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Multichannel Marketing: The Key to Expanding Revenue


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Multichannel marketing is now. You may be an offline expert, but mobile and online are dominant mainstream media. Not advertising in these channels? Then you’re leaving money on the table. Today’s DR connects offline, online and mobile, ensuring the customer experience is seamlessly optimized and fully tracked across all three. Leading call marketing technology captures and converts more high-value customers across all mediums, is highly accessible, and easy to set-up. During this one-hour session, our industry experts will: 1) Explain how today’s DR needs multichannel marketing; 2) Provide examples of successful implementation; and 3) Teach how to launch complementary offline, online and mobile campaigns.

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Multichannel Marketing: The Key to Expanding Revenue

  1. 1. Mul%channel  Marke%ng:  The   Key  to  Expanding  Revenue   Jason  Spievak   CEO   Bruce  Cook   SVP  Corporate   Development   Marc  Porcelli   GM    
  2. 2. “By  2015,  80%  of  companies  will   use  mobile  marke%ng  in  North   America.”   -­‐Kimberly  Collins,  Gartner  Analyst    
  3. 3. Inbound  Calls  are  Sourced  Digitally  and  Offline   Most  marke%ng  tools  are   s%ll  missing  the  most   valuable  part  of  mobile   marke%ng:     $300  Bd  illion  +   online/offline  a spend  driving     30  Billion  +   inbound  sales  calls  to   Fortune  5000  adver%sers   and  SMBs   $70 Billion     online  adver%sing   market  in  2013   …those  tens  of  billions  of   inbound  calls.  
  4. 4. Mobile  Search  is  Outpacing  Desktop  Search   Mobile  Search  Is  Outpacing  Desktop  Search   Mobile  Search  Leads  to  Inbound  Call  Growth.   120   Mobile  Search  Queries   100   BILLIONS  (US  ONLY)   80   Desktop  Search  Queries   60   Mobile  Calls   40   20   0   2011   2012   2013   2014   Sources:  BIA/Kelsey,  2013;  Google,  2012;  CWA  Cornell,  2008;  Contact  Babel  Contact  Center  Report,  2012.   2015   2016   Mobile  search  and  smart   phone  penetra%on  are   driving  tens  of  billions  of   calls  a  year  –  and   growing.     No  surprise  then  that   more  than  3%  of  the  U.S.   workforce  works  in  a  call   center.  
  5. 5. Inbound  Phone  Calls  Are  Significantly  More  Valuable   Inbound  Phone   Than  Clicks   Calls  Are  Significantly  More  Valuable  than  Clicks   $100+ Educa%on   $5-$10 $50-100 Home  services   $3-$5 $50-75 Insurance   $2-$4 $30-50 Financial  Svcs   $1-$3 Source:  Google,  2012;  Invoca,  2013   Call   Click   Calls  convert  at  a  much   higher  rate  than  clicks   and  at  a  higher  average   order  value.     1-­‐2%  of  clicks  convert   to  customers.     30-­‐50%  of  calls  convert   to  customers.  
  6. 6. “90%  of  consumers  begin  a  task  on  one  device  then  complete   it  on  another.”    –Todd  Rowe,  Managing  Director  of  SMB  Global  Sales,   Google  
  7. 7. Purchase  Immediacy  is  Key  in  Mul%channel  Marke%ng   55%  of  consumers   using  mobile  to   research  want  to   purchase  within  an   hour.     Call  now  during  this  panel  session   and  you  could  win  $100!   Source:  Google  Mobile  Path  to  Purchase,  Nov.  2013    
  8. 8. You  need  a  mul%channel  marke%ng  strategy  that   incorporates  both  online  and  offline.       But  what  does  that  mean?  
  9. 9. Define  Mul%channel  Marke%ng…   Interac%ng  with  customers  or  prospects  using  a  combina%on  of  indirect  and  direct  communica%on   channels  and  enabling  customers  to  take  ac%on  using  the  channel  of  their  choice.       Mul%channel  marke%ng  is  all  about  consumer  choice.  
  10. 10. Why  Does  Today’s  DR  Need  Mul%channel?   •  Mul%channel  customers  spend  three  to  four  %mes  more  than  single-­‐channel   customers  do  (EConsultancy,  2013).     Consumer  Spending   Mul%channel   3-­‐4X  more!   Single  Channel     •  Customers  today  have  much  more  control  over  the  buying  process  than  marketers   do  -­‐  more  choices  when  it  comes  to  how  they  want  to  get  informa%on.        •  Consumers  USE  and  EXPECT  mul%channel  marke%ng!      
  11. 11. Why  Does  Today’s  DR  Need  Mul%channel?   63%     of  purchases  researched  online  convert  offline.  
  12. 12. What  Consumers  Want…   Of  consumers  said  they  would  no  longer  buy  from  an  organiza%on  that   failed  to  take  account  of  their  preferences,  purchasing  history  and  other   customer  informaQon  (Experian  Marke:ng  Services,  2013)   84%           The  average  household  now  has  5.7  Internet-­‐connected  devices  –   more  than  double  the  number  from  last  year.  (NPD  Group,  2013)     =     5.7       As  increasing  numbers  of  consumers  embrace  mul%channel,  they  are  now   demanding  that  businesses  and  marketers  do  the  same.      
  13. 13. Marke%ng  Challenges  to  Date   ü  Delivering  a  consistent  and  effec%ve  marke%ng  effort   across  all  consumer  paths.       ü  Being  digital  generalists,  rather  than  channel  specialists.             ü  Targeted  messaging     ü  Arribu%on:  knowing  which  channels,  campaigns  or   sequence  of  touch  points  contributed  to  qualified   conversions  and  sales.       ExpecQng  customers  to  change  channel  or  device  preferences  is  unrealisQc.     Marketers  must  develop  campaigns  that  span  mul%ple  channels  fluidly,  in  a  way  that  the  customer   finds  meaningful,  trustworthy  and  easy!  
  14. 14. How  it’s  Done   Tools,  tools,  tools   A  mul%channel  marke%ng  campaign  &  plavorm  needs  to  have  the  following:   •  Campaign  management  (including  capabili%es  for  segmenta%on  and  campaign   execu%on)   •  Advanced  analy%cs  and  campaign  op%miza%on.   •  Response  arribu%on,  including  the  ability  to  analyze  &  op%mize  based  on  data.   •  Digital  marke%ng  knowledge  of  newer  channels,  including  the  Web,  email,  mobile,   video,  etc.     The  Result?   A  consistent  customer  experience  across  all  channels.  Your  customers  experience  your   brand  as  a  whole,  whether  their  interac%ons  with  you  are  online,  in-­‐office,  over  the  phone,   or  some  combina%on  of  these.       Yes,  it  is  possible!        
  15. 15. MundoMedia  Success  Story:  Dental   Pay  Per  Call:  The  DR  ConnecQon  between  offline,  online  &  mobile.   Unique  trackable  phone  numbers  are  placed  on  your  marke%ng  assets  -­‐   across  all  channels  -­‐  that  drive  qualified  calls.        
  16. 16. MundoMedia  Success  Story:  Dental   ü  Increased  distribu%on  opportuni%es  by  allowing  promo%ons  across  all  online  and   offline  media  channels,  including:  mobile,  search,  display,  email,  TV,  radio,  and  print.   ü  Adver%ser  works  with  marke%ng  partner  to  set  up  campaign  and  screen  inbound  calls   for  poten%al  customers.  The  calls  are  recorded  and  tracked  with  a  unique  trackable   phone  number.       ü  Intel  is  gathered  such  as  where  a  new  pa%ent  is  calling  from,  the  dura%on,  media   source  and  relevancy.  Adver%ser  only  pays  for  valid  calls  that  meet  a  certain  criteria.     Did  you  know  that  call  conversions  from  a  mobile  device  are  57%  compared  to  7%   originaQng  from  a  desktop?      
  17. 17. Success  Stories:  Mul%  Industry   Best  for  service-­‐based  business  such  as:   ü  Legal   ü  Insurance   ü  Finance   ü  Op%cal   ü  Health  &  Wellness   ü  Home  Improvement      
  18. 18. Key  Items  for  Launching  Complementary   Mul%channel  Campaigns  across  Online,  Offline  &   Mobile   •  Overall  online  and  offline  strategy  &  goals   •  The  “marke%ng  mix”  that  might  work  best   •  Ease  and  efficiency  of  mul%channel   implementa%on   •  Scale,  automa%on  and  arribu%on  (data   analysis)   •  Strong  Partners  with  Proven  Track  Record    
  19. 19. Case  Study:  Lending  Tree   15  Years In Lending Space $1,000,000,000+ Advertising Dollars Spent 77% Brand Awareness 35,000,000 Consumers Served Highest Quality Leads Highest Conversion Rates  
  20. 20. From  Learning  to  Transac%on   Advice & Articles Ask the Tree Mortgage Calculators Look Before You Lock Mortgage Checkup Mortgage Negotiator Multiple Offers
  21. 21. Meet  Lenny…  
  22. 22. Lenny  says…  
  23. 23. Na%onal  Television  Campaign  
  24. 24.  Website  
  25. 25. Lead  Form  Integra%on  
  26. 26. Online  Display  Campaigns  
  27. 27. Email  Campaigns  
  28. 28. Social  –  Facebook  
  29. 29. Social  –  Twirer  @LT_Lenny   -­‐NEED  -­‐  A  special  promo  Tweet  from  Larry's   Twiaer  account,  with  a  message  along  these  lines   "Having  a  great  Qme  at  the  ERA  Great  Ideas   Summit!  Call  me  at  855-­‐801-­‐2856  before  the  end   of  this  session  to  win!"  
  30. 30. Social  –  YouTube  
  31. 31.  Website  
  32. 32. Lead  Form  Integra%on  
  33. 33. Online  Display  Campaigns  
  34. 34. Email  Campaigns   Or call now: 855-801-2856 You could win $100!
  35. 35. Social  –  Twirer  @LT_Lenny  
  36. 36. Social  –  Facebook  
  37. 37. Social  –  YouTube  
  38. 38. Beyond  Arribu%on   Knowing  where  high  quality  calls  are  coming  from  is   important  –  but  it’s  not  enough.       Calls  cost  you  money  –  so  make  sure  that  you  are  only   driving  high  intent,  good  quality  callers  to  your  call   center.    
  39. 39. ATTRIBUTION:  Call  tracking  and  analy%cs     Knowing  precisely  where  calls  come  from  –  which  exact  keyword,  ad,   channel,  and  content  –  and  knowing  who  the  buyer  is  in  their   purchase  path.  More  than  call  tracking  –  marke%ng  analy%cs.      
  40. 40. One  In  Five  Calls  is  High-­‐Quality.     Accidental  call   8   Call  with  basic   informa%on  request   52   Invoca   clients  have   similar  paaern   19   High-­‐quality  sales   call  by  a  new  lead   21   Short  sales  call   Adver%sers  don’t  always  know  which  ones.  
  41. 41.     INTELLIGENCE:  Programma%c  marke%ng  automa%on   Once  a  call  starts  heading  into  the  funnel  over  Invoca,  we  derive   and  apply  data,  run  data-­‐dips,  score  the  call,  and  determine   op%mal  rou%ng  rules.  Azer  the  call,  we  run  re-­‐targe%ng  online   based  on  the  call  disposi%on  –  true  mul%-­‐channel  real-­‐%me   automa%on.  
  42. 42. Master  Mul%channel  Marke%ng  With  a  Complete   Invoca  is  for  marke%ng  teams  that  want  to:   Marke%ng  Solu%on.     Drive  quality  inbound   leads  from  calls,  clicks   and  more.   Close  the  loop   between  markeQng,   revenue  and  your   markeQng  integraQons   Tie  offline  conversions  like   phone  calls  to  markeQng   campaigns,  partners,  landing   pages   OpQmize  spend  and   save  resources   Follow  the  customer  journey   through  online,  offline,  and   mobile   Gain  a  new  level  of   customer  insight   CONFIDENTIAL 42
  43. 43. Ques%ons?   888-­‐675-­‐2007     Bruce  Cook   SVP  Corporate  Development 704.943.8263   T:  416.342.5646  ex.  210