatory Package Roadmap: MiFIR, EMIR, G20, SFT, CPR, APA and BI/Transaction Surveillance for all. EMIR V2 Commodities Reporting / SFT Static & Reference Data, MI, Peer To Peer, LEI Monitor MiFIR Accelerator MiFIR UAT APA/ Rules Engine Test tool ready UAT ready Production ready EU Short Selling, Transparency, M&A FinFrag Reporting 17 November 2015London Stock Exchange Group Page 10