CRM Desktop Typical Implementation Project by InvisibleCRM


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This is an overview of a typical CRM Desktop roll-out project.

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CRM Desktop Typical Implementation Project by InvisibleCRM

  1. 1. Sample Implementation ScopeCRM Desktop
  2. 2. Project Scope Overview Oracle’s CRM Desktop for Siebel 8.1 to provide data, process and behaviors tailored for your companys functionality in MS Outlook: – CRM Desktop for Outlook 2007 & 2010 – Customization of CRM Desktop Package XLM and Javascript for Outlook forms, UI behaviors, security rules and scripting – Inline cross-training of IT assigned to the project – Develop 3 level filtering strategy specific to your company’s volume database – Establish sync frequencies and data protection rules for all objects – Develop coexistence strategy for identified batch processes and systems interfaces that directly impact CRM Desktop – Verification of client with your companys standard desktop system image<Sample> – Siebel CRM Desktop Implementation
  3. 3. Scope of Implementation Services The Budgetary Estimate is based on the following assumed Scope of Services • Implementation and Integration of CRM Desktop with Outlook 2003, 2007 or 2010 and Siebel 8.0 or 8.1 • Exposing select your companys specific CRM data within the desktop for the following: • Accounts • Opportunities • Calendar • Tasks • Activities • Contacts • Confirmation and Sign Off of requirements for the above will be attained via requirements and design sessions (this is expected to be complete during the Detailed Analysis Phase in Week 1 of the Project) • Requirements will be confirmed using the Requirements Inventory spreadsheet and a one week on-site session with InvisibleCRM<Sample> – Siebel CRM Desktop Implementation
  4. 4. Scope of Implementation Services - continued – InvisibleCRM will provide a production-ready system for roll-out to the sales user community for Siebel and Outlook. – Client desktop roll-out will be a your companys responsibility – Design and Develop One Conference Room Pilot for a maximum duration of 5 Days – Configuration of one CRM Desktop package mapped to a single user role/responsibility – Configuration of One Development, Test, and Production Instance – Re-use existing test scripts for Unit Test, Integration Test, and User Acceptance Test – Online Help augmented with your companys specific screens in Adobe RoboHelp and Microsoft Help format – Provide a production-ready system for roll-out to the sales user community for Siebel and Outlook – Provide 80 hours of post production support (to be used within 30 calendar days of go-live)<Sample> – Siebel CRM Desktop Implementation
  5. 5. Out of Scope Services For estimating purposes, the following activities were excluded from InvisibleCRM’s assumed scope of services. Some of these activities may be performed by your companys project staff. Any or all can be added to this project at an additional cost: – Client desktop roll-out will be the responsibility of your company – End User Training – No customized reporting – Design, development and testing of data conversion programs – No data conversion is involved in the project – Network/Infrastructure Management – Database Administration – Performance Management services, including scalability tuning and performance testing – Capacity Planning – Disaster Recovery – Organization Change Management – Security Design, Configuration and Testing<Sample> – Siebel CRM Desktop Implementation
  6. 6. Implementation Approach • Phased Approach – Implement all “core” requirements and some features / functionality – Allow for future growth and design consideration on upcoming requirements and needed features / functionality – Quick win for rolling out application in Microsoft Outlook – Allows for continued development of future needs “behind-the-scenes” as end users begin usage on rolled-out application – Change management and business value enabler – Project timeline is estimated to be 6 weeks total duration • Conference Room Pilot – One Conference Room Pilot (CRP) will be developed to promote a common understanding of the system’s requirements and prove major functionality of the proposed solution. – CRP for CRM Desktop for Outlook and Siebel FINS • Knowledge Sharing – Share knowledge along the way and teach Customer “how to fish”.<Sample> – Siebel CRM Desktop Implementation
  7. 7. Client Obligations For the project to be successful, Client must fulfill these obligations: – Assign a full-time project manager to • expedite project decisions • provide access to key personnel as required • provide visibility to Client’s project team concerning the projects progress and issues • assist in management commitment to the implementation. – Client will designate an Executive Sponsor, who will be available to review issues and make timely decisions. The Executive Sponsor will be available to act on Client’s behalf on all issues – Establish an Executive Steering Committee comprising of senior business sponsors from Client and InvisibleCRM responsible for conflict/issue resolution and scope-change management.<Sample> – Siebel CRM Desktop Implementation
  8. 8. Client Obligations - continued – Client will provide Consultants with suitable working space at the designated Client facility, or such other facility as the parties may agree upon. Such facilities must be available at the start of the Project and shall include adequate environmental controls, lighting, telephones and network access including access to the World Wide Web via the Intranet. – Client will provide resources for the duration of the project in the following areas: • Project management, functional subject matter experts, technical architecture, database administration, end user training – Advice and guidance provided hereunder is not intended to replace or achieve more formal business requirements definition for the Customer for the purposes of designing an approach. – Any non-availability of Customer resources or environments may result in changes to the Project Plan and Project timelines. – Provide and maintain the needed hardware and network environments.<Sample> – Siebel CRM Desktop Implementation
  9. 9. Estimated Project Timeline 8 Weeks to Production Ready Analysis Design Conference Room Pilot Construction Business Validation Pilot Testing and Documentation Production Ready<Sample> – Siebel CRM Desktop Implementation
  10. 10. Fusion ∙ Siebel ∙ CRM On DemandVlad Voskresensky Artem BychkovCEO Professional Service Account ManagerPhone: (650) 391-5863 Phone: (305)<Sample> – Siebel CRM Desktop Implementation