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  1. 1. 1 Corporate Governance & Ownership Database 6 years track record 5500 companies 46 countries 75 stock indexes 100 variables
  2. 2. 2 3 Corporate Governance Experts NRG Metrics is created from a team of market professionals and academic researchers on the field of corporate governance. By concentrating the experience and the knowledge from various types of academic backgrounds such as corporate finance, accounting, and management and of course corporate governance, we decided to create an independent corporate governance research firm. Our goal is to provide accurate data about corporate governance. We strongly believe that the lack of information on corporate governance matters and especially on the field of ownership structure is an important disadvantage. Our goal is to fill this gap. Our mission is to provide an independent and the same time an accurate data of corporate governance of listed firms in different places of the world. In order to build our database we have created an analysis team that collects data from annual reports, sec filings, corporate governance reports etc. Our Company
  3. 3. 4 5* From 2007 to 2010 our database presents Audit fees as the sum of Audit fees and Audit Related fees and Non-Audit Fees as the sum of Tax fees and Other Fees. Since 2011 we collect all the data separately. BOARD  Independence ratio  Board size  Meeting Attendance  Lead director  Meeting frequency  Board kind (Unitary-Dual)  Number of Executives, Non-executives, and independent directors  Chairman classification AUDIT  Audit fees*  Audit Related fees  Tax fees  Other fees  Total fees  Audit firm  Big 4  Auditor name  Financial experts  Second audit firm (2011 - Present) CEO  Age  Tenure  Other Public Boards (2011 - Present)  Leadership structure  Belongs to Board-Executive Management GENDER  Female on Board  Female CEO  Female Chair  Female on Audit Committee  Female on Remuneration Committee  Female on Nomination Committee COMMITTEES*  Audit  Remuneration  Nomination  Independence  Size  Meetings  Charters (2008 - Present)  Chairman classification  Other committees (2011 - Present) * Other Committees are the following: corporate governance, risk management, executive, finance, human resources, investment. Board Audit Remuneration Board Audit Remuneration
  4. 4. 6 7 BOARD  Board ownership  Executive ownership  Non-executive ownership  Independent ownership  Executive Management ownership  CEO ownership MAJOR SHAREHOLDERS CATEGORIES  External Block holders (Individuals, families, non-listed companies, venture capitals, private equities)  Institutional (banks, mutual funds, hedge funds, pension funds, insurance companies, real estate companies, investment firms)  Miscellaneous (charities, employees, foundations)  State (country, local authorities, sovereign wealth funds)  Owned  Widely Held (Listed and non-financial companies)  Nominees Ownership Ownership * In the case that a company has more than one class of shares the researchers are able to find in our database all the data for all the available classes of shares (up to three different) SHARE CHARACTERISTICS  1st Class Name (Ordinary, preference, non-voting etc.)  2nd Class Name  3rd Class Name  Status (listed, non-listed)  Voting rights  Number of Total shares Outstanding DUAL SHARES*  1st Class  2nd Class  3rd Class SIGNIFICANT SHAREHOLDERS  Largest shareholder  Type of Largest shareholder (Institutional, external, state, etc.)  Name of Largest shareholder  Number of Large shareholders  Top 5
  5. 5. 8 9 Covered Markets Covered Markets COUNTRIES AND NUMBER OF EVALUATED COMPANIES Australia 195 Germany 290 Mexico 16 South Africa 50 Austria 56 Greece 176 Netherlands 88 South Corea 29 Belgium 97 Hong-Kong 105 New Zealand 19 Spain 100 Brazil 63 Hungary 11 Norway 135 Sweden 190 Bulgaria 4 India 100 Philippines 44 Switzerland 150 Canada 244 Indonesia 50 Poland 31 Taiwan 30 Croatia 8 Ireland 42 Portugal 31 Thailand 57 Cyprus 9 Israel 20 Qatar 19 Turkey 65 Czech 10 Italy 145 Romania 10 UK 512 Denmark 92 Japan 218 Russia 55 Usa 1540 Finland 101 Luxemburg 4 Singapore 112 France 203 Malaysia 30 Slovenia 14 STOCK MARKET INDEXES FULL COVERAGE UK FTSE 350 Sweden OMX STOCKHOLM 30 Usa NASDAQ Germany DAX Denmark OMX COPENHAGEN 20 Canada TSX 60 Greece FTSE ATHENS/20 Finland OMX HELSINKI 25 Mexico INMEX Italy FTSE-MIB 30 Norway OBX Brazil BOVESPA France CAC 40 Russia RTS Australia SP ASX 200 Netherlands AEX 25 Poland WIG 20 Hong-Kong HANG-SENG Belgium BEL 20 Luxembourg LUX X Singapore STI Portugal PSI 20 Turkey ISE 30 Japan NIKKEI 225 Spain IBEX 35 Israel TA 25 India SENSEX Austria ATX Hungary BUX New Zealand NZX 20 Switzerland SMI Slovenia SBI TOP Indonesia LQ 45 Ireland ISEQ 20 Usa SP 1500 Europe EUROSTOXX 600
  6. 6. 10 11 C. G. Report Data Collection Procedure Other info FAQ Corporate Governance Report The Corporate Governance Report is a common report for each of the 5.500 companies that we collect data in our database. The reason why we create this report is because we believe that is very important for our customers to see all the information regarding corporate governance for every company. More specifically, the user is able to see the members of the Board of Directors, the characteristics of the board members (age, tenure, other public boards, occupation, classification etc.), the ownership structure (all the large shareholders, the board shareholdings etc.). All this information is difficult to present through an excel file. NRG Metrics Data Collection Procedure NRG Metrics maintains only the highest degree of data quality. We implement a combination of quality control measures. NRG Metrics employ expert analysts to manually enter, review, and cross check data with senior analysts, who often perform random audits. Customized software programs control all levels of data entry procedure for inconsistencies and errors. What is NRG Metrics?  NRG Metrics is an independent research firm focusing on corporate governance. We are the leading source for European corporate governance information and analysis. Where do you get your data? All of the raw data in NRG Metrics’ database is derived from publicly-available documents such as annual reports, companies’ presentations, SEC filings, and press releases. How often do you update your data? The majority of data, being derived from annual reports and SEC filings, is updated annually. Do you consult with the companies you rate? We do not consult with any rated company about how to improve its ratings. What is the market coverage for NRG Metrics? NRG Metrics provide evaluation reports for more than 5.500 companies all over the world (Europe, North America and Asia- Pacific). We cover more than 46 countries. Do you offer free trials? No. What we are pleased to do is to show you our database and to spend as much time with you as you need to asses our data. How can I see NRG Metrics database in detail? Email Annual Report Collection Data Entry Control
  7. 7. Corporate Governance Ownership Database