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InvisibleCRM Gold Partner Program

  1. 1. Gold Partner ProgramDirect Program for Enterprise Customersand Implementation Partners
  2. 2. Overview • The InvisibleCRM Gold Partner program provides enterprise customers and integration partners with tools, services, and training required for rapid and successful CRM Desktop implementations and maintenance of any complexity • By becoming a Gold Partner, your company will rapidly gain the skills and tools needed to implement CRM Desktop to meet your business needs and enhance them in the future • These skills and tools enable your company to accurately estimate and execute with precision and success • Starter Kits for common Siebel Industry Applications are included at no additional cost - such as Call Reports, Services Requests, Field Service etc.Oracle’s Siebel CRM Desktop
  3. 3. CRM Desktop Configuration • InvisibleCRM products for Outlook and Lotus Notes are highly configurable • There are over 75 configuration types which can be performed across multiple categories (forms, toolbars and menus, validation rules, data security, data filtering, complex logic & enterprise configurations) • The ability to configure CRM Desktop quickly and effectively requires specialized tools and skill sets • Exclusive resources and training offered though the Gold Partner program significantly accelerate productivity and time to valueOracle’s Siebel CRM Desktop
  4. 4. Web Mash-up ControlsOracle’s Siebel CRM Desktop
  5. 5. Dynamic Forms and BrandingOracle’s Siebel CRM Desktop
  6. 6. Native Outlook Forms + Sub Forms Custom controls on a native form Seamless Melding of Social Connector into CRMOracle’s Siebel CRM Desktop
  7. 7. Program Value • Streamlined implementations save time, adding value and reducing money • Leverage InvisibleCRM experience, insight, and expertise ensuring strong planning, deep expertise and highly maintainable results • Save time and money with exclusive Acceleration Kits for Service Requests, Call Reports, Field Service and other Siebel modules. • Exclusive knowledge transfer and technical mentoring for your IT teamOracle’s Siebel CRM Desktop
  8. 8. What you receive • Advanced developers guide and library or reusable sample code for configuration of CRM Desktop • Volume Database analysis tools and techniques • Package signing tool significantly streamlines development process with a significant time savings • Unlimited use of 1 Accelerator Package of your choice from our Solution Library for rapid implementation of complex configurations such as Field Service, Call Reports and Service Request is included in the GP program. (Kits are sold individually for $25K per kit outside the GP) • CRM Desktop user help source files in Adobe RoboHelp • Editable HTML version of CRM Desktop help • Direct access to InvisibleCRM internal ticket-tracking systemOracle’s Siebel CRM Desktop
  9. 9. Your Personalized Company PortalBridging the gap between the Cloud and the Desktop
  10. 10. Direct-to-Expert Access and Personalized Project Tracking • Ability to collaborate directly with InvisibleCRM Professional Services team and track results / status • Full developer level services including custom code review and recommendations • Guaranteed response on each ticket created in a timely fashion and from the right specialist for each ticket you create • Get instant e-mail notifications on ticket updates • Real-time ticket status tracking and complete history of activity and solutions across your entire team. • Up to 20 direct participant logins for your companyOracle’s Siebel CRM Desktop
  11. 11. Additional Program Benefits • Subcontracting of developers at substantially discounted rates for large projects • A requirements gathering & scoping process that reduces development time and provides the means to accurately estimate a project • A record volume assessment tool required to configure filtering correctly and ensure good user performance • Priority development support access to highly experienced experts through reserved blocks of hours • 10 hours of professional services consultation included to help get you startedOracle’s Siebel CRM Desktop
  12. 12. InvisibleStudio IDE Released January 2012 • Gold Partners receive a Visual Studio/Eclipse style authoring tool for configuring CRM Desktop and editing forms at a discounted rate. This tool is sold for $25K independent of the Gold Partner program. Gold Partners can purchase InvisibleStudio for $15 for unlimited developers within your company. • Ongoing updates to our online Advanced Developers Guides, How-to whitepapers, Tips and Tricks and in depth code samples for CRM Desktop included for on year • Additional starter packs for objects such as Quotes, etc…Oracle’s Siebel CRM Desktop
  13. 13. Bridging the gap between the Cloud and the Desktop
  14. 14. Bridging the gap between the Cloud and the Desktop
  15. 15. Bridging the gap between the Cloud and the Desktop
  16. 16. Bridging the gap between the Cloud and the Desktop
  17. 17. Fusion ∙ Siebel ∙ CRM On Demand Andrei Petrik Dwight DePalmer Director, Products & Services President Phone: (415) 839-9703 Executive Sponsor - Oracle Phone: (623) 444-2430 Mobile: (623) 237-0538 Dwight.DePalmer@InvisibleCRM.comOracle’s Siebel CRM Desktop