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2016 SMX Advanced - Top Takeaways


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SMX Advanced attendees share their top takeaways from the search marketing conference.

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2016 SMX Advanced - Top Takeaways

  1. 1. Top Takeaways From 2016 SMX Advanced June 22-23: Seattle, WA
  2. 2. We asked SMX Advanced attendees to share one thing they learned that they’re going to try. Here’s what’s at the top of the to-do list of some of the world’s top search marketers.
  3. 3. SMX Advanced > Next Step “Focus a lot moreon AMP for mobileand less on exact match keyword optimization.” Mandy Wodnick Location3 Media
  4. 4. “Get started on extended text ad copy... ASAP!” OliviaHawkins Searchdiscovery SMX Advanced > Next Step
  5. 5. SMX Advanced > Next Step “Based on the studies shown in the Mad Scientists session, I am going to test incorporating price points into bidding for Google Shopping.” Todd Bowman Merkle
  6. 6. SMX Advanced > Next Step “Adding voice search queries to my campaigns!” John Harris
  7. 7. “I'm definitely going to lookinto Amazon PPC options - I havea few clients with uniqueproducts and we've been on the fence regarding Amazon.Going to giveit a whirl!” Colton Joseph Michaels Wilder SMX Advanced > Next Step
  8. 8. SMX Advanced > Next Step Michael Tietje Berkshire Hathaway Automotive “I am going to try the n gram query mapping mentioned by Brad Geddes.”
  9. 9. SMX Advanced > Next Step Grant Kroll Mutual of Omaha “Use Invoca Signal to get ideas for new keywords.”
  10. 10. SMX Advanced > Next Step “Consolidating search and social channels and trying to leverage thesame audience across both channels. Specially keeping in mind, that whatever is trending on social will most likelybe searched on.” Bhavna Shewakramani Performics
  11. 11. “Accelerated Mobile Pages.” Ted Faigle Kauai Digital Marketing SMX Advanced > Next Step
  12. 12. SMX Advanced > Next Step “Look into my data and integration partnerships.” Jeff Alderman AdMarketplace
  13. 13. SMX Advanced > Next Step “Revamp campaign ads to supportGoogle Extended Text Ads launch.” Larry Martine Farmers Life Insurance
  14. 14. SMX Advanced > Next Step “Start with what questions you want to answer, and then identify what you need to track at thatpoint. Then find someone who can help you with thattracking.” Cindy Larson Wheelhouse Search
  15. 15. SMX Advanced > Next Step “I have a lot of action items around wording to a mobile audience.” Kimberly Watson
  16. 16. SMX Advanced > Next Step “ETA's, considering 95% of advertisers were in the not so well to do in that category. We can now launchknowing Mobile standson its own. Also, the Allstate conference was hugefor us being thatwe are in life insurance.” John Williams Farmers Insurance
  17. 17. “Implementing AMP and improving analytics.” Sean McKannay Dick Hannah Dealerships SMX Advanced > Next Step
  18. 18. SMX Advanced > Next Step “I plan to review how we look at and present KPIs to our clients. In theAsk the SEM'sclosing presentation, there was some discussion about focusing moreon a Revenue per impression metric vs Return on Ad Spend. I am interested in seeing how that pans out.” Jason Allington Triad Retail Media
  19. 19. SMX Advanced > Next Step “I'll be looking into testing with small budgets on Social Media Platforms to gain insights into audiences that I will then apply to campaigns in AdWordsand Bing Adsthat do not currently report on those metrics.” Mara Grow Ideal Positions
  20. 20. SMX Advanced > Next Step “One thing I plan on starting right awayis writing new ad copy in preparationfor Google's new expanded text ads. I learned several ways to makethis a smoother process and create more engaging messaging with theextra character space.” Amy Griglak Tempe Tourism Office
  21. 21. SMX Advanced > Next Step “Investigate new analytics tools.” ClaudiaMarsili Microsoft
  22. 22. “Rewriting our creative for the new ExTA. This is a great chance for us to re-evaluateand align our voice to our exact audience and build consistency with our brand.” Hannah Fan The Zebra SMX Advanced > Next Step
  23. 23. SMX Advanced > Next Step “The one thing I took away that I will immediately implement is mobile strategies and best practices in managing my call conversions. I found the Allstate bridging the gap between offline and online conversions fascinating and kudos to that team.” Amy Kenney Microsoft
  24. 24. SMX Advanced > Next Step “Featured snippets: Dr. Pete shared some interesting stats about this during his presentation and maybe worth exploring as a way to drive longer-tail trafficto your site.” Jackson Lo TripAdvisor
  25. 25. “I will be testing out advanced google analytics tracking options utilizing Google Tag Manager.” Spencer Heinzel CDK Global SMX Advanced > Next Step
  26. 26. SMX Advanced > Next Step “I loved the presentation on GoogleRank Brain and featured snippets (rich answers) opportunity.EricEnge's presentation was very informativeand to thepoint and I will definitely look further into how I can implementthis strategy on our websites. Thank you for allthe sessions and thelearning experience.” CameliaClarke GIE Media