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There are 4 special considerations in teachiing listening and speaking for EFL learners and also effective teaching tips for English teachers.

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  • I feel the same as In Young Choi did.
    Absolutely the lack of authentic materials and situations is making it hard to teach speaking.
    In order to teach speaking effectively, teachers need to expose students to authentic speaking practice. But it is impossible to bring all my students to America or English speaking countries for real settings. I would be broke...
    However, fortunately, In Young Choi suggested several fantastic alternatives to experience authentic situations.
    The most impressive ways to me are 'using E-pal' and 'meeting native speakers online'.
    The ways are not like real settings but real settings. Students would be able to improve writing as well as speaking while making new foreign friends.
    I'd like to use those methods in class later.
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  • I also like Kyeong Chun's ideas, too. I have been using Mr. Bean video clips as a warm up before class begins. My students love watching Mr. Bean. However, I have never thought that I could integrate this video clips with speaking aspect of English. I should try this method to my students. Before teachers expect any outcomes from activities, I do beleve that active interaction should be the basis. I also appreciate great teaching tips, and I definitely want to use some in my class. (Comment by JaEun Kim)
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  • I like it a lot. Thanks In young. You made it beautifully :-)
    Ja Eun gave me more tips to teach listening specifically. Using dictation about songs and movie clips will be successful way to enlarge learners’ listening capacity.
    In speaking part, if Kyeong Chun is a teacher I would love to participate to your class. I believe the ways you suggested are full of interesting and enough to motivate learners to involve class.
    Thanks for abundant information how to teach listening and speaking effectively.
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