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How to unleash brand advocates? Turning enthusiastic customers into a powerful workforce using Social CRM.


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Making the invisible visible by turning enthusiastic customers into a powerful workforce using Social CRM. Difference between brand advocates, brand ambassadors and influencers. How to set your objectives, recruit, organic versus paid love, engaging loyal communities, using the feedback, measuring & amplifying user generated content, converting haters into lovers?
40 minutes presentation by Invisible Puppy at SocialMediaDay Ghent 24th April 2014 #SmdayBE

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How to unleash brand advocates? Turning enthusiastic customers into a powerful workforce using Social CRM.

  1. 1. How to unleash your brand advocates?
  2. 2. “Making the invisible visible.”
  3. 3. How to unleash your brand advocates? “Turning enthusiastic customers into a powerful workforce.”
  4. 4. “Someone who enjoys your product or service so much that they’re eager to convince others to purchase it.” A Brand Advocate, defined
  5. 5. … not to be mistaken with a Brand Ambassador Brand Advocate Ambassador Convinces others to purchase YES Defends and supports your brand YES Puts his, or her, own reputation on the line YES Provides unsolicited praise & suggestions of improvement NO Convinced & loyal customer = long term loyalty Not certain Forgives occasional dips in product experience/service NO Does not want to be bought NO
  6. 6. Fact Sheet: Advocates vs Ambassadors Brand Advocate Advocate Ambassador Consumer trust 84% 18% Typical Profile Highly satisfied customer Opinion leader, blogger, celebrity, employee Defined by How likely are they to recommend your brand Size of audience Motivation Help friends Grow audience / Financial Advocacy & loyalty Long Term Short Term (source: Forrester Research & Nielsen)
  7. 7. Why are they so important?source:Nielsen
  8. 8. Can any brand have advocates?
  9. 9. › Yes. Any brand can have brand advocates. Can any brand have advocates? Yes we can! › Question “Who knows a brand that has most certainly no brand advocates at all?”
  10. 10. How can I unleash my Brand Advocates?
  11. 11. 1. Define your objective
  12. 12. › Short-term buzz: › Get a lot of people talking about your product through celebrity endorsements › A brand ambassador is hired by the company and generally paid › This will work to get the word out quickly, but will also die back as quickly once your initial push is over. › Long-term love: “Create a sustainable network of advocates”. › Customers who support your brand and will talk about it to their friends › Brand advocates operate on a purely voluntary basis. › Will take more effort to build, but will guarantee long-term commitment from your fans. Buzz or Love? BrandAmbassadorsBrandAdvocate
  13. 13. 2. The recruiting process “Finding advocates is a lot easier than trying to create them. They should already exist. Just make sure you find them”
  14. 14. › Develop a robust recruiting and screening process. › Make sure they (and the community they reach) are the right fit for your brand. How? › Start recruiting within your current communities, look at your owned social network space. › Examine your existing CRM database. › Use tools and software to track them down. Define who you’ll invite to your advocate network
  15. 15. › Car lover begging for a nice car - 1 like=1 km › Tons of press coverage
  16. 16. 3. Organic love is better than paid love.
  17. 17. › Paying for an advocate is counter productive. You can’t buy a brand advocate. › The best reason to advocate for a brand is simple: you love a brand and want to tell your friends about it. › Social media thrives on authenticity. You can’t find anything more authentic than your Brand advocates! Organic vs. Paid
  18. 18. Supreme endorsement or embarrassement…? › Coffee lover was buried in a Costa coffin.
  19. 19. Supreme endorsement or embarrassement…? › Question for the audience: › “Who knows examples of famous brand advocates?”
  20. 20. 4. How to engage your loyal communities?
  21. 21. › Empower your audience: › Provide tools that allow the members of your network to engage with you, as well as with each other › Make it easy for your advocates to rate and review your products. › Create a company online newsroom with images, logos, factsheets, updated product and services news as well as industry reports › Create stories and videos about their experiences with you › Share the content they are creating. › Listen, reach out and say ‘thank you’! How to engage your loyal communities?
  22. 22. Case: Obama – “Hope.Act.Change” became …
  23. 23. Case: Obama – “Hope.Act.Change” became … Results • > 25 million views YouTube views • > 16.000 poems, images & contributions & BBQ’s • 1 elected president
  24. 24. Never forget to say ‘thank you’!
  25. 25. 1. Threat them always as individuals 2. Give them Sneak Peeks at new products and services 3. Provide exclusive offers that they can share with their friends 4. Ask for their Opinions 5. Let them know that they matter 6. Hold Special Events 7. Access to company leaders 8. Give them VIP Levels of Service 9. Honor your advocates TOP 10 ways to Reward Brand Advocates
  26. 26. 5. Use the feedback
  27. 27. › Ensure that comments, complaints and suggestions become actually feedback into the company’s products and services. › Will make customers feel more involved and appreciated › Will drive better product development › Example: MyStarbucksIdea a hub for all Starbucks customers to share all their ideas, suggestions and even their frustration. How to use the feedback. Listen.
  28. 28. 6. Amplify
  29. 29. › Include endorsements and messages from your advocates into your online & offline communication, websites, forums, social media channels, … › Spread the word of what your company is doing through your customers’ eyes Amplification : extend the impact of the program
  30. 30. Amplification Case: Toyota Swagger Wagon CONCEPT: › To drive sales of their Sienna minivan, Toyota had to make their minivan cool in a category known for being uncool. › A multimedia campaign featuring the Sienna family went live, and the term “swagger wagon,” mentioned in one of the YouTube videos, was being bandied about on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. › Suddenly, over 40 “Swagger Wagon” fan pages appeared with the writers loving the term and all that it implied. › Toyota listened and reacted by creating a hit music video Swagger Wagon, which went viral igniting even more social chatter and driving sales.
  31. 31. Results: › >12 million views of Sienna YouTube channel › 8.3 million views of music video, with only 3% coming from paid advertising › 40% increase in Sienna sales in six months › 18% increase in consideration for Sienna and 15% increase for Toyota brand Amplification Case: Toyota Swagger Wagon
  32. 32. 7. Measure
  33. 33. › Who shares the content? › Who creates original content? › Who are the most influential members? › What content is being shared the most? › Why some products are shared more than others? › What’s being said when the content is shared? › Where is it being shared? › Social networks, › Forums, › Blogs › … Measure the impact
  34. 34. How NOT to deal with your advocates?
  35. 35. How NOT to deal with your advocates?
  36. 36. How to lose an advocate in 1 day?
  37. 37. › First contact your advocates before suing them › Work with your advocates and think together on how your relationship should go › See if there is a way you can join in your advocates initiatives. › Be timely or don’t comment › Improve internal communication How do you deal with such a situation? “You’ve made a mistake: redeem yourself.”
  38. 38. › Convert your negative advocates to positive… Why? › Because the loudest enemy can become an even louder ally › Because Haters expose vulnerability › Because Haters can be converted › Because Haters bring attention › Because Haters publicize frequently asked questions › Because Haters validate social media efforts The Devil’s Advocates
  39. 39. › Listen to your disatisfied customer (if possible real time) › Take a genuine interest in what the customer says › Respond ASAP › Offer help, even if it wasn’t your fault › Follow up Social CRM is the tool to locate, convert & follow up!
  40. 40. So what should you take home? 1. Brand advocates are out there 2. Social CRM can help you to identify them 3. Start a 1 on 1 relationship 4. Find out what motivates them 5. Make it easy to share your content 6. Give them freedom Channels advocates use to recommend • 57% Email • 35% Facebook • 5% E-Commerce and Third Party Websites • 1% LinkedIn • 1% Blog • 1% Twitter
  41. 41. “Making the invisible visible.” Don’t hesitate to contact us @ Invisible Puppy bvba Dok Noord 6A/101 9000 Gent Belgium +32 (0) 9 233 31 52
  42. 42. Thank you