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Invoke Design-A-Thon 2012: INREACH


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On April 13th, 2012, Invoke's team of designers were challenged to design and present a concept for an interactive digital experience . Each team member spent 24 hours refining their ideas and ultimately presenting it to the team.

INREACH: For Something Greater is a concept presentation by Invoke Interactive Designer Dominic Wong and was voted winner of the Invoke 2012 Design-A-Thon.

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Invoke Design-A-Thon 2012: INREACH

  1. 1. Concept PresentationWinner of 2012 design-a-thon
  2. 2. PROBLEM STATEMENTEveryday objects are part of our way of life. Asconsumerists, we need to replace the ‘use and throwaway’/hoard mentality.As humans, goals are naturally meant to beindividualistic, often reached by ourselves. But what ifpeople contributed to those goals to make it much moretransparent?
  3. 3. seeks to help sellers reach monetary goalsthrough buyer contributions to marketplace listings and services
  4. 4. $250 $220
  5. 5. $250 $220People choose differently when presented with more context. THAT CONTEXT IS SOMEONE ELSE’S VISION / REACH
  6. 6. BUY-IN REASONING SELLER BUYERACCOUNTABILITY Their Goal A Seller’s Goal MEANINGFUL TO GOAL CONTRIBUTION List Items/Services Worth of an Item/Service Sense of Satisfaction
  8. 8. GOALS LISTINGS Product Service Product/Object Project/Funding Services Gift Deals Proceeds• Has to be Public • Fixed Price• Amount in % or $ • Negotiable • Price Range
  9. 9. SELLER’S JOURNEY SETUP/PREP TRANSACTION FOLLOW-UP $900 $300 - $500 $180 Design Canucks Take Photo / Add to my Services Tickets Write Message Timeline CREATES A MAKES Decides on location and IMAC Notify selects Place. Location Contributors GOAL LISTING(S) value attached to product BOUGHT! Via Find My Friends Example or Event Check-In SELLER CONFIRMS SENT IF ONLINE PAYMENT IS USED Groupon for Camera Lens Fairmont $35 $ Negotiable $500 SYSTEM CONFIRMS PAYMENT TRANSACTION SUCCESSFUL THROUGH LOCAL MEET CONTRIBUTION/ UP OR ONLINE PORTAL TRANSACTIONBUYER’S JOURNEY DECIDES ON CANUCKS TICKETS NOTIFIED Confirms Reciept FOR BUY OTHER OF SELLER’S FOR GOAL OR of Item/Service PRODUCT THINGS REACHED GOAL BUYER BROWSES SITE... List on to my contributions WATCH This User / This Product / This Goal Track
  10. 10. ExpandabilityOther MarketsCan Match Goals with Listings Ex. Need Website Ex. Dev ServicesCompanies- Sponsored Goals- Offer listings cheaper or donation to site as goal- Promote listings- Non-Profits become category + Showcase donation goals
  11. 11. ExpandabilityOther Considerations* Abuse* Buyer re-lists purchases* Inappropriate listings* Validation of PaymentPayment Considerations* Standalone Payment Portal* Facebook Marketplace* Ebay* Craiglist* Etsy
  12. 12. See a revised concept of