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InvisibleCRM Reselling Partner Program


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InvisibleCRM Reselling Partner Program

  1. 1. InvisibleCRM’ product line for Salesforce.comReselling Partner ProgramJoanne HernonSenior Enterprise Sales
  2. 2. Who is InvisibleCRM?• 2005 Product launch• HQ in San Francisco• Development in Europe• 50+ Employees• Partner since 2006• One of the first AppExchange partner “Our key design principle, don’t change the people…. change the software.” V. Voskresensky, CEO
  3. 3. Why InvisibleCRM Analysts and Industry Expert’s Praise Awards and CertificatesInvisibleCRM named Cool vendor by Gartner.“…innovative, impactful and intriguing…”Gartner"With applications built on Microsoft Office likeInvisibleCRM, it is easier for employees to connect toinformation and business processes.Gates showcased InvisibleCRM in his keynote OBA address.Bill Gates, Chairman, MicrosoftInvisibleCRM offers unique ROI in 5 hoursNucleus ResearchInvisibleCRM leverages the two most important factorsdriving forward today’s CRM market –Office Automation and OnDemand CRMIDC
  4. 4. The Cloud for CRM• Organizations makes significant investments to use to track sales and customer service interactions• Sales people use Outlook to track appointments, tasks and customer interactions• Organizations all have the pieces of the puzzle but just don’t have a way to put them together• Is it really possible to use the cloud effectively when users still live on their desktop?
  5. 5. User Adoption Rates
  6. 6. Day in the Life of a Sales Rep 6:00 AM 7:00 AM 9:00 AM 11:00 AM 1:00 PM2:00 PM 3:00 PM 5:00 PM 7:00 PM 10:00 PM
  7. 7. How Sales Reps Use CRM• Most sales reps use Outlook as a personal productivity tool helping reps manage their day• Sales reps enter data to the CRM on a “need to know” basis according to management requirements • Many times it’s a double-entry effort • Often only update pipeline the day before a pipeline meeting• CRM User adoption fails simply because sales reps don’t use CRM as a tool to drive productivity
  8. 8. What the Management Needs• Executives are looking for accurate pipeline and forecasting to make key business decision.• Managers are looking for accurate metrics to measure performance and provide coaching to Sales Reps
  9. 9. SalesDesktop Resolves User Adoption• By using native Outlook forms and functionality melding it with CRM, SalesDesktop successfully resolves • User adoption issues • The need for extensive user training • Visibility into pipeline and forecasting • Data integrity and accuracy
  10. 10. Features of SalesDesktop• Shares native data between the mail application and the CRM application • No duplicate entry of calendar, task and contact data• Allows creation of relationships between various records, including those not native in Outlook / Lotus Notes, for example • Link a contact to an account • Attach an email to an opportunity• Exposes non-native, CRM data (e.g., Accounts, Opportunities) within the desktop • Allow user to do basic tasks, including data maintenance, within the mail application • CRM validation rules are applied at time of data entry, minimizing synchronization issues • Subset of visible data is maintained locally
  11. 11. Melding of CRM and Outlook
  12. 12. Sharing Email with CRM
  13. 13. Manage Accounts Directly in Outlook
  14. 14. Manage Opportunities Directly in Outlook
  15. 15. Product Demonstration
  16. 16. iCRM Partner Program Benefits• Commissions paid out quarterly on product sales• Ability to sub-contract to our Professional Services team and mark up our fees to your customer• Get a significant competitive edge on the CRM market• Help your customers bridge the gap between hosted CRM and natural environment where salespeople work in everyday life• Meet the most urgent demands for user adoption and usability• Benefit from a permanent and continuous marketing effort and existing “buzz” and direct sales team that will work toward bringing you leads• Use our Sales Team! We will help you to close on any deals you feel our own sales team can bring value, no charge, no commissions, all we want is YOU to succeed with our offering!
  17. 17. Silver Partner• 20% Commissions on product• 20% off our hourly rate for implementation services.• We will Install FREE your first 50 seats (must be a minimum of 50 licenses for 1 account), and then it is up to you to Invoice your customer!• Marketing Kit • Product documentation • Product demos • Trial versions • Flash presentation • Other types of marketing collaterals can be obtained upon request• Continual, centralized advertising and marketing support performed by iCRM results in additional leads for you• Sales of over 500 licenses annually qualify for this level of partnership
  18. 18. Gold PartnerThis level enhances the Silver Partnership with the following additionalfeatures:• 25% Commissions on product• 25% off our hourly rate for implementation services.• We provide Account Management to guide and assist through the sales process and help with strategic accounts• We provide enhanced training courses partner sales, tech and operations teams• Sales of over 1,000 licenses annually qualify for this level of partnership
  19. 19. Platinum PartnerThis level enhances the Silver Partnership with the following additionalfeatures:• 30% Commissions on product• 30% off our hourly rate for implementation services.• We provide enhanced sales enablement through co-marketing and sales promotions activities such as • Lead generation (advertising, direct mail, etc.) • Events (seminars, trade shows, etc.) • Marketing collateral (brochures, user guides, etc.)• Sales of over 2,000 licenses annually qualify for this level of partnership
  20. 20. Partner Program MatrixFeatures Silver Gold PlatinumCommissions 20% 25% 30%Install FREE your first 50 seats (50 seat minimum)Marketing kitCentralized advertisingAccount management supportEnhanced trainingEnhanced sales enablement and co-marketing 1,000 2,000Qualification criteria 500 Licenses Licenses Licenses
  21. 21. THANK YOU!